Good reasons to get a Windows Mobile device


Pocket Bird Recorder works like an IPOD to play bird sounds

It can be a GPS unit

A small but powerful mobile computer

 a cell phone / text messaging / Wi-Fi / camera 


-- Integrate your sightings with Cornell's eBird database

Easy 1-2-3


For use with Windows 2003 and Mobile 5 and 6 (Pocket PC) devices as shown click here - see screen shots below

eBird Compatible Software for use in the field.

For the first time, US and Canadian birders users can speed eBird data input using our Pocket Bird Recorder software as a stand-alone product (only $49.95).  Keep your sightings in the field on your Windows Mobile device or Pocket PC PDA.  When you are ready, our BirdSyncho program easily downloads your sightings and locations to a file on your PC computer.  Then it takes seconds to simply upload this file to the eBird data import site.  All your locations and bird sightings transfer rapidly into the eBird system.   Then you can have your sightings emailed back to you.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3   

1.  Create one or many trip lists using Pocket Bird Recorder (see Demos below) on your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device

2.  download from your PDA using our Pocket BirdSynchro to create the eBird compatible file that extracts your sightings to your PC

3.  Upload this file into the Cornell eBird webpage's data import tool

Even better - If you run Pocket Bird Recorder on a Mobile 6.1 phone w/ built-in GPS, such as the Palm® Treo™ 800w, or any Pocket PC with an inexpensive GPS card, your birding locations will automatically be plotted on the eBird map.

For $49.95, we provide you the installation CD and help files plus your state's list of birds; plus a current and full list of all US bird species; and more.   All this comes on a CD which installs Pocket Bird Recorder to your Pocket PC and BirdSynchro program to your computer. Once installed, you can be up and running in minutes.  We provide online and telephone support.  Call 916-768-7940 for details. 

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Click Links below to view Flash Demos, then return to this page to order ( $49.95 )

Pocket Bird Recorder Demos  (scroll down to Pocket PC)

Pocket Bird Recorder 4.1
Now supports Mobile 5 and 6 devices with a 240 x 240 pixel square screen in addition to the normal 320 x 240 pixel screen.  This allows devices such as the Treo 700W and iPaq 6910/6915 cell phone PDAs to be used.  The workflow has been improved to  allow the built-in keyboard to be used on those devices.  

Pocket Bird Recorder 4.1 software installs on your Pocket PC or Window Mobile device and allows you to:

  • The date and time of the trip are automatically set to the current date and time.
  • Key in the entire site name or part of the name. The site is searched for in the site selection list as you key in the name, you can select a name from the list by clicking on it in the list of site names.



Enter Sightings

Once the trip site has been accepted the species sighting form will be displayed:

Selecting species:

You can select a species seen during the trip by clicking in the check box to the left of the name of the species in the list. Clicking in the check box toggles it's selection state (shown by a tick to the left of the name).



Work with existing sightings

Displaying the Sightings Lists

The following actions can be performed from the context menu by holding down the stylus in the species screen area:

Review Species Selections  - Update existing species entries, remove species and Add more sightings to the trip.  The New Sighting form will be displayed. Enter the new sightings as described for Entering a New Trip.



Display your Places

You may click on or choose Menu|File|Places to display the Places (your sites) stored in Pocket Bird Recorder:


Display a List of Species

Select Menu|File|Species or the button.

You can change the comparison list ABA, World, State, by selecting from the drop-down at the top of the species list.

All the species loaded onto the device are displayed. This species can be compared with the comparison lists selected in Wildlife Lister database software and with the current summary of species recorded on the device. The following symbols may be found to the left of the species name.

The species is not on the selected comparison list and has not been recorded on the device.

The species is not on the selected comparison list but has been recorded on the device

  The species is on the comparison list but has not been recorded on the device.

The species is on the comparison list and has been recorded on the device.


 Sightings - You can display the individual sighting for a species by selecting the species choosing Sightings from the context menu..

Back up and Restore your data

Sightings data held on a Compact Flash or Secure Digital card is retained even if the device loses power or is damaged. And with this feature, you can put many different databases besides Birds on your device, such as Butterflies, Dragonflies, etc.

It is possible to maintain several sets of backups on the storage card by giving a set a unique name of your own choosing:



Play Sounds 

An IPOD like innovation of Pocket Bird Recorder is the Play Sounds feature - If you have a sound clip  (.wav file) for the species on your storage card you can play the sound file  choosing Play Sound from the context menu.

The Play Sound screen appears and you can select single play or Repeat sound continuous and play of the wav file.

This new feature of Pocket Bird Recorder is only available with Pocket PC devices with Compact Flash or Secure Digital cards installed. Sound files are not provided but can be used from your personal sources, such as bird song CDs.



* Requires a suitable desktop Bird Records system - either Wildlife Lister or Wildlife Recorder database software  Also available as a stand-alone software

Note: The screen size on most Pocket PC devices is 320 by 240 pixels (about 3.0 by 2.25 inches) others like Treo 700w are 240 x240 pixels

Now supports Windows Mobile 6.1+ devices with the new 800 x 480 pixel screen size in addition to the 240 x 240 pixel square, 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 pixel screens.  This allows Pocket Bird Recorder to be used on new devices such as the new HTC Touch HD, Samsung's T*Omnia, Toshiba G900 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.


$49.95 Includes shipping (via U.S. Post Office Priority with delivery confirmation). Specify type of device. See our Order Page


For detailed product information on Pocket Bird Recorder and Wildlife Recorder and Wildlife Lister databases, contact:
Wildlife Computing, USA
P.O. Box 2845
Granite Bay, California 95746
Phone:  916-768-7940
e-mail: Contact for more information