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The TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy   (TMOP)   contract provides a worldwide, full-service mail order pharmacy program to all TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries .

TMOP provides another option for TRICARE beneficiaries to meet their prescription needs in addition to military and retail pharmacies.  All three options for pharmacy services will be monitored by the Pharmacy Data Transaction Service (PDTS),   a patient medication record that enhances patient safety.   "The military health system continues to be a leader in quality,  convenience and safety in providing pharmacy services,"  said Air Force Colonel Jim Young,  director,  DoD pharmacy programs.

Beneficiaries can register for the (TMOP) Tricare Mail Order Program at the Express Scripts Inc. Web LOG IN site .

The TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP) program, managed by TRICARE ,  offers an alternative for patients who wish to receive prescriptions by mail.   Use of the TMOP is best suited to patients requiring long-term "maintenance-type" medications,  such as birth control pills;  blood pressure medications;  allergy medications;  and the like.

Medications which are needed immediately,  such as antibiotics for an acute infection,  should be filled at a Military Treatment Facility pharmacy or at one of the TRICARE network pharmacies  (Brunos;  K-Mart;  Wal Mart;   Winn-Dixie,  etc)


  • You can download and print forms to fill new prescriptions by mail and order refills by mail,  by phone,  or online.
  • Your Doctor can Fax your original RX or refill to ExpressScripts .
  • You can check your order's status
  • Your prescriptions can be mailed directly to the U.S. postal address you specify,  including,   APO/FPO and U.S. Embassy addresses.
  • Standard shipping to U.S. postal addresses is free.
  • Get answers to the most common questions about TMOP.

    Continue checking the TRICARE Pharmacy Website above for the latest updates concerning the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP) program.


    TRICARE beneficiaries can register with the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy program, provided by Express Scripts.   By registering, and providing your medical profile, you’ll expedite the processing of your future prescription orders.   To register, EACH beneficiary should:   Visit and complete the brief website registration process.

    Note: After completing the website registration process,   you’ll come to a page with a “Pre-Register with TMOP” link.   Click this link and follow the prompts to submit your Patient Information.

    Express Scripts is one of the nation’s leading prescription benefit managers,   processing more than 400 million prescriptions annually and serving the needs of one out of every six people in the United States.

    With Express Scripts:

    • You can fill new prescriptions by mail and order refills by mail,  by phone,  or online.
    • Your prescriptions are mailed directly to the U.S. postal address you specify,  including APO/FPO and U.S. Embassy addresses.
    • Standard shipping to U.S. postal addresses is free.

    Helpful phone numbers for your Express Scripts needs:

    • Express Scripts: 1-866-DOD-TMOP (363-8667)
    • Express Scripts fax # (Providers Only): 1-877-895-1900
    • TDD (for the Hearing Impaired): 1-877-540-6261
    • Overseas (for members and families outside of the 50 United States and it's territories): 1-866-275-47321

    What Do You Need to Do To Use Express Scripts?

    All Department of Defense beneficiaries must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to use the Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy.


    • Visit the   RAPIDS Site locator   to find the nearest ID Card facility that can validate your information and update your ID card if needed,  or
    • Call the DMDC Support Office (DSO) Toll Free at 800.538.9552.

  • Register at and complete their brief website registration process.  You will then receive your user name and password for subsequent visits to their site.  After registering,  follow the prompts to pre-register your patient profile with TMOP.  This will expedite the processing of your first prescription order.

    ********* To Refill a Prescription With Existing Refills

    Q:   If my prescription is NOT a compound or controlled medication,  do I have to speak with a customer service representative to order a refill?
    A:   No.  While you can always order refills from a customer service representative, you can also order refills through Express Scripts’ Integrated Voice Response system (IVR) at 866.DOD.TMOP (866.363.8667) or through

    Q:   Can I mail in my NMOP refill label, even though my prescription was originally filled by Medco?
    A:   Yes,  as long as your prescription has not expired, Express Scripts will honor the NMOP refill label.  You can mail your refill label to:

    Q:  The prescription for my refills has expired.  What do I do?
    A:  Follow the same procedure for getting a new prescription from you doctor and mail form with prescription for refills to:

    Express Scripts
    P.O. Box 52150
    Phoenix, AZ 85072-9954

    Q:   Can I use Express Scripts’ website to order refills?
    A:   Yes, as long as your prescription has not expired.

    Q:   Who can I call with questions about the TMOP program ?
    A:   Call the numbers below for fast and friendly assistance.

    • Within the United States Toll-Free, 866.DOD.TMOP (866.363.8667)
    • Outside the United States Toll-Free, 866.ASK.4PEC (866.275.4732)
    • TDD If Your Hearing Is Impaired Toll-Free, 877.540.6261
    • Log on to  and follow the prompts to print a prescription order form.
    • Mail your completed order form,  your written prescription and payment (by credit card [preferred];  or by check  or money order made payable to Express Scripts)  to the address shown on the form.

    To Fill a New Prescription

    1. Log on to and follow the prompts to print a prescription order form.
    2. Mail your completed order form, your written prescription and payment (by credit card [preferred]; or by check or money order made payable to Express Scripts) to the address shown on the form.


    Beginning 1 March 2003, you will need to get a new prescription and send it to Express Scripts if either of the following applies:
    • You are currently taking a Controlled Substance.
    • You are currently taking a Compounded Drug.

    Retirees and their dependents pay just $3 co-payment per prescription of a generic and $9 co-payment for a non-generic for up to a 90-day supply of medication.

    Helpful Tips for using the TMOP

    Ask your physician or other prescriber if a 90-day supply of medication is appropriate for you.    If so,  ask him/her to write the prescription for a 90-day supply,   with appropriate refills.

    IF YOU HAVE OTHER HEALTH INSURANCE (OHI)  with a Pharmacy Benefit,   you CAN NOT participate in this program except with exception noted below

    • *****  You can access TSRx when your OHI benefits are exhausted or if the medication is not carried on the OHI formulary (list of available medications.)
    • If an eligible beneficiary has a pharmacy benefit under some OHI (or “double coverage”  as it is sometimes called),  you must use up the other insurance’s pharmacy benefit before you may use the TRICARE prescription benefit in either retail pharmacies or the mail order program.
    • Medicare HMOs,  the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP),  and any Medigap supplemental insurance plans that include a pharmacy benefit,  fall into this category.
    • Under the double coverage rules,  the other insurance is the primary payer,  and TRICARE is the secondary payer. This isn’t a new rule.  The law has stated for some time that TRICARE must be second payer to other insurance coverage.
    • This doesn’t just apply to pharmacy benefits,  but to medical or surgical services,  as well.
  • The reason is that Congress did not want private insurance carriers reaping “windfall profits” by collecting premiums for services they wouldn’t have to pay for.

    For more information,  please contact the nearest military Clinic Pharmacy   or contact the DoD call center at:
    1-877-DOD-MEDS (1-877-363-6337)  is operational from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday , Eastern Time, (except holidays).


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