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This site displays fan fiction of a subtext nature between Voyager's Seven of Nine and B'Elanna Torres.  Please read the DISCLAIMER and adhere to it. Enjoy your visit. This site contains romantic pairings of same gender couples. If this is illegal in your state or country or you are not of legal age to view them, please proceed to a more appropriate site. These stories are Fan Fiction, and are for enjoyment only. No payment of any kind is sought or would be accepted. This is my attempt to give something back to the Startrek series. I hope these stories will increase the Voyager fan base. No infringement of copyrights are intended in any way.

All plots and orignial characters are mine. Copyright © 2000 Lisa Countryman

Torres/Seven novel

She Who Hesitates    12-19-1999    T/S

Section 01 - Chapter 01-04    Section 02 - Chapter 05-08

Section 03 - Chapter 09-12   Section 04 -  Chapter 13-16

Section 05 - Chapter 17-20    Section 06 - Chapter 21-24

Section 07 - Chapter 25-28    Section 08 - Chapter 29-32

Section 09 - Chapter 33-36   Section 10 - Chapter 37-40

Section 11 -  Chapter 41-44      Section 12 - Chapter 45-48conclusion

Torres/Seven Short Story

Bloodfire: A B'Elanna and Seven Halloween tale. (B/7; 7/other) October 2000

Thanks to Maggie for the wonderful image of B'Elanna and Seven!

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