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003716 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., BRAVE COWBOY, Fair Cond, 1970s, paper covers, 285+ps, west-fict;, Western-Fic, 4.00

002636 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., CACTUS COUNTRY, VG Cond, glossy color ilust, TimeLifePub, 1973, Wilderness ed, 9x10", Hardcover, 184ps, Southern Arizona,Northern Mexico.Index., Arizona; cactus; desert;, Western USA, 14.00

009928 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., DESERT IMAGES, VG+Cond, 163 Color D.Muench Photos, SmithPub, 1979,1986, GalleryEd, 2nd ptg, 10x17"Oversize, VG DJ, 240ps, Cherish Natural World, desert; arizona; photography;, Western USA, 125.00

002727 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., DESERT SOLITAIRE,Season in Wilderness, Gd+Cond, Various Pubs, 1970s, 4x7", paper covers, 268+ps, Eloquent,Bitter, Extravagant.Celebration of Beauty,Living in Harsh,Hostile Land, nature; conservation; desert; wildlerness;, Western-Fic, 3.00

008690 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., FIRE on the MOUNTAIN, Gd Cond, ZiaBk, 1962, 1978, 5x8", Paper Covers, 211ps, One man Vs US Govt, Western-FIC, 6.00

008689 ...., ABBEY,Edward .., GOOD NEWS, Gd Cond, DuttonPub, 1980, 5x8", Paper Covers, 242ps, Country-City Conflicts, Western-FIC, 6.00

015845 ...., ABBOTT,A.C. .., BRANDED, Fair Ex-Lib Cond,cover wear, WorldPub, 1953, 1st Ed, 5x8", BlackClothbnd, 223pg, western;, Western-FIC, 8.00

012978 ...., ABBOTT,A.L. .., NEVADA GHOST TOWN TRAILS, VG Cond, Photos,36 Maps, Anaheim,CA, 1969, 1st Ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, 78ps, 119 towns described. For relic & treasure hunters...historians., ghost town; ghostown; nevada; desert;, Western-Fic, 6.00

016085 ...., ABBOTT,John S.C. .., CHRISTOPHER CARSON FAMILIARLY KNOW AS KIT CARSON, VG Cond, DoddCo, 1873, 1st Ed?, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 348pg, American Pioneers and Patriots, Western-FIC, 40.00

012752 ...., ABLEY,Mark .., BEYOND FORGET,Rediscovering the Prairies, Good Ex-Lib Cond, SierraClubBks, 1986, 1st Ed?, 6x9", +DJ, 260pg, Western Canada.Manitoba,Sask,Alberta Travels,Described.Index, canada; prairie; saskatchewan;, Western USA, 12.00

003445 ...., ADAMS,Andy .., LOG of A COWBOY, Fair Cond,Shaken, Smith ilust, HoughtonPub, 1903May, Original Ed, 5x7", Green Hardbnd, 387ps, Narrative of the Old Trail Days, cowboy; cattle;, Western-Fic, 47.00

004645 ...., ADAMS,Andy .., LOG of A COWBOY, Gd cond, 5 ilust, UnNebPr, 1903,1970, BisonEd, 6th ptg, 5x8", Paper Covers, 387ps, Narrative of the Old Trail Days, cowboy; cattle;, Western-Fic, 6.00

018198 ...., ADAMS,Andy (ed by ROUNDS,Glen) .., TRAIL DRIVE,A True Narrative of Cowboy Life from Andy Adams' LOG of A COWBOY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Rounds,Glen Drawings, HolidayHsPub, NY, 1965, 6x9", ReboundHrdCovr, 251pg, Recounts Cattle drive from Texas to Montana in 1882...Told by the old cowboy,Drawn by the Talented Ilustrator, cowboy; cattle; western;, children, 12.00

015688 ...., ADAMS,Ansel ..Photos..(text by NEWHALL,Nancy) .., DEATH VALLEY, VG Cond,cover bit bent, Photo Illus..Large Map EPs, Ansel Adams, 5 Associates Pub, San Francisco, 1954,1963, 3rd Ed, 9x12", Paper Covers, 55pg, National Park "story" by Newhall..illustrated by world renowned Photographer..The Definitive Book on Death Valley", ANSEL ADAMS; PHOTOGRAPHY; california; death valley; national parks; desert;, Western USA, 15.00

001159 ...., ADAMS,Ben .., SAN FRANCISCO,An Informal Guide, VG Cond, Ilust, Map, HillPub, 1961,1968, 3rd Ed, 5x8", Paper Covers, 236ps, Index.Jessica Mitford Forward, california,n; san francisco;, Western USA, 6.00

015854 ...., ADAMS,BUCK .., BOUNTY MAN'S TARGET,Wanted Dead or Alive, Gd+Cond, MajorBks, 1976,1978, 2nd ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 160pg, Chased by Federales, Western-FIC, 4.00

000707 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, 4x7", Paper Covers, Spur Award Author..Price Each..., Western-FIC, CLIFTON ADAMS...Titles here now... 1..HARD TIME BUNCH../.. 1..HOTTEST FOURTH../.. 2..LAST DAYS of WOLF GARNETT../.. 2..MOONLIGHT WAR../.. 1..ONCE an OUTLAW...&...RECKLESS MEN in 1 bk../.. 1..SHORTY../.. 3..TRAGG'S CHOICE..spur winner../.., 3.00

015846 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., BADGE and HARRY COLE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1971, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 186pg, Western Arkansas Setting, Western- FIC, 8.00

014500 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., BISCUIT SHOOTER, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1971, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 182pg, ..(..ALSO..copy no dj..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

015847 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., GRABHORN COUNTRY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1965, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 185pg, Bounty Hunter for Expres Company, Western- FIC, 8.00

014492 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., HARD TIME BUNCH, Gd+Cond, DDayPub, 1973, BkClubEd, 5x8", +DJ, 161pg, ..(..ALSO3..Gd ex-lib copy..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

015848 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., HARD TIMES & ARNIE SMITH, Good Ex-Lib Cond, fly gone, DDayPub, 1972, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 186pg, 1892 western setting, Western-FIC, 8.00

014494 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., HASSLE AND THE MEDICINE MAN, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1973, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 188pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

014493 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., HOTTEST FOURTH OF JULY IN THE HISTORY OF HANGTREE COUNTY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1964, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 182pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

015849 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., LAST DAYS of WOLF GARNETT, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1970, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 175pg, Western Murder Mystery..(..ALSO..fair ex-lib copy..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

015850 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., PARTNERSHIP WITH DEATH, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1967, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 192pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

014491 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., RECKLESS MEN, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1962, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 189pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

014684 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., SHORTY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1966, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 185pg, ..(..ALSO..fair ex-lib copy..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

015851 ...., ADAMS,Clifton .., TRAGG'S CHOICE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1969, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 186pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

010670 ...., ADAMS,Faye .., GOODNIGHT LOVING TRAIL, VG Cond, Passionate Cover Art, Pocket Bks Pub, 1995, 1st ptg, 4x6", Paper Covers, 312pg, Women author..western fiction..Cowgirl falls in love.."Branded by Desire"..Mixed & Wrangling hearts.., cowgirl; romance; western;, Western-FIC, 5.00

019527 ...., ADAMS,Samuel Hopkins .., SANTA FE TRAIL, Gd Cond,covers some wear, Ames,Lee J. Ilust,Maps, Random House Pub, 1951, Landmark ed#?, 8th ptg, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 181pg, History of area as created by trail from Missouri,Kansas, Colorado,New Mexico Trail.., west; new mexico; trails;, Western USA, 8.00

011882 ...., ADDENBROOKE,Alice B. .., MISTRESS of THE MANSION, VG Cond, Photos, PacificBks, PaloAlto, nd 1980s?, 6x9", Paper Covers, 39pg, Carson City,Nevada Mansion. Once home for Ellie Bowers.This is her biography. Mining Wealth, mine; nevada; woman;, Western USA, 4.00

015857 ...., ADKINS,Erle .., PECOS BLOOD, Gd+Cond, ZebraPub, 1987, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 203pg, Justice at Hangman's noose, Western-FIC, 4.00

009689 ...., ADKINS,Erle .., REVENGE in LAREDO, Gd+Cond, ZebraPub, 1987, Later ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, Post Civil War TEXAS setting, Western-FIC, 4.00

015856 ...., ADKINS,Erle .., THREE DAYS to TUCSON, Gd+Cond, ZebraPub, 1980, 4x7", Paper Covers, np 150ps?, Escort Senator's Daughter into Arizona, Western-FIC, 4.00

011537 ...., ADLEMAN,Robert H. .., SWEETWATER FEVER,A Novel, Gd+Cond,bit stained at edge., McGrawPub, 1984, 4th ptg, 6x9", gd DJ+, 362pg, Western-FIC, 15.00

001282 ...., AGAN,Pat .., Clint Eastwood,Man Behind the Myth, good cond, photos, film Biography, Pyramid, 1975, paper ed, 4x7", 188ps, film;, western, 4.00

012539 ...., AGINSKY,Burt .., DEEP VALLEY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, SteinPub, 1967, 5x8", +DJ, 224pg, Re-Creation of Pomo Indian Life.Northern California., indian; pomo; california,n; mendocino;, Western USA, 15.00

015858 ...., AHLSWEDE,Ann .., DAY of the HUNTER, VG Cond, BallantineOriginal, 1960,1971, 4th ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 144pg, Death had been stalking them for 2 years, Western-FIC, 4.00

017493 ...., AHLSWEDE,Ann .., DAY OF THE HUNTER, VG Cond, Ballantine ORIGINAL ed, 1960,1971, 4th ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 144pg, Death had been stalking them for two years...Kid with a Grudge, Western-FIC, 4.00

019439 ...., AHLSWEDE,Ann .., HUNTING WOLF, Gd Cond, Ballantine Bal-Hi Book, 1960,1966, Origina Edit, 4x7", Paper Covers, 160pg, "He Was Crippled, But He Had A Savage Wrong To Avenge..".., western fiction; woman;, Western-FIC, 4.00

019443 ...., AIKENHEAD,Steve (ed) more than 100 Contributors .., GROUP MEMORIES,School Days in Bolinas & Stinson Beach, VG Cond, Photos,Map, Schoolhouse Pub, Bolinas,CA, 1993, 1st Ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, 245pg, the coastal villages of Bolinas & Stinson Beach,Calif", california,n; san francisco; sonaoma; bolinas; marin; stinson beach; education; schools;, Western USA, 12.00

