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Bike Path To Davis

Use the Tower Bridge to cross the Sacramento River on the bike path from Old Sacramento State Historical Park in Sacramento County to Davis in Yolo County, about 13.4 miles one way.

At the end of Tower Bridge, follow the first exit down to the right onto West Capitol Avenue for about 4 miles through flat West Sacramento. Just before the I-80 overpass, follow the bike path sign behind the Chevron and Shell filling stations onto the boring causeway for about 3.6 miles, traffic noise on the south and circling buzzards to the north. Continue on Olive Drive for about 5.8 miles to Richards Boulevard. Catch an In-N-Out Burger behind the Shell station at the corner of Olive and Richards, and return.
The round trip is about 92.4 miles when combined with Beal's Point (32.8 miles). That is about 3,234 calories burned (@ 175 calories per 5 miles averaging 10 mph) in less than 10 hours, drinking plenty of water on a hot day, and certainly aerobic.

The Yolo Causeway gives you plenty of quality time with yourself to:
a) Asses your primary motivation in life. Is there more than just happiness?
b) Contemplate how to empower people in developing countries to feed and educate themselves without providing degrading handouts by simply taxing our rich out of our social envy. There is enough technology and land to feed the people of the world. The only reason people are starving is political.
c) Formulate a wish for a genie, should the opportunity arise. For example: I wish that everyone on the Earth who has intentionally killed another person, or intentionally caused another person to die, would die of a heart attack tonight at midnight Pacific Standard Time, except those who have legitimately killed in self defense, and except those who have killed under orders in government sanctioned war or police duty.

The intent is to rid the world gene pool of murderers, the most violent criminals, the Mafia, the drug cartel, terrorists, etc. There should be a significantly reduced need for large police forces at all levels of government.

I think it would be interesting to see how many people were still left alive in prisons on death row. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how many prosecutors and politicians would die. There may be a political void of leadership in many countries leading to chaos and civil unrest which would result in another cycle of power and corruption over time, especially in developing countries where starvation and violence are used for political control.

It would be interesting to see how public health officials and the great religions of the world would explain the simultaneous deaths. Would a quarter of the world population die, or less than a percent? Which cultures would be most effected?

Would I die of a heart attack at midnight for making the non-self-serving wish in judgment of others?

Which commandment should I enforce next, if I was granted a second wish?