Swirling atom

dp. 2550 tons (surf.), 2848 tons (subm.); l. 267.7'; b. 25';

s. 15.5k (surf.), 18k (subm.); td. 700'; a. 6-21" tt. fwd., 2-21" tt. aft;
cpl. 8 officers - 76 enlisted men;  cl. SKATE

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Keel laid down by the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME 25JAN56;
Launched: 27AUG57; Sponsored by Mrs. Eugene C. Riders;
Commissioned: 15SEP58 with Cdr Shannon D. Cramer, Jr. in command;
Decommissioned: 2JUN89; Struck from the Navy List 17JAN90;
Disposed of through SRP at PNSN 11SEP95.

USS SWORDFISH (SSN-579) completed fitting out and held her
shakedown in the Atlantic. After post-shakedown availability and subsequent
sea trials along the east coast, she was assigned a home port in Pearl
Harbor, Hawaiian Islands effective 16 March 1959. She steamed to Hawaii
in July and was the second nuclear powered submarine to join the Pacific
Fleet, joining USS SARGO (SSN-583). Assigned to SubRon1,
SWORDFISH steamed over 35,000 miles during her first year in commission with over
80% of them submerged.

In January 1960, SWORDFISH deployed to WesPac for four months
and became the first nuclear submarine in that area. During this time,
President Chiang Kai-Shek, of the Republic of China, was embarked for a
one-day indoctrination cruise. She deployed to WesPac again on 20 June
and on this occasion took President Carlos P. Garcia of the Philippines
to sea for a one-day demonstration. The submarine conducted local operations
in the Hawaiian area from January to May 1961. In late May, the submarine
got underway for the west coast of the U.S. where she operated between
San Diego and San Francisco with various Pacific Fleet units.
SWORDFISH returned to Pearl Harbor on 14 July and operated locally until September
when she deployed to WesPac for two months.

SWORDFISH sailed to Mare Island In January 1962 and became
the first nuclear submarine to be overhauled on the Pacific coast. She
returned to Hawaii on 29 September for refresher training and local operations.
On 26 October, the submarine was again deployed to WesPac. She continued
operating from Pearl Harbor, on local operations and on deployments to
WesPac, as a member of SubDiv71 until 30 June 1965 when she was assigned
to SubDiv11 which was also based there. In late 1965, SWORDFISH
was awarded a Navy Unit Commendation for special operations from 8 October
to 3 December 1963; from 22 September to 25 November 1964; and from 20
May to 23 July 1965. SWORDFISH arrived at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard on
1 November 1965 to undergo a refueling and SUBSAFE overhaul which lasted
until 31 August 1967. Sea trials were held in September and weapons trials
in early October. She returned to Pearl Harbor on 13 October and conducted
refresher training until 31 December 1967. The period
1 January to 2 February 1968 was spent in preparation for overseas movement.
SWORDFISH deployed to WesPac from 3 February to 5 September and,
upon her return to Pearl Harbor, remained in port the remainder of the
SWORDFISH conducted local operations in the Hawaiian area
from 1 January to 11 May 1969 at which time she again deployed until 4
November. The remainder of the year was spent in a leave and upkeep period.
She was deployed on special operations from 24 February to 9 April 1970
and then entered drydock at Pearl Harbor for an availability period which
lasted until 30 September. The remainder of the calendar year 1970 was
spent conducting a period of crew training necessitated by the yard period.
Local operations during 1971 were broken by a tour in WesPac from
24 March to 22 September. During this deployment, the submarine visited
Yokosuka, Buckner Bay, Pusan, and Hong Kong. SWORDFISH continued
local operations until 26 June 1972 when she entered the Pearl Harbor Naval
Shipyard for her annual overhaul which lasted through 31 December 1973.
Upon completion of the yard period, SWORDFISH resumed operations
with her Pearl Harbor-based squadron through March 1975.
SWORDFISH was decommissioned on 2 June 1989 and her name
was struck from the Navy List on 17 January 1990. Her disposal through
SRP was completed at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 11 September 1995.

Compiled by SUBNET from "Dictionary of American Fighting Ships," U.S. Navy Department; and,