002136 ...., AIKMAN,Duncan .., CALAMITY JANE & the WILDCATS, VG Cond, photo ilust, UnNeb, 1927,1987, 5x8", paper covers, 356ps, Life & Adventues by Herself, woman;, Western-Fic, 8.00

002132 ...., AINSWORTH,Ed .., BECKONING DESERT, VG Cond, line drawings, PHallPub, 1962, 6x9", vg dj, 264ps, SouthWest Desert memories, CAlifornia; desert;, Western USA, 10.00

016213 ...., AINTRY,Jack .., NEBRASKA AMBUSH, VG Cond, ZebraPub, 1989, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 222pg, Story where law belongs to the lawless, Western-FIC, 3.00

019186 ...., AKWESASNE NOTES .., AKWASASNE NOTES.., Good Condition unless noted.., Photos, Newspaper, PRICE EACH..., indian; newspaper;, INDIAN, Akwesasne Notes.. 1..Vol 8 #3..Early Autumn 1976../.. 1..Vol 9 #4..Autumn, 1977../.. 1..Vol 9 #5..December, 1977../.. 1..Vol 10#5..Winter, 1978../.., 5.00

017544 ...., ALASKA .., OFFICIAL GUIDE to the KLONDYKE COUNTRY & the GOLD FIELDS of ALASKA, VG Cond,front cover gold stamping bit rubbed.Hinge weak, Glossy Photos,Official Maps, ConkeyCo, 1897, 1st Ed, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 296ps, Photos,Vivid Descriptions,Thrilling Experiences, alaska; gold; miner; KLONDYKE;, Western USA, 300.00

019465 ...., ALASKA (MAGAZINE) .., ALASKA,The Magazine of the New Frontier., Good Condition unless noted..VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, 8x10", Paper Covers, 80pg each, PRICE EACH issue.., alaska; magazine;, Western USA, ALASKA Magazine here now.. 1976..Jan../..mar./.apr./.may./.jun./.jul./sept../..oct./. Nov../..Dec../ 1977..Jan..Apr../..rest of year here including Dec../.. 1978..Jan..missing nov..2 copies Dec../.. 1979..full year available../.. 1980..jan../..feb../..mar../..apri../..nov../..dec../.. 1981..JAN../..MAR../complete year available../.. 1982..full year available../.. 1983..full year available..2 copies of Dec../.. 1984..full year available../.. 1985..full year except July../.. 1986..full year available../.. 1987..JAN../FEB../..MARCH../..APRIL../.. 1989..MAR../..APR../..JULY../..AUG../..SEPT../..OCT../..NOV../..DEC../.. 1990..FEB../..MAR../..APR../JUNE../.., 2.00

004306 ...., ALASKA (by Education Research Council) .., ESKIMOS of NORTHERN ALASKA,Communities at Home & Agroad, VG Cond, Photos, AllynPub, 1970,1978, 8x10", Paper Covers, 170pg, Grade School Text., alaska; school book;, Western USA, 8.00

003341 ...., ALBAUGH,Reuben .., CATTLE,COUNTRY & CHAMPIONS, VG Cond, photos, 1982, 5x8", paper covers, 263ps, California Cattleman-Banker's History, california; bank; cowboy;, Western-Fic, 8.00

012692 ...., ALBERT,Marvin H. .., LAST TRAIN TO BANNOCK, VG Cond, GoldMedal Gold Medal Classic, Fawcett Pub, 1963,1989, 4x7", Paper Covers, 136pg, Desperate race to gold rush town..., Western-FIC, 4.00

015860 ...., ALBERT,Marvin H. .., POSSE at HIGH PASS, Gd+Cond, GoldMedalBk, 1964, OriginalEd, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 143pg, Jailbreak at Avalanche, Western-FIC, 4.00

015861 ...., ALBERT,Marvin H. .., REFORMED GUN, Gd Cond, GoldMedalBk, 1959, OriginalEd, 4x7", Paper Covers, 127pg, Kansas Territory Setting, Western-FIC, 4.00

017884 ...., ALBERT,Marvin H. .., RENEGADE POSSE, Gd Cond, GoldMedalBk #826, 1958, OriginalEd, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 142pg, Hunted man, guilty lawmen, Western-FIC, 4.00

000787 ...., ALDRICH,Bess Streeter .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Paper Covers, Cedar Falls, Iowa born.Nebraska Pioneer Woman Settings PRICE EACH..., NEBRASKA; WOMAN;, Western-FIC, ALDRICH,Bess Streeter PAPERBACKS FOLLOW.. 2..LANTERN in HER HAND..d3../.. 1..LIEUTENANT'S LADY..d5../.. 1..RIM of The PRAIRIE.5x8".d5../.. 1..WHITE BIRD FLLYING..Signet paperback../.., 5.00

001969 ...., ALDRICH,Bess Streeter .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Hardcovers, Cedar Falls,Iowa born.Nebraska Pioneer Woman Settings PRICE EACH..., NEBRASKA; WOMAN;, Western-FIC, BESS STREETER ALDRICH...Good Hardcovers unless noted... 1..JOURNEY INTO CHRISTMAS..worn copy d10../.. 1..MISS BISHOP..$12../.. 5..WHITE BIRD FLYING..(..also,another ex-lib copy d8)..d10./.. 4..SONG OF YEARS..d20..(2 worn copy d12)../.. 3..SPRING COMES ON FOREVER..(2fair ex-lib d12)..d15..).. 8..BESS STREETER ALDRICH TREASURY..(Lantern & Miss Bishop +Stories).d15./. 3..BESS STREETER READER..(Lantern,White Bird+Stories).d15), 15.00

014303 ...., ALDRICH,Bess Streeter .., DRUM GOES DEAD, VG Cond,ink sig fly, Appleton Co Pub, NY, 1941 (2), 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 39pg, Story of the Spirit of Christmas....(..ALSO2..Another copy..Gd+ ex-lib copy..15d..).., christmas;, Western-FIC, 20.00

020265 ...., ALDRICH,Bess Streeter .., LANTERN IN HER HAND, Gd+Cond, Appleton Co Pub, NY, 1928,1929, Later ptg, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 307pg, ..(..ALSO12..Another Copy..), NEBRASKA; WOMEN;, Western-FIC, 10.00

019618 ...., ALDRICH,Bess Streeter .., RIM OF THE PRAIRIE, VG Cond, Burt Co Pub, NY, 1925, Rept, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 252pg, Cedar Falls,Iowa born.Nebraska Pioneer Woman Settings. Not a common title by author.., nebraska;, Western-FIC, 14.00

013908 ...., ALLEN,Betty .., LEGENDS of OLD HAWAII,As Told by Tutu to Her Grand-Children, VG Cond, Drawings, TonggPub, Honolulu, 1944, 1st Ed?, 6x9", +DJ, 93pg, 11 Tales.Glossary, hawaii; legend; folktale; children;,

Western USA, 12.00

010832 ...., ALLEN,Eric .., HANGING at WHISKY SMITH; & MARSHALL FROM WHISKEY SMITH, Gd Cond, AcePub, 1968, 4x7", Paper Covers, 137+111ps, 2 Westerns in 1Vol, Western-FIC, 4.00

017885 ...., ALLEN,Eric .., KILLER in WHISKY SMITH, Gd Cond, AcePub, 1971, 4x7", Paper Covers, 157pg, Oklahoma-Choctaw Setting, Western-FIC, 4.00

008594 ...., ALLEN,Jimmy (Arranged) .., SIMPLIFIED WESTERN CLASSICS For Guitar, Gd Cond, HansenPub, 1952,1964, 8x11", Paper Covers, 32ps, 18 Prairie Songs, music;, Western-FIC, 4.00

015863 ...., ALLEN,Jordan .., CAVERN of SILVER, VG Cond, WalkerCo, 1982, 1st ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 192pg, Virginia City setting, Western-FIC, 10.00

015862 ...., ALLEN,Jordan .., TEXAS FEVER, Gd Cond, ZebralBk, 1980, OriginalEd, 4x7", Paper Covers, 240pg, Murdering Marauders shot down his pa..., Western-FIC, 4.00

003639 ...., ALLEN,Robert .., STORY of SUPERSTITION MT & LOST DUTCHMAN GOLD MINE, Gd Cond, PocketPub, 1971,1976, 4x7", paper covers, 211ps, Violent,tragic,true, gold; mine; treasure;, Western USA, 4.00

015864 ...., ALLEN,T.D. .., DOCTOR in BUCKSKIN, Gd Cond, HarperPub, 1951, 5x8", BlackClothbnd, 277pg, Early 1800s Western Story, Western-FIC, 10.00

014968 ...., ALLEN,Terry(Ed) .., WHISPERING WIND,Poetry by Young American Indians, VG Cond, DDayPub, 1972, 1st Ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, 128pg, Poets from the Institute of Am Indian Arts: Lopez, Whitewing, Kuka, and 11 more., poem; indian;, INDIAN, 10.00

010315 ...., ALLEN,William R. .., CHEQUEMEGON (SHAY-WAH-ME-GON,Beaver) A Narrative of...Most Exciting Days of Civil War Aftermath to Present Time, Gd+Cond,Ink Message Fly, FrederickPr, 1949, 1st Ed, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 205+ps, Experiences,Observations by ex Lieut Gov of Montana, Montana;, Western USA, 30.00

015865 ...., ALMAN,E.A. .., RIDE the LONG NIGHT, Good Ex-Lib Cond, MacMillanCo, 1959, 1st ptg, 5x7", gd DJ, 138pg, Escaped From Prison..Pledged to Revenge, Western-FIC, 8.00

019717 ...., ALPINE CENTENNIAL BOOK COMMITEE .., ONE HUNDRED YEARS of HISTORY,RECREATION,LORE in ALPINE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. 1864-1964, VG Cond, Ink names, Photos,Map,Sketches, Alpine County Museum, 1964, 1st Ed, 8x11", Paper Covers, 72pg, History of Least Populous Calif County.Sierra Mountains,south of Tahoe. Bear Valley. Pioneers..Makrleville..Ebbetts pass., alpine county; california,n; sierra mountain; markleville;, Western USA, 15.00

008977 ...., ALT,Dave .., GLACIER COUNTRY...Montana's Glacier National Park, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, MontMag, 1983, 11x8", Paper Covers, 104ps, Montana Geographic Series #4, montana; glacier park;, Western USA, 6.00

012535 ...., ALTER,J.Cecil .., JIM BRIDGER, Gd+Cond, Ilust, UnOkPr, 1925, 1979, NewEd, 4th ptg, 5x8", Paper Covers, 358pg, Facts,West Mountain Man-Explorer, exploration; fur;, West-NonFic, 10.00


ADVENTURES of the OLD WEST, VG Cond, ilust, 1969, 6x9", VG DJ, 384ps, 20 Articles,Historians,Poets,Admirers Amer Past..Josephy, Peattie,Sprague, Carmer Others, americana;, West NonFIC, 15.00

011867 ...., AMERICAN WEST (Magazine) .., AMERICAN WEST (Magazine), Good Condition unless noted.., Photos,Drawings,Maps, Western History Assn Pub, 8x10", Paper Covers, 96pg each, Various Articles on ARTS,Culture & History..Price per issue... (in the 1980s publisher changed..), western; history; indian; magazine; art;, Western-FIC, AMERICAN WEST Magazine... 1965..vol 2,#1../..#2../..#3../.. 1966..vol 3, #1wear../..#2../..#3../..#4wear../.. 1967..vol 4..#4../.. 1968..vol 5..#5../.. 1969..vol 6..#6../.. 1970..vol 7..#2../..#3../..#4../.. 1971..vol 8..#5../..#6../.. 1972..vol 9..#1../..#5../.. 1973..vol 10..#1../..#2../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1974..vol 11..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1975..vol 12..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1976..vol 13..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../.. 1978..vol 15..#4../.. 1981..vol 18..#1../..#2../.. 1982..vol 19..#3../.. *******************, 3.00

014019 ...., AMES,Joseph Bushnell .., CURLY of The CIRCLE BAR, VG Cond, Forsythe Glossy Ilust, CenturyCo, 1919,1920, 5x8", DecClothbound, 423pg, "Approved by Boy Scouts of America". Western Story, western; boy scouts; juvnile;, Western-FIC, 22.00

012889 ...., ANDDREWS,Peter .., INNS of The PACIFIC COAST & The SOUTHWEST..Classic Country Inns of America,Volume 3, VG Cond, Raymond,Lilo Color Photos., Knapp/Architectural DigestPr, Los Angeles,CA, 1978, 1st Ed, 9x11", DecHardcovers, 155+pg, Washington,Oregon,California,Arizona,New Mexico,Texas places Described. Each Unique in Antique flavor., hotels; inns; restaurants; travel; california; antique; arcitecture; resorts;, Western USA, 15.00

015868 ...., ANDERSON,Ada Woodruff .., HEART of The RED FIRS,Story of the Pacific Northwest, Gd Cond, Grunwald Glossy Ilust, LitBrPub, 1908, 1st Ed, 5x8", DecBlueCloth, 313pg, Forests & Mines of Puget Sound Area Story, Seattle; puget sound;, Western-FIC, 15.00

015867 ...., ANDERSON,Ada Woodruff .., RIM of The DESERT, Gd+Cond, Crews, Monte Ilust, LitBrPub, 1915, Rept, 5x7", DecGreenCloth, 402pg, ..(..ALSO..Burt gd Copy..12d..).., Western-FIC, 15.00

015869 ...., ANDERSON,Ada Woodruff .., STRAIN of WHITE, Gd Cond,Broken Hinges, Rogers Glossy Ilust, General Wear, LitBrPub, 1909, 1st Ed, 5x8", DecGreyCloth, 300pg, Indian Mother,white Father.Puget Sound Area Girl's Story, puget sound;, Western-FIC, 15.00

010306 ...., ANDERSON,C.W. .., BLAZE & The MOUNTAIN LION, Fair+Ex-Lib Cond, MacMillanCo, 1966, Later ptg, 7x10", DJ, 47ps, ..(..ALSO..Another Copy, ..1962 similar..NO DJ..).., HORSE; western; children;, children, 8.00

017494 ...., ANDERSON,Ian .., SCARLET RIDERS #2 Return of Cavannagh, VG Cond, ZebraPub, 1984,1986, 1st thus, 4x7", Paper Covers, 235pg, Canada's Northwest Territory setting. RCMP adventure, rcmp;, Western-FIC, 4.00

014327 ...., ANDERSON,Ian .., SERGEANT O'REILLY, VG Cond, ZebraBk, 1987, 4x7", Paper Covers, 300+pg, SCARLET RIDERS #4, Western-FIC, 3.00

013195 ...., ANDERSON,Susanne .., SONG of The EARTH SPIRIT, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Glossy Color Photos, FriendsOfThe EarthPub, nd 1973, Brower Editor, 9x11", +DJ, 127ps, Friendship w/ Navajo People,Landscape, indian; navajo;

photagraphy;, INDIAN, 20.00

015871 ...., ANDREWS,A.A. .., BALD HILLS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, ArcadiaPub, 1969,1969, 5x7", gd DJ, 192pg, Buried stolen gold.Moonlit gun Battle, Western-FIC, 8.00

015870 ...., ANDREWS,A.A. .., LAND of BARBED BOUNDARIES, VG Cond, HaleCo, London, 1975, 1st Ed, 5x7", VG DJ, 159pg, Squatter in Cattle country, Western-FIC, 8.00

002694 ...., ANDREWS,Lynn .., FLIGHT of the SEVENTH MOON,Teachings of the SHIELDS, Gd cond, HarperPub, 1985, 5x8", vg dj, 203ps, Cree Physical & Spiritual Lessons, indian; cree; occult;, Indian, 5.00

003342 ...., ANDREWS,Lynn .., STAR WOMAN,We are Made From Stars, Gd cond, WarnerPub, 1986, 6x9", VG DJ, 246ps, Odyssey toward enlightenment..(..ALSO..Gd paper copy..6d..).., indian; woman; occult;, Indian, 12.00

000689 ...., ANDREWS,Patrick E. .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ANDREWS,Patrick E. 1..BLOOD of APACHE MESA../.. 1..BUFFALO WAR../.. 1..COLORADO CROSSFIRE../.. 1..OKLAHOMA SHOWDOWN../.., 4.00

002869 ...., ANDRIST,Ralph .., LONG DEATH,Last Days of Plains Indians, fair-good cond, photos, CollierPub, 1964,1974, 5x8", paper covers, 371ps, Documented History of Military Conquest.Index, indian; war;, Indian, 8.00

004905 ...., ANDRU,Ross (Ed) .., JONAH HEX & Other Western Tales..#2, Gd cond, Color COMIC ilust, DC Comics, 1979,Dec, 4x6", Paper Covers, 100ps, All-Out Western Action!!, comic; west; art;, Western-Fic, 8.00

009779 ...., ANONYMOUS .., RICHMOND,ARSENAL of DEMOCRACY, VG Cond.no title page?, Photos, nd 1946?, 6x9", Tan Clothbnd, 103ps, Calif Ship Building for WW2.Union Story., california,n; alameda; ww2; ship; Labor union;, Western USA, 12.00

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Burt & Budd Arthur..Stock Here Now... 1..BLACK RIDER../.. 1..BOSS of the FAR WEST./.. 1..BUCKAROO../.. 1..BUGLES IN THE NIGHT../.. 1..DRIFTER../.. 1..DUEL on The RANGE../.. 2..EMPTY SADDLES..spine taped../.. 1..FREE LANDS../.. ..1..GUNSLINGER../.. 3..GUNSMOKE IN NEVADA../.. 1..HIGH POCKETS../.. ..1..KILLERS CROSSING../.. 4..NEVADA../.. ..1..OUTLAW FURY../.. 1..REQUIEM for A GUN../.. 3..RETURN of The TEXAN../.. 2..RIDE A CROOKED TRAIL../.. 1..SAGA OF DENNY McCUNE../.. 3..SILVER CITY RANGERS../.. 1..SING A SONG OF SIX GUNS../.. 1..STRANGER../.. 1..TEXAN../.. 2..THREE GUNS NORTH../.. 1..THUNDER VALLELY../. 4..WALK TALL, RIDE TALL../.., 3.00

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ranches as a setting..accurate descriptions of customs.", childrens; western;, Western-FIC, 20.00

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1..OUTLAW BRAND../.. 1..TRAILS OF RAGE../.., 3.00

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Expedition..Iturbide's Death.., mexico; revolution;, West-NonFic, 45.00

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romantic tale of all the west", Gold Mining; Nevada; Silver Mining;, Western USA, 20.00

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ArcadiaPub, 1962,1966, 5x7", gd DJ, 190pg, From Tucson Jail to Revenge TRail, Western-FIC, 10.00

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324pg, A definitive guide to photographic hot spots in the late 1940's. Camera Settings Details., Photography; travel; national parks; california;, Western USA, 15.00

001101 ...., BONHAM,Frank .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, 4x7", Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, BONHAM,Frank... 2..BLOOD on The LAND../.. 3..BOLD PASSAGE../.. 2..BREAK for The BORDER../.. 1..DEFIANCE MOUNTAIN../.. 1..FEUD at SPANISH FORD../.. 3..HARDROCK../.. 2..LAST STAGE WEST../.. 4..LOGAN'S CHOICE../.. 2..LOST STAGE VALLEY../.. 2..NIGHT RAID../.. 4..RAWHIDE GUNS../.. 3..SNAKETRACK../.. 2..SOUND of GUNFIRE../.. 1..TRAGO../.., 3.00

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000202 ...., BOOTH,Edwin .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, BOOTH,Edwin.. 1..BOOT HEEL REVENGE..ex-lib../.. 2..CROSSFIRE..Ace pub..feud,arson,double-cross story../.. 3..RETURN to APACHE SPRINGS..worn../.. 1..SMALL SPREAD..wear../.., 3.00

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UnArizPr, 1967, 2nd ptg, 5x7", gd DJ+, 208ps, Southern Arizona Kids & Cows..(..ALSO..1968,3rd ptg..).., cow; education; woman;, Western USA, 12.00

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000441 ...., BOWER,B.M. .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..CHIP OF FLYING U RANCH..M-Z.., Good Condition Unless Noted, Hardcovers, Western-FIC, B.M.BOWER titles here now.. 1..MAN ON HORSEBACK..LitBr..1940,1st ed. Gd..$100../.. 1..OPEN LAND..$10../.. 4..PHANTOM HERD..G&D..$15../.. 1..POINTS WEST..G&D..Orange Clothbnd..$60../.. 1..RANCH at the WOLVERINE.fair.$12../.. 3..RANGE DWELLERS..Russell ilust..(ex-lib.$15)..$20../.. 3..SHADOW MOUNTAIN..G&D or Triangle gd..$50../.. 3..SINGING HILL..G&D....$50../.. 1..SKYRIDER..Airplane&Cattle..$12../.. 1..SPIRIT of the RANGE..LitBrPUb..1940..1st..VG..$95../.. 2..THUNDER BIRD..AirplaneWestern.$20../.. 1..TIGER EYE..LitBr Pub.1st?..$65../.. 4..TROUBLE RIDES The WIND..$15../.. 6..VOICE of JOHNNYWATER..$20../.. 1..WHITE WOLVES..LitBrPub..$15../.., 1.00

000830 ...., BOWER,B.M. .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..CHIP OF FLYING U RANCH..A-L.., Good Condition Unless Noted, Hardcovers, Western-FIC, B.M.BOWER titles here now..Good Hardcovers unless Noted... 2..BELLEHELEN MINE..Johnson ilust (ex-lib..$12)..$15../.. 1..BLACK THUNDER..Blakiston Pub..$12..).. 2..BORDER VENGEANCE..AvalonPub 1951..Gd Ex-Lib, rebound..$45../.. 1..CABIN FEVER..BlakistonPub..$10../.. 1..CHIP of the FLYING-U..Russell ilust..$15../.. 1..EAGLE'S WING..fair,flys gone..G&D..Glossy ilust..$15../.. 1..FIVE FURIES of LEANING LADDER..G&D.scarce.$75../.. (another2..LitBr 1st,ex-lib..50d)../.. 1..FOOL'S GOLD..triangle ed..$15../.. 1..DARK HORSE..$15../.. 1..EAGLE'S WING,A Story of The Colorado..VG 1st..$25../.... 1..FLYING U RANCH..$15../.. 1..FLYING U STRIKES..$12../.. 2..GRINGO'S..Calif in 1849..$12../.. 1..HAUNTED HILLS..(Piute Hills)..LitBrPub..1934..1st?..VG..$75../.. 1..HAY-WIRE..g&d..$50../.. 2..HER PRAIRIE KNIGHT..$20../.. 1..JEAN of THE LAZY A..Duer Ilust..$15../.. 2..LONESOME LAND..$10../.. 1..LONESOME TRAIL..$12../.., 1.00

014208 ...., BOWER,B.M. (B.M.SINCLAIR) .., HAPPY FAMILY, VG Cond,very minor signs of wear to spine top,back cover, HUTCHISON,Glossy Color ilust, Dillingham Co Pub, NY, 1907,1910, 1st Ed?, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 330pg, Nine Lively & Amusing stories.. Pleanty of Healthy Humor...all have a point & doings described drawn from real life..", cowboys; western fiction; women;, Western-FIC, 25.00

014206 ...., BOWER,B.M. .., HAUNTED HILLS (The PIUTE MONSTER), VG Cond, paper browning some, Triangle Books Pub, NY, 1934,1942, Rept, 5x7", ChipedFront DJ, 291pg, Shep Sherman,tenderfoot rode a trail even seasoned

cowboys shunned".., Western-FIC, 50.00

014732 ...., BOWER,B.M. .., HAY-WIRE, VG Cond, Little,Brown,and Company Pub, NY, 1928 July, 5x7", Tan Clothbnd, 306pg, Western Fiction by Woman Author. Not common title, cowboys; outlaws; western;, Western-FIC, 85.00

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011432 ...., BOWER,Donald .., ROAMING the AMERICAN WEST, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Photos,Maps, GalahadBks, 1971, 8x10", +DJ, 256ps, 110 Scenic Auto Trips.Scenic&Natural.Adventure,Activity Guide. Colorado Idaho Wyo,Az & West.Index, americana; travel; ghostown;, Western USA, 15.00

015945 ...., BOWERS,Terrell L. .., MAN CALLED BANKER, Gd- Cond, AvalonBks, 1980, 1st Ed?, 5x7", gd DJ+, 185pg, Town Needs Outside Help, Western-FIC, 8.00

015993 ...., BOWMAN,Earl Wayland .., RAMBLIN' KID, Gd+Cond, Hoot Gibson Movie Photos(8), G&DPub, 1920, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 323pg, Western cowboy Movie Romance, movie star;, Western-FIC, 15.00

019098 ...., BOWMAN,Heath & Dickinson,Sterling...(Mojica,Jose Foreword) .., MEXICAN ODYSSEY, Gd+Cond,Lite Cover & text dampstain, Illus in block prints. Map, Mexico, Willet,Clark & Company Pub, Chicago:, 1935,1936, 3rd ptg, 6x9", White Clothbnd, 292pg, ..(..ALSO..Another Copy,.cover stained..text OK..3rd ptg..).., Mexico;, West-NonFic, 15.00

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VALLEY..../.. 1..OUTLAW'S CODE../.. 1..SONG OF THE WHIP./.., 3.00

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West-NonFic, 25.00

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3rd ptg, 4x6", Paper Covers, 144pg, gunslinger's homecoming triggers a bloody range war", Western-FIC, 4.00

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SADDLES, VG Cond, Glossy Photos, WarnerBks, 1974,1976, 4th ptg, 5x7", Paper Covers, 175pg, "Here come de sheriff!"..Movie Based Western Story. Humor, western fiction;, Western-FIC, 6.00

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carson,kit; exploration; west; fur trade;, West-NonFic, 15.00

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AMERICA, Gd+Cond, Photos,Map, WorldPub, 1969 or 1970, 5x8", paper covers, 193ps, Conquered People living among us, Indian;, Indian, 8.00

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photography; CAlifornia;, Western USA, 20.00

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politics;, Western USA, 20.00

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Small Maynard & Co.Pub, Boston, 1898 tp&verso, 1st Ed?, 5x7", DecClothbound, 214pg, old fiction,rustic settings among gold miners at bedrock, prospecting; gold mining; fiction; western;, Western-FIC, 20.00

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History.OP, death valley; desert; california; ghost town;, Western USA, 20.00

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School Teacher in Big Horn Country, child;, Western-FIC, 10.00

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california,n; plumas; gold; 49ers; woman;, West-NonFic, 8.00

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Indians; Colonization;, childrens, 8.00

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000024 ...., COLDSMITH,Don .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, GdCond unless noted, 4x7", Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-Fic, DON COLDSMITH Paperbacks here now..(#s REFER TO SPANISH BIT SERIES #) 1..CHANGING WIND../.. 4..#1..TRAIL OF THE SPANISH BIT../.. 3..CHANGING WIND../.. 2..#12..MEDICINE KNIFE../.. 1..QUEST FOR THE WHITE BULL../.. 1..SONG OF THE ROCK../.. 2..TRAVELER../.. 1..WORLD of SILENCE../.., 3.00

001337 ...., COLE,Jackson .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, 1960s & 1970s, 4x7", Paper Covers, Many originaly

writen in 1940s..Ranger Jim Hatfield Stories..Price Each..., Western-FIC, Jackson Cole...paperbacks here now..good cond... 1..BADMEN OF BORDERTOWN../.. 1..FRONTIER LEGION../.. 1..GUN HARVEST../.. 1..GUNS of FORT GRIFFIN../.. 1..GUNS OF VENGEANCE../.. 1..PECOS POISON../.. 1..RED RUNS THE RIO.wear./.. 1..RIDERS OF THE SHADOWS../.. 1..TEXAS FURY../.. 1..TOMBSTONE TRAIL../.. 2..WEST OF THE PECOS..wear../.., 4.00

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016968 ...., COLE,Judd .., CHEYENNE,VISION QUEST..CHEYENNE Series #4.., VG Cond, LeisurePub, NY, 1993, 4x7", Paper Covers, 170pg, Touch the Sky would battle any peril that stood between him & the vision of his destiny.", Western-FIC, 4.00

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000160 ...., COLORADO .., 9 thin pamplets re:Colorodo, gd cond, some illust, Various Pubs, recent dates, aprox 5x8", a collection offered at a lot price, colorodo; west;, Western USA, 15.00

001799 ...., COLORADO .., 9 thin pamplets re:Colorodo, Gd Cond, some illust, VariousPubs, since 1960s, 5x8", Paper Covers, a collection offered at a lot price, colorodo; west;, Western USA, 15.00

002356 ...., COLORADO PRESS ASSN .., WHO'S WHO in COLORADO,A Biographical Record of Leaders etc, vg cond, Boulder, 1938, 1st ed, 5x9", Hardcovers, 1115ps, By County, COlorado;, Western USA, 20.00

013000 ...., (COLORADO RIVER) .., COLORADO RIVER,A Comprehensive Department Report on the Development of the Water Resources of the Colorado River Basin.., poor cond,stained,disbound. Reading copy only. MANY MAPS, large fold out maps,Photos, USDept Interior, Wash, DC, 1946, March, 9x11", Paper Covers, 295+pg, Has no back cover. Text (all here) Describes The Great River's Watershed,Canyon Potential for Development & much more., colorado river; grand canyon; arizona; maps; LAKE MEAD; BOULDER DAM;, Western USA, 12.00

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002311 ...., COMFORT,Will Levington(1878-1932) .., APACHE, Gd Cond, BantamPub, 1931,1974, New Edition", 4x7", Paper Covers, 166pg, Sympathetic toward noble Mangus Colorado Indian ..(..ALSO..ANOTHER COPY..Bantam 1968 new ed..).., apache; indian;, Western-FIC, 5.00

017832 ...., COMFORT,Will Levington .., APACHE, Gd+ Cond, BantamBk#922, 1931,1952, 1st thus, 4x6", Paper Covers, 202pg, Epic Story of Mangus Colorado...Great Warrior of the Savage Southwest., indian; apache; western; , INDIAN, 6.00

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017833 ...., COMPTON,Ralph .., CHISHOLM TRAIL..Trail Driver Series Book 3,

VG Cond, Map, StMartinsPr, 1993, 1st thus?, 4x7", Paper Covers, 366+ps, to open a new trail to Kansas, traildrive; cattle; western;, Western-FIC, 3.00

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Clergyman & Novelist. . ..Titles Here now.. ... 1..BLACK ROCK,A Tale of The Selkirks..../.. 3..DOCTOR..Ilust../.. 2..FOREIGNER,Tale of Saskatchewan..../.. 1..GASPARDS of PINECROFT..../.. 1..GLENGARRY SCHOOL DAYS..ex-lib../.. 1..MAJOR...../.. 1..MAN FROM GLENGARRY../.. 1..PATROL of the SUNDANCE TRAIL..worn..../.. 2..RUNNER,A Romance of the Niagaras../.. 2..PROSPECTOR,A Tale of Crows Nest Pass..../.. 2..SKY PILOT,A Tale of The Foothills..../.. 1..SKY PILOT in NO MAN'S LAND../.. 2..TO HIM THAT HATH,A Novel of the West of Today../...., 10.00

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spine worn, photos, history, Boulder, 1964, 5x8", Hardcovers, 88ps, personal rems & interviews wold times, colorodo; west;, West-NonFic, 10.00

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Fic, 10.00

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texas; photography;, Western USA, 10.00

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noted.., Paper Covers, RIGGER TENSE STORIES of the West, where men match danger with daring.." PRICE EACH..., western-FIC, Hal G. Evarts titles here now 2..AMBUSH RIDER../.. 1..APACHE AGENT..worn../.. 2..COLORADO CROSSING../.. 3..FUGITIVE'S CANYON../.. 1..HIGHGRADER../.. 2..LONG ROPE../.. 5..MAN FROM YUMA../.. 4..MAN WITHOUT A GUN../.. 4..NIGHT RAIDERS../.. 5..RENEGADE OF RAINBOW BASIN../.. 3..SETTLING of the SAGE../.. 3..SUNDOWN KID..wear../.., 3.00

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History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Missouri,and Biographical Sketches, Gd+Cond, CumbPresbyPub, Nashville, 1874, 1st Ed?, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 428ps, A Number of Those Ministers who Contributed to the Organization & establishment Church...WEST of The MISSISSIPPI RIVER, mississippi; missouri; religion; presbyterian; cumberlands;, Western USA, 50.00

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1962, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 183pg, "these two bullets had been fired to kill. And Jeff had been their target."..western fiction..(..ALSO..fair ex-lib copy..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

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Ushler,John Ilust, Golden Press, New York, 1957, Authorized Ed, 5x7", VG DJ, 282pg, TV Ed..Decorated EndPapers..Horse Story..Western Setting, western fiction; CHILDREN'S BOOKS; horse;, children, 15.00

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RR,Yellowstone & Grand Canyon.Index, california; northwest; travel;, Western USA, 25.00

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copy,shaken. Torn DJ..).., hunt; animal; nat-history;, West-NonFic, 15.00

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2..SPUR...TEXAS TEASE../.., 4.00

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015190 ...., GARLAND,Harlin..(1860-1940) .., A SON of the MIDDLE BORDER, Gd Ex-School Cond, MacMillanCo, 1917,1923, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 467pg, Mid West Prairie Lands, midwest;, western-FIC, 10.00

008248 ...., GARLAND,Hamlin .., CAPTAIN of The GRAY-HORSE TROOP,A Novel, Gd Cond, AuthorPortrait, HarperPub, 1902, 1st Ed?, 5x7", Clothbnd, 415ps, Tales of the Frontier #11..(..ALSO1..G&D Pub..fair cond..fly gone..).., Western-FIC, 15.00

004325 ...., Garrard,Lewis .., WAH-TO-YAH & TAOS TRAIL, Good Ex-Lib Cond, map, History, HarlowPub, 1930, 3x5", Hardcovers, 319ps, New Mexico, New Mexico;, Western USA, 15.00

004253 ...., GARRETT,Charles .., TREASURE HUNTING PAYS OFF,Profitable Fun, Gd Cond, Prints, RamCoPub, 1978, 5x9", Paper Covers, 82ps, treasure; ghostown;, West-NonFic, 3.00

014588 ...., GARRETT,Elton .., KANSAS RANCH HAND, Good Ex-Lib Cond, ArcadisHsePub, 1963, 1st Ed, 5x7", +DJ, 221pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

016789 ...., GARRETT,Pat F. (Sheriff of Lincoln County,N.Mex. (FULTON, Maurice ed) .., AUTHENTIC LIFE OF BILLY THE KID,The Noted Desperado, VG Cond,..includes Preface to 1927 ed, Photos,Drawings, Old West Classic, Indian Head Bks/Barnes Pub, New York, 1882,1994, Rept, 5x8", VG DJ, 233pg, William Bonney. Killed first man at 12, dead at 21..Notorious career ended by author of this book. Eyewitness History & Drama, Southwest history; Western; biography; crime & criminals; outlaws;, West-NonFic, 15.00

012307 ...., GARST,Shannon .., CUSTER,Fighter of The Plains, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Stein Ilust, MessnerInc, 1944, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 174pg, Juvnile Military History.Index, custer; war;, Western-FIC, 8.00

015810 ...., GARST,Shannon .., STORY of BUFFALO BILL, Poor Ex-Lib Cond, tips worn.NO TITLE PAGE, Merryweather,J Drawings, BobbsCo, nd 1949, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 237ps, Greatest Scout & Indian Fighter Of Them All..(..ALSO..PocketBk paper ed..gd cond..).., buffalo bill; west; children;, Western-Fic, 10.00

004386 ...., GARVEY,Joan .., BEAUTIFUL CRESCENT,A History of New Orleans, vg cond, Photos, GarmerPr, 1984, 2nd ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, 249ps, Exciting,charming City History, louisiana;, Western-Fic, 8.00

002223 ...., GARWOOD,Darrell .., CROSSROADS of AMERICA, Gd+Cond, 9 Ilust, NortonCo, 1948, 1st Ed, 5x8", tornDJ, 331ps, J.James;T.H.Benton.Story of Kansas City, kansas;, Western USA, 15.00

015239 ...., GARWOOD,W. R. .., WEST WANDERING WIND, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1986, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 181pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

014520 ...., GAST,Kelly P. .., MURDER AT MAGPIE FLATS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1978, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 182pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

001852 ...., GATES,Eleanor .., PLOW-WOMAN, Fair Cond,shaken,opens to title page, G&DPub, NY, 1906, Rept, 5x7", Clothbnd, 364ps, Prairie life..(..ALSO..fair ex-lib copy..McClurePub 1906,1907..).., prairie; rural, Western-Fic, 10.00

020224 ...., GATES,Jon Humboldt .., FALK'S CLAIM,The Life & Death of A Redwood Lumber Town, Gd+Cond,short taped tear back cover, Photos,Map, Moonstone Pub, Trinidad,CA, 1983,1991, 3rd ptg, 6x9", Paper Covers, 166pg, story of old logging camp & mill among Eureka Area Redwoods., logging; california,n; eureka; oral history; redwoods; trees;, Western USA, 12.00

001926 ...., GAULDEN,Ray .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, 4x7", Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., westeren fiction;, Western-FIC, RAY GAULDEN titles here now... 1..RAGE AT RED BUTTE../.. 1..SHADOW OF THE ROPE../.. 1..SHOOT TO KILL../.., 4.00

018277 ...., GAULDEN,Ray .., McVEY'S VALLEY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, NY, 1965, 1st Ed, 5x8", Gd DJ, 181pg, "But McVey was no two-bit bully-he was a viscious,hate-twisted man..." WEstern Fiction, westeren fiction;, Western-FIC, 10.00

010358 ...., GAVIN,Camille .., KERN'S MOVERS & SHAKERS, VG Cond, Photos, KVFoundPub, Bakersfield,CA, 1987, 1st Ed, 8x11", VG DJ, 208ps, Southern California County History.Oil,Agriculture & People. Index, california,s; kern;, Western USA, 20.00

015322 ...., GENTRY,Curt .., DOLPHIN GUIDE TO SAN FRANCISCO AND THE BAY AREA, Present and Past, Gd+Cond, Photos,Maps, DDayPub#C205, 1962, DolphinEd, 4x7", Paper Covers, 240pg, Tours of the city,points out breath-taking views, San Francisco; California,N;, Western USA, 4.00

002105 ...., GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER by Fred Dellenbaugh .., CUSTER BIOGRAPHY, fair cond ex-lib, 4 photos, MacMillanCo, 1917,1926, 5x7", 188ps, indian; custer;, Western USA, 15.00


fair cond,no covers, photos, USGPtgOff, Wash, 1901, 4th reprt, 5x8", paper"covers", 83ps, Sitka Experm Stn, alaska; arctic; agriculture; farm;, Western USA, 12.00

012890 ...., GEORGETTA,Clel (SIGNED) .., WOOL,BEEF & GOLD,Sheep,Cattle & Mining Stories of The West, VG Cond, PacificBks, 1956, 1st Ed?, 6x9", Gd+DJ, 381pg, 13 Sage River Valley (Nevada?) stories..(..ALSO,Another Copy, Gd Ex-Lib..Green cloth,no dj..not signed..15d..).., nevada; cowboy; sheep; , Western USA, 30.00

000304 ...., GERSON,Noel .., Kit Carson,Folk Hero & Man, VG Cond, DDayPub, 1964, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 255pg, ..(..ALSO2..good Avon paper ed..1967..index 255ps..4d..).., carson;, western-FIC, 15.00

019804 ...., GESSLER,Clifford (SIGNED by Author & Artist) .., HAWAII,Isles of Enchantment, VG Cond,tasteful bkplate, Suydam,E.H. Color, BW Illus, Hawaii, D.Appleton-Century Co Pub, NY, 1937tp & Verso, 1st Ed (1), 6x9", YellowClothbnd, 382pg, Stories,tales & the History of these Pacific Islands., Hawaii; signed books; pacific; islands;, Western USA, 45.00

002426 ...., GIAGO,Tim .., NOTES FROM INDIAN COUNTRY,Vol 1, VG Cond, Photos, StatePubCo, Pierre,SD, 1984, 1st Ed, 6x9", VG DJ, 423pg, Book Based on Weekly newspaper columns. ..Indian Culture, Education,Health,Govt, Athletics,Humor,Politics, Etc. Index, indian; dakota; sioux;, INDIAN, 16.00

014368 ...., GIBBONS,Harry Scott .., TALL WOMAN,The Story of Virginia Dare, VG Cond, BantamPap, 1984,1985, 4x7", Paper Covers, 233pg, White woman in a red man's world ..(..ALSO..gd copy..).., dare,virginia; virginia dare; indian captivity;, Western-FIC, 3.00

007000 ...., GIBSON,Matt .., KNOTT'S BERRY FARM & GHOST TOWN, VG Cond, Color Glossy Photos, 1967, Souvenir Ed, 8x11", Paper Covers, 36ps thin, Western Flavor Theme Park.SoCalif, california,s; park;, Western USA, 8.00

008337 ...., GILBERT,Bil & TIME LIFE eds .., TRAILBLAZERS, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Time-LifeBks, 1973, OldWestSeries, 8x11", LeatheretteHC, 236ps, Fur Trappers,Explorers.Western Expansion, exploraion; west;, West-NonFic, 12.00

000360 ...., GILES,Janice Holt .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-Fic, JANICE HOLT GILES Titles here now...good unless noted.. 3d Paperbacks follow ... 1..HANNAH FOWLER...../.. 1..KENTUCKIANS../.. 1..LAND BEYOND the MOUNTAINS../.. 2..RUN ME A RIVER.../.. 1..SAVANNA..../.. 2..TARA'S HEALING..../.., 3.00

000757 ...., GILES,Janice Holt .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-Fic, JANICE HOLT GILES Titles here now...good used,Hardcover unless noted.. 8d..... 11..BELIEVERS. . . . .../.. 16..HANNAH FOWLER.. . .../.. 12..JOHNNY OSAGE... . .../.. 13..VOYAGE TO SANTA FE.../.. 9..SAVANNA. . . . . ..../.., 8.00

001190 ...., GILES,Janice Holt .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-Fic, JANICE HOLT GILES Titles here now...good used,Hardcover unless noted.. 12d 3..ENDURING HILLS.. ..bced..../.. 1..KINTA YEARS..wear ../.. 8..MISS WILLIE..VG Cond..../.. 8..TARA'S HEALING..WestminsterPr Gd..../.., 12.00

019061 ...., GILL,Tom .., DEATH RIDES THE MEZA, Good+Ex-Lending Lib copy, Fiction, FarrarPub, NY, 1932,1934, 1st Ed?, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 309pg, Fiction; west;, Western-FIC, 14.00

011490 ...., GILLIAM,Harold .., ABOVE YOSEMITE, Gd+Cond, R.Cameron Photos, S.F., 1983,1984, 2nd ptg, 11x14", GreyClothbnd, 145ps, Aerial Views, California Sierra Mountain National Park, aero; photography; park; mountain;, Western USA, 20.00

007744 ...., GILLIAM,Harold .., BETWEEN the DEVIL & The DEEP BLUE SEA, Gd Cond,some wear, Photos, ChronicleBks, 1969, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 151ps, Struggle to Save San Francisco Bay, california,n; san francisco; ocean; ecology;, Western USA, 10.00

001759 ...., GILLIAM,Hal & PALMER,Phil .., FACE of SAN FRANCISCO, VG Cond, EP Maps, DDayPub, NY, 1960, "1st Ed", 5x8", Gd DJ, 256pg, "from the Bay, Back Alleys,dazzling mansions to down at the heels pads of North Beach.."Fond Portrait of America's Beautyful, CALIFORNIA,N; SAN FRANCISCO;, Western USA, 18.00

007334 ...., GILLIAM,Harold .., ISLAND IN TIME,Point Reyes Peninsula, Gd Cond, Hyde Color Glossy Photos, Sierra Club Pub, 1962, 1st Ed?, 8x11", Hardcovers, 87ps, NoCalif Nat Park.Rural Pacific Ocean Coastal Nature.., california,n; san francisco; marin; park; drake; Point reyes; national park;, Western USA, 50.00

018451 ...., GILLIAM,Harold .., ISLAND IN TIME: THE POINT REYES PENINSULA, Gd+Cond, Hyde,Philip Color Photos, Sierra Club Pub, SF,CA, 1962, 9x12", Paper Covers, 87ps, NoCalif Nat Park.Rural Pacific Ocean Coastal Nature.. ..(..ALSO4..another Gd copy..).., California,n; National Seashores; Point Reyes; Travel; national park;, Western USA, 12.00

019284 ...., GILLIAM,Hal & BRY,Michael .., NATURAL WORLD of SAN FRANCISCO, VG Cond,ink name ep, EP Maps, DDayPub, NY, 1966,1967, 2nd ptg, 6x9", VG DJ, 256pg, Returning Fog,an experince of the spirit.." Majestic natrural setting inseparable from the man made city..Indexed, CALIFORNIA,N; SAN FRANCISCO; natural history;, Western USA, 16.00

019312 ...., GILLIAM,Harold .., WEATHER of The San Francisco Bay Region, Gd Cond,cover bit wear, Drawings, UnCalPr, Berkeley,CA, 1962, 1st Ed?, 5x8", Paper Covers, 72ps thin, California Natural History Guides #6..Nocalif, Pacific Ocean Coastal Weather. Causes & effects., california, n; san francisco; marin; WEATHER; STORMS; Point reyes; FOG;, Western USA, 4.00

004492 ...., GILLIS,William R.(SIGNED) .., MEMORIES of MARK TWAIN & STEVE GILLIS, Vg Cond, 6 ilust, Sonora,CA, 1924, 1st ed?, 6x9", green paperbnd, 96ps thin, True Remeniscences & Occurrances, twain; clemens;, West NonFIC, 50.00

001209 ...., GILMAN,George G. .., ADAM STEELE....ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Paper Covers, "The Most Violent Westerns in Print.".."not for the faint hearted reader"....Price Each..., Western-FIC, GILMAN,George G. titles here now.. ADAM STEELE Series... 2..#1..REBELS and ASSASSINS DIE HARD../.. 1..#2..BOUNTY HUNTER../.. 1..#5..GUN RUN../.. 1..#7..CROSSFIRE../.. 1..#8..COMANCHE CARNAGE../.. 1..#9..BADGE IN THE DUST../.. 2..#15..RIVER OF DEATH../.. 1..#18..HARD WAY../.. 2..#19..TARNISHED STAR../.., 3.00

000322 ...., GILMAN,George G. .., EDGE SERIES....ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK,

Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, Paper Covers, "The Most Violent Westerns in Print.".."not for the faint hearted reader"....Price Each..., Western-FIC, GILMAN,George G. titles here now.. EDGE SERIES... 1..#1..LONER../.. 1..#5..BLOOD or SILVER../.. 2..#8..HELL'S SEVEN../.. 1..#11..SIOUX UPRISING../.. 1..#12..DEATH'S BOUNTY../.. 2..#15..PARADISE LOST../.. 1..#16..FINAL SHOT../.. 2..#17..VENGEANCE VALLEY../.. 1..#18..TEN TOMBSTONES../.. 1..#25..VIOLENCE TRAIL../.. 1..#32..FRIGHTENED GUN../.. 4..#34..RIDE IN THE SUN../.. 1..#48..SCHOOL FOR SLAUGHTER../.., 3.00

011931 ...., ... .., GLACIER NATIONAL PARK,in Natural Color, Gd+Cond, 15 Glossy Color Photos, MikeRobertsPro, nd 1950s, 9x6", Spiralbnd, np thin, Short text., wyoming; park; glacier; mountains;, Western USA, 5.00

004731 ...., GLASSCOCK,C.B. .., BIG BONANZA,Story of the Comstock Lode, Gd Cond,wear, Photos,EPMaps, BobbsPub, 1931, 1st Ed, 6x8", YellowClothbnd, 368ps, Story of Comstock Lode,Nevada Mining.Index..(..ALSO..Binfords Ed..d12..)..(..VG,Burt "Crescent" Ed,not issued w/ ilustHas DJ.), nevada; gold; silver; mine;, Western USA, 20.00

003317 ...., GLASSCOCK,C.B. .., GOLD in THEM HILLS,Story of West's Last Wild Mining Days, Fair ex-lib cond, glossy ilust, BobbsPub, 1932, 1st ed, 6x9", green cloth, 330ps, Early Nevada Ghost Town stories, nevada; mine; gold;, Western USA, 15.00

006823 ...., GLASSCOCK,C.B. .., GOLDEN HIGHWAY, Good Cond,Spine tear, Photos, BurtPub, 1934, rept ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 333ps, Route 49 Amoung California Goldfields, CAlifornia,N; GOLD;, Western USA, 12.00

019963 ...., GLEASON,Duncan .., ISLANDS AND PORTS OF CALIFORNIA: A GUIDE TO COASTAL CALIFORNIA, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Paintings & Drawings,Maps, Americana, Devin-Adair Company, New York, 1958, 1st Ed, 7x10", BlueClothbnd, 201pg, Santa Catalina...San Clemente...Santa Barbara..Farallones.. Other Islands..Ports from San Diego to Crescent City.., ships; California; coasts; sea; islands; ocean ports;, Western USA, 18.00

018012 ...., GLENN,James .., BROKEN WHEEL RANGE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, ArcadiaHsPub, 1968,1969, 5x7", Gd DJ+, 192pg, Adventure for 1 armed Rancher.., western fict;, Western-FIC, 10.00

001389 ...., GOLDBAUM,David .., TOWNS of BAJA CALIFORNIA, A 1918 Report, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Photos,Map, LaSiestaPr, 1971, Rept, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 70ps, Mexican Desert towns described, mexico,;, Western USA, 8.00

007040 ...., GONI,Mary Compton .., MARY REMEMBERS, VG Cond, Photos, 1990, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 207ps, Chico,California Personal Life, california,n; chico; bidwell;, Western USA, 30.00

017636 ...., GOODALL,Daphne Machin .., HORSES of The WORLD,An Illustrated Survey, VG Cond, over 320 Photos of Breeds, MacMillanCo, 1965,1969, 3rd ptg, 7x10", gd DJ+, 272pg, ANDERSON,C.W. Preface. Breeds of Horses & Ponies. Index, horse; pony;, West-NonFic, 14.00

004663 ...., GOODEN,Arthur .., ROARING RIVER RANGE, Gd cond, G&DPub, 1942, 5x7", red clothbnd, 254ps, Western-Fic, 10.00

001500 ...., GORDON,R.Leslie .., A LITTLE JOURNEY THROUGH ALASKA, wear, fair cond, photo ilust, school reader, FlanaganCo, 1936, 5x7", Hardcovers, 144ps, alaska;, Western-Fic, 8.00

003264 ...., GRADY,Dwight K. Secretary .., FACTS ABOUT The PORT of SAN FRANCISCO,A Brief Handbook Containing Information of General Interest to the Shipper...&..., Gd Cond,Spine Strip tearing,loosenig binding.Contents OK,Clean, Glossy Photos, San Francisco Chamb CommPub, San Francisco,CA, 1921, 6x9", Paper Covers, 142pg, Many Sepia Photos of S.F. Waterfront. Ships,Dock Facilities & City Views from Bayside. Shipping Im-Export business Information, california,n; san francisco; shipping; ocean; shiping; dock; work; stevedore;, West-NonFic, 25.00

014873 ...., GRADY,P.W. & DUNN,Dorothy .., DARK WAS The WILDERNESS, VG Cond, BrucePub, Milwaukee, 1945, 1st Ed, 5x8", gdDJ, 278ps, Historical Novel.Christianizing of Huron,Iroquois Tribes.NY-Ontario Setting, NY; INDIAN; RELGION; CHRISTIANITY;, Western-FIC, 15.00

015240 ...., GRADY,Tex .., HIGH MESA, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DuttonPub, 1952, 1st Ed, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 223pg, Western-FIC, 10.00

019847 ...., GRAHAM,W.A.Col .., STORY OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN,Custer's Last Fight, VG Cond, Photos,Map, Battle, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE, 1926,1952,1988, 1st ptg thus, 5x8", Paper Covers, author has weighed & presented all the available evidence. Measured view of the most famous battle in American West.", Custer; Indians; Western Americana;, Western USA, 8.00

011151 ...., GRAMANZ,Brent .., WESTERN WONDERLANDS;LAKE TAHOE,Mountain Paradise, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Reno, 1980, 8x11", Paper Covers, 64ps, Nat-History Scenic Views, lake tahoe; nevada;, Western USA, 6.00

004944 ...., GRANT,Joseph .., REDWOODS & REMINISCENCES, VG Cond, Photos, KennedyPub, SanFrancisco, 1973, 7X10", Tan Clothbnd, 217+ps, Save Redwoods League.50 Yrs Happily Spent in Calif., california,n; tree; redwood; park;, Western USA, 40.00

010726 ...., GRANT,Laurie .., LAWMAN, VG Cond, Harlequin Historicals Pub, 1997, 1st Ed?, 4x6", Paper Covers, 346+pg, some Texans never forgave their native sons who fought for the Union..New Lawman in town"..One Eyed Romance, romance; western;, Western-FIC, 5.00

009521 ...., GRAVES,John .., GOODBYE to A RIVER, Gd Cond, BallantinePub, 1960,1971, SierraEd, 4x7", Paper Covers, 307ps, Farewell Canoe Trip Down Brazos,Texas, texas; river; brazos;, Western USA, 4.00

009857 ...., GRAY,Charles (ed) .., "HOSSES",An Anthology of Short Stories, Gd Cond, SunDialPr, 1937, 5x8", BrownClothbnd, 382ps, Ross Santee,Z.Grey, E.T.Seton 14 others, short stories; horse;, Western-FIC, 10.00

013375 ...., GRAY,Dorothy .., CULTURAL RESOURCES HANDBOOK, VG Cond, Drawings, NativeAmerHeritComm, Sacramento, 1980, 1st Ed, 8x11", Paper Covers, np 80pg?, Federal,State Legal Protection for Indian Culture, indian; law; anthropology; archaeology;, INDIAN, 8.00

002571 ...., GRAY,William .., PACIFIC CREST TRAIL, VG Cond, Color Glossy Photos, NatGeoSoc, 1975, 7x10", White Clothbnd, 199ps, 1600 mile travel.Sierra,Cascade Mts, CAlifornia; Mountain; walk; trail; northwest;, Western USA, 12.00

013273 ...., GREEN,Ben K. .., HORSE TRADIN', Good+ Ex-Lib Cond, Bjorklund, L Drawings, Knopr, NY, 1967,1987, 23rd ptg, 5x8", White Clothbnd, 304+pg, Hang'n round,swappn' stories. GREAT STORIES., horse; business; west;

cowboy;, West-NonFic, 15.00

018370 ...., GREEN,Ben K. .., SOME MORE HORSE TRADIN',More Great Yarns, VG Cond, Beeler Ilust, Western Americana, KnopfPub, NY, 1972,1977, 5th ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 255pg, price clipped d.j. More classic folk tales and legends from this noted Texas writer., Western Americana; cowboy; west; horse;, Western-FIC, 30.00

018516 ...., GREEN,Walt (RICKMAN,Thomas Screenplay) .., HOOPER,The Greatest Stuntman Alive. A Novel, Fair copy,general wear..READABLE, movie photos, Warner Bks, 1978, 4th ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 223pg, Hollywood Stuntman Movie story starring Burt Reynolds.., movie stars; western fiction; stuntmen; reynolds,burt;, Western-FIC, 4.00

000036 ...., GREGORY,Jackson .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..A-S.., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Hardcovers, Price Each..., western-FIC, Jackson Gregory titles here now:Fair or better Hardcovers unless Noted 1..BELLS of SAN JUAN..fair.d10../.. 1..DARK VALLEY..TriangleEd..d10../.. 1..DARK VALLEY..Triangel..DJ../.. 2..DESERT THOROUGHBRED..d10../.. 4..DESERT VALLEY..d8../.. 1..HERMIT OF THUNDER KING../.. 3..JOYOUS TROUBLEMAKER..fair..d8../.. 1..JUDITH of BLUE LAKE RANCH..gd../.. 1..MAD OHARA of WILD RIVER..d12../.. 2..MAID of The MOUNTAIN..d12../.. 1..MAN to MAN..d8../.. 1..REDWOOD & GOLD..d10../.. 1..RIDERS ACROSS THE BORDER.. 3..SHADOW on The MESA..d10../.. 3..SIX FEET FOUR..(also have a worn copy)..glossy ilust..G&D..d8../.., 10.00

001185 ...., Gregory,Jackson .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..T-Z, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., western-FIC, JACKSON GREGORY.. ....Paperbacks follow... 1..ACE in The HOLE..nice old one..D5../.. 2..FAR CALL../.. 1..SILVER STAR..no front cover..D3../.., 4.00

015803 ...., GREGORY,Robert .., OIL IN OKLAHOMA, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, oil, Leake Industries, Inc., Muskogee,OK, 1976, 1st Ed, 8x11", VG DJ, 90pg, Oil History for Tulsa & other Petroleum Areas described, oil; petroleum; oklahoma;, Western USA, 25.00

008054 ...., GREIFF,Constance M (BIDDLE,James Foreword) .., LOST AMERICA, From the Mississippi to the Pacific, Gd+Cond,minor cover scuffing, Glossy Photos, Weathervane Books Pub, NY, 1972, Revised Ed, 9x11" oversized, Fair, torn DJ, 243pg, Unique Architecture Described from Big Cities to small Ghostowns. Preservation & Records of the Destroyed. Index, architecture;, Western USA, 20.00

001326 ...., GREY,Zane .., A-F..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs.Black/CollierGD, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now...Hardcovers in Good condition unless noted... ..AMBER'S MIRAGE..../.. 3..ARIZONA AMES..$6../.. 3..ARIZONA CLAN. . ../.. 4..BETTY ZANE..$10../.. 2..BLACK MESA . $10../.. 2..BLUE FEATHER ..(1stEd.ex-lib DJ..$15) WmBlackPub..$12../.. ..BORDER LEGION..$6../.. 3.BOULDER DAM. . . $12../.. 3.CALL of the CANYON..$6../.. 2..CAPTIVES of the DESERT (ex-lib$6)..$10./.. 2.CODE of the WEST . $8/.. ..DAY of the BEAST worn . $20../.. 2..DEER STALKER worn . $12../.. 2.DESERT GOLD..$6../.. 2.DESERT of WHEAT..$8../.. 4..DRIFT FENCE..(2ex-lib $8)..$12../.. 1..DUDE RANGER . . .$12../.. 4..FIGHTING CARAVANS (ex-lib$6) . .$10../.. 1..FORLORN RIVER . . . $8../.. 2..FUGITIVE TRAIL..../.., 1.00

001474 ...., GREY,Zane .., A-F..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now... ..AMBER'S MIRAGE.../.. ..ARIZONA AMES..../..

2..ARIZONA CLAN. ./.. 2..BLACK MESA . ../.. 2..BORDER LEGION..../.. 1..CALL of the CANYON..../.. 1..CAPTIVES of the DESERT ./.. 7..CODE of the WEST . /.. 2..DEER STALKER (1wrn) . ../.. 2.DESERT GOLD..../.. 1..DRIFT FENCE..../.. 1..DUDE RANGER . . .../.. 1..FORLORN RIVER . . . ../.. 2..FUGITIVE TRAIL..../.., 3.00

013259 ...., GREY,Zane .., BOOK of CAMPS & TRAILS, Good Ex-Lib Cond.Solid. Rebound hardcovers, Photos, HarperPub, 1931 g-f, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenLib bindg, 211pg, Southwest Hunting Experiences, hunt; arizona;, Western-FIC, 65.00

019539 ...., GREY,Zane .., DAY OF THE BEAST, Hinge repaired. Spine cloth torn & reglued some. Ink names fly., Fiction, Grosset & Dunlap, NY, 1922gw, Rept, 5x7", BrownClothbnd, 350pg+adverts, One of Grey's more scarce books..This old Clothbound has seen some wear,Author & Title lettering on cover & spine very clear., Fiction; western;, Western-FIC, 65.00

020140 ...., GREY,ZANE .., DEER STALKER, VG Cond, Black's Readers Service Co, NY, 1925,(1970s?), Rept, 5x7", Tan&Red Cloth, 243pg, one of his more scarce titles,in very nice condition., Western-FIC, 22.00

000870 ...., GREY,Zane .., G-M..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now... 2..HASH KNIFE OUTFIT..../.. 1..HERITAGE of the DESERT.../.. 3..HORSE HAVEN HILL....../.. 2..KNIGHTS of the RANGE../.. 1..LAST TRAIL (edited)..../.. 3..LIGHT of WESTERN STARS.../.. 1..LASSITER on The TEXAS TRAIL (by Loren Zane Grey)../.. 2..LONE STAR RANGER . ./.. 1..LOST PUEBLO..../.. 2..LOST WAGON TRAIN . ../.. 1..MAJESTY'S RANCHO . ../.. 2..MAN of the FOREST . ../.. 2..MYSTERIOUS RIDER . ../.., 3.00

001319 ...., GREY,Zane .., G-M..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs.Black/CollierGD, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now...Hardcovers in Good condition unless noted... ..HASH KNIFE OUTFIT..$8../.. 3.HERITAGE of the DESERT.ex-lib..$8../.. 1..HORSE HAVEN HILL....$12../.. 2.KNIGHTS of the RANGE..$8/.. 4..KEN WARD of the JUNGLE . .$10..(ilust copy $15.)./.. 1..KING of ROYAL MOUNTED,& Ghost Guns of Roaring River..Whitman #2320, 1946 Authorized Ed . . .$50 2..LAST TRAIL (edited)..$6../.. ..LIGHT of WESTERN STARS..$8./.. 1..LASSITER on The TEXAS TRAIL (by Loren Zane Grey)../.. 3..LAST of PLAINSMEN. .$12../.. ..LAST of GREAT SCOUTS . $15../.. 3.LONE STAR RANGER . $6/.. 2.LOST WAGON TRAIN . $10../.. 3..MAJESTY'S RANCHO . $12.../.. 2..MAVERICK QUEEN . $12../.. 2.MAN of the FOREST . $15../.. 2..MYSTERIOUS RIDER . $5../.., 1.00

007419 ...., GREY,Zane .., KNIGHTS OF THE RANGE, Gd+Cond,bit spine ends wear, back hinge paper torn, Mulford,Glossy End paper art, HarperPub, NY, 1939m-n, 1st Ed"stated, 5x8", Grey Clothbnd, 308pg, Western-FIC, 30.00

001314 ...., GREY,Zane .., N-T..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs.Black/CollierGD, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now... ..NEVADA . $12../.. 2..RAIDERS of SPANISH PEAKS . $8../.. 2..RAINBOW TRAIL (ex-lib..$6).$10../.. 1 ..RANGER & Other Stories..$15../.. 1..REEF GIRL . $20../.. 3..RIDERS of PURPLE SAGE..$12../.. 2.ROGUE RIVER FEUD . $10../.. 1..ROPING LIONS in The GRAND CANYON..$12../.. 2..SHADOW on the TRAIL . $10./.. 5..SHEPHERD of the GUADALOUPE . $10../.. 2..SHORT STOP . $20../.. 3..SPIRIT of the BORDER . .$6../.. 1..STAIRS of SAND . . $8../.. 3..SUNSET PASS . .$6../.. 2.TAPPAN'S BURRO . $12../.. 2..THIRTY THOUSAND on the HOOF.(ex-lib$6)..$8../.., 1.00

001328 ...., GREY,Zane .., N-T..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now... 5..NEVADA . ./.. 2..RAIDERS of SPANISH PEAKS . ../.. 1..RANGER & Other Stories..../.. 3..RIDERS of PURPLE SAGE../.. 1..ROBBER'S ROOST..../.. 3..SHADOW on the TRAIL . ./.. 1..SPIRIT of the BORDER . .../.. 1..STAIRS of SAND . . ../.. 1..STRANGER FROM the TONTO . ../.. 1..TENDERFOOT..../.. 2..THIRTY THOUSAND on the HOOF.../.., 3.00

017249 ...., GREY,Zane .., REDHEADED OUTFIELD and OTHER BASEBALL STORIES, VG Cond,minor lite signs age, Glossy Ilust, Baseball, G&D Pub, 1915,1920, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 238pg, "3 firey-pated players who introduce a little boxing & plenty of comedy into the game..includes The Rube character.", Baseball; sport children;, Western-FIC, 25.00

004606 ...., GREY,Zane .., RUSTLERS OF PECOS COUNTY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, HallCo, Boston, 1915,1980, LargeType Ed, 6x9", Gd DJ, 414pg, Texas Rangers Western Novel, texas rangers;, Western-FIC, 14.00

016983 ...., GREY,Zane .., SHADOW on the TRAIL, Gd Cond, Lite General Wear, HarperPub, 1946, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 278pg, Western-FIC, 15.00

001186 ...., GREY,Zane .., T-Y.ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now... 1..THUNDERING HERD . ./.. 2..THUNDER MOUNTAIN..../.. 2..TO THE LAST MAN . ../.. 2.TRAIL DRIVER . . .../.. 4..TWIN SOMBREROS . ../.. 1..UNDER the TONTO RIM ../.. 2..U.P.TRAIL . ../.. 2..VALLEY of WILD HORSES ./.. 2..VANISHING AMERICAN . ../.. 1..WANDERER of the WASTELAND ../.. 1..WESTERN UNION . ../.. 1..WILDERNESS TREK . ../.. 2..WILDFIRE . . . ./.. 3..WYOMING .../.., 3.00

001232 ...., GREY,Zane .., T-Y.ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs.Black/CollierGD, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, ZANE GREY Titles here now...Hardcovers in Good condition unless noted... 4..THUNDERING HERD . $6../.. ..TO THE LAST MAN . $6../.. 2..TRAIL DRIVER . . .$8../.. 3..TWIN SOMBREROS . .$8./.. ..UNDER the TONTO RIM $8../.. 2..U.P.TRAIL . .$8./.. 2..VALLEY of WILD HORSES ./.. 4..VANISHING AMERICAN . $10../.. 5..WANDERER of the WASTELAND $8../.. 3..WEST of the PECOS . $8../.. ..WESTERN UNION . $6../.. 3.WILD HORSE MESA . $6../.. ..WILDERNESS TREK . $10../.. 2..WILDFIRE (ex-lib$5). . . $6./.. 3..WYOMING .(ex-lib$8)..../.. ..YOUNG FORESTER . $20../.. ..YOUNG LION HUNTER . $20../.. ..TALES of SOUTHERN RIVER G&D . $90../.., 1.00

016502 ...., GREY,Zane .., YOUNG LION HUNTER, Gd Cond.Foxing to first few pages., Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1911 bu, Rept, Later ptg, 5x8", DecOrangeCloth, 278+pg, Grand Canyon Setting, Western; grand canyon; lion hunting;, Western-FIC, 22.00

006120 ...., GREY,ZANE (By Candace Kant) .., ZANE GREY'S ARIZONA, VG Cond, Photos, NorthlandPr, 1984, 1st Ed, 2nd ptg, 6x9", Paper Covers, 184ps, Loren Grey Foreward.Inside look at Life & Work., Western-FIC, 10.00

011085 ...., GREY,ZANE (By KARR,Jean) .., ZANE GREY,Man of The West, VG Cond, Photo, G&DPub, 1949, Rept, 5x7", VG DJ, 229ps, His Personal Romance, Biography, biography;, Western-FIC, 35.00

005542 ...., GRIBSKOV,Joyce .., PIONEER SPIRITS of BEND, Gd+Cond, Photos, AuthorPub, 1980, 1st Ed?, 6x9", Paper Covers, 292pg, Oregon Area History.Fascinating stories frm tne "Early Days".Index, oregon;, Western USA, 12.00

009986 ...., GRIFFEN,Jeff .., PONY BOOK, Ex-Lib..poor,been wet, DAMPSTAINED..Readable, photos, DDayPub, 1966, 1st Ed, 8x10" oversize, has dj, 287pg, Authoritative,complete..All Major,Minor breeds..Welsh,Shetland, American,..Index, horse; pony; animal; west; ranch;, West-NonFic, 6.00

007920 ...., GRIFFITH,Cecil (1903-1970) .., MISSOURI RIVER,River Rat's Guide, VG+Cond,fly gone, Photos, SquirePub, 1974, 1/1000, 6x9", Tan Clothbnd, 96ps, River History,Folklore.Many Place Names, missouri; river; folklore;, Western USA, 15.00

007104 ...., GRIMSHAW,William.R. .., GRIMSHAW'S NARRATIVE,Story of Life & Events,Calif 1848-1850 (in 1872), Vg Ex-Lib Cond, Ilust, SactBkCollClub, Tamalpias Pr, 1964, 1st Ed, 1/310copies, 7x11", GreyClothbnd, 59ps, Sacto Delta & Foothills Reminiscenes, california,n; sacramento; gold; 49er;, Western USA, 25.00

010772 ...., GRINSTEAD,J.E. .., LIGHTNING KID, Fair-Gd Cond,general wear, gun action Cover art, Belmont Pub#850-823, 1941,1968, 4x7", Paper Covers, 157pg, charged with murder & he had to find the polecats who framed him.., western fict;, Western-FIC, 4.00

000375 ...., GROVE,Fred .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., Hardcovers, SPUR Author..Price each..., Western-FIC, FRED GROVE Tiltes Here Now...Good condition unless noted.. 1..BUFFALO RUNNERS..ex-lib DJ../.. 2..BUSH TRACK..Ex-Lib..1st dj../.. 2..CHILD STEELER..dj..1st..(1 bced,dj)../.. 1..FAR TRUMPET..ex-lib DJ../.. 2..GREAT HORSE RACE..1st,DJ ex-Lib../.. 1..PHANTOM WARRIOR..1st,DJ good wear ex-lib../.. 3..SEARCH FOR THE BREED..ex-lib DJ../.. 1..WAR JOURNEY..BkCbEd 1971../.. 1..WARRIOR ROAD..1st,DJ ex-lib../.., 8.00

001309 ...., GROVE,Fred .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, SPUR Author..Price each..., Western-FIC, FRED GROVE Tiltes Here Now... 1..BUFFALO RUNNERS..3d../.. 1..BUFFALO SPRING./.. 1..COMANCHE CAPTIVES..Balltine Original..5d../.. 1..FAR TRUMPET..Ballantine..ex-lib../.. 1..LAND SEEKERS..Ballantