The Pilgrims of 1620

Written and Illustrated by
Mr. Williams' Fourth Grade Class
Pond Cove School
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

© Mr. Williams' Fourth Grade Class 1998 - 1999



We wrote this book around Thanksgiving, as part of a unit that combined American history and immigration studies.

We did a lot of reading, writing, and drawing to make this book. We especially learned a lot from the book If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, and from Caleb Johnson's wonderful "Mayflower Web Pages" on the Internet. (See the bibliography at the end of the book for more sources). Thanks also to Mr. Johnson for promptly e-mailing answers to any questions we asked.

We learned a lot from our research and writing. We learned who the Pilgrims were, and why they came to the New World. We learned what a hard life they had, and how brave they were. We felt like we got to know them as people and families. We learned that they weren't always serious and gloomy, and that they didn't just wear black! We also learned that the Native people were amazing and smart, and that without their help, the Pilgrims might not have survived. Squanto had one of the most adventurous lives in history ... we could write whole book just about him!

Most of what we put in our book is based on the real facts of Pilgrim and Native life, as we understood them. There are a couple of things that we knew weren't really true, but we put them in anyway. For instance, no one really knows if the Pilgrims actually landed on Plymouth Rock. Also, most experts agree that many of the details of the "love triangle" between Myles Standish, John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins were made up by the poet Henry Longfellow (born in Portland, Maine!) in his poem, "The Courtship of Myles Standish." So why did we include these things we know aren't true? Because they're such great stories!

We hope you enjoy this book!


The Separatists by Liam Sullivan

The Separatists Go to Holland by Maia Stamieszkin

The Great Idea! by Larry Mack

To Choose or Not to Choose .... that is the Question! by Conor Dodd

The Poor Mores by Gina Stevensen

The Journey Begins! by Geoff and Parker

The Storm! by Rosemary Ehlers

A Mean Sailor by Parker Marvin

A Near Tragedy by Parker Marvin

John Howland Falls Overboard by Maureen

Baby Oceanus by Elise Moody-Roberts

William Button by Paul Hagan

The Mayflower Compact by Mr. Williams

Chased out of Cape Cod by Anthony Romero

A Good Place! by Erica Cianchette

The Terrible Winter! by Gina Stevensen

The Snowy Grave by Maia and Elise M.R.

The Wolf Encounter by Olivia Weill.

John Goodman's Trouble by Maureen and Jackie

After the Terrible Winter by Chris Beringer

Samoset's Visit by Nathan Hendrick

Squanto and the Pilgrims by Elise Littlefield

The Amazing Life of Squanto! by Garrett McGrath

The Life of the Wampanoags by the whole class

Stuck in Plymouth by Elise Moody-Roberts and Elise Littlefield

More War? .... NOT! by Conor Dodd

The Death of John Carver by Marla Houghton and Erica Cianchette

Thanksgiving Preparations by Rosemary Ehlers

Thanksgiving Games by Jackie Moran

The Stolen Food by Larry Mack

Massassoit's Sickness by Chris Beringer

The Troubles of Myles by Geoff Ayers

The Love Triangle Explodes! by Olivia Weill and Maureen Kertes

Myles at War by Paul Hagan

The Wedding Feast by Nathan Hendrick

"I Do..." by Marla Houghton

Darkness on a Sunny Day by Danielle Steinman



The authors of this book:

Geoff Ayers
Chris Beringer
Erica Cianchette
Conor Dodd
Rosemary Ehlers
Paul Hagan
Nathan Hendrick
Marla Houghton
Maureen Kertes
Elise Littlefield
Larry Mack
Parker Marvin
Garrett McGrath
Elise Moody-Roberts
Jackie Moran
Anthony Romero
Maia Stamieszkin
Danielle Steinman
Gina Stevensen
Liam Sullivan
Olivia Weill
Mr. Williams


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