If you have never heard of, or seen a ysr50 before here you go. These little bikes are so adicting. I first saw one of these at a local Honda dealership here in Sacramento when I was buying my first dirt bike and wanted one ever since.

These bikes are about half the size of a full size sport bike. They aren't made anymore they were in production from 1986-92, but are probably more popular now than when they were new. There are race venues for ysr's everywhere, with many different classes. Ysr racing is probably the cheapest way to get into racing bikes.

Not so many people ride them on the street anymore just because you have to be sick in the head (like me) to do so. Like I said they are 50cc's and don't have the highest of top speed stock (somewhere around 50 +/-) or guts to get there. Although there was a Canadian model made with a 80cc engine that I am sure helped out alot.

These bikes have also fallen victim to the bigger is better mentality. Many people,including myself, have done engine swaps into the ysr with all kinds of engines. Check out my Engine Swaps to see what you will need and what engines I have found that work. My engine swap was a AT175 enduro bike.

  • 1 front rim
  • 1 rear rim
  • 1 used front tire
  • 1 really warn rear tire
  • 2 speedometers
  • 2 4x tooth rear sprocket
  • 1 12 tooth front sprocket
  • 1 13 tooth front sprocket
  • 2 front hub
  • 2 rear hub
  • 2 front discs
  • 1 topend
  • 2 speedometer
  • 2 right footpeg w/brake
  • 2 left footpeg
  • 1 tailight
  • 1 rear shock
  • 3 dash cover
  • 2 chain guard
  • 2 right handle bar
  • 2 left handle bar
  • 1 frontbrake assembly
  • 1 throttle tube
  • 1 battery strap
  • 1 carb
  • 1 throttle cable with carb plunger
  • 1 upper half throttle cable
  • 1 left engine case cover
  • 1 brake stay arm
  • 1 headlight with braket
  • 1 rear brake light activater
  • 1 kickstand engine kill
  • 2 left handle bar switch setup
  • 1 clutch cable
  • 1 oil injector resuvior
  • 1 magneto
  • 1 reed setup
  • 1 kickstand
  • 2 kill switches
  • 1 card spacer
  • 1 shift lever
  • 2 rear brake pad sets
  • 2 ignition coils
  • 1 right rear view mirror arm and holder
  • 2 full wiring harnes
  • 1 front intrument panel
  • 1 rear tailight/turn sig/licence plate holder setup
  • 1 front brake lever and brake line (no caliper)
  • 1 seat plastic
  • 1 upper plastic
  • 1 lower plastic
  • 2 front shocks with fender (one without caps)
This is my 1987 Yamaha YSR 50, I bought this little beauty for 400 bux a few years back.. The guy who I bought it from was a larger man the put a little strian on the engine and blew up the piston. I took it to the Fantastic people at TCS (Team Calamari Racing) to rebuilt the engine and she was good to go. It used to be factory red white and blue and I got alittle bored and decided to paint the frame black instead of silver and give it a quick shot of black and red.
  • steel braided brake line
  • carb and K&N air cleaner
  • TCR 1into2 Exhaust
  • TCR tripple clamp
  • TCR fork brack
  • TCR right fork spring
    Planned mods
  • Take down and repaint frame,
    • New body work
    • Predator Upper
    • Works lower
    • NSR tail
    • Predator fender
front shot street
Side shot
The lil shit

The race bike is an 1989 and is setup for stock race class. Stock bore and pipe, safety wired, with a fox adjustable shock. I have since sold the race bike.

race front
race side
The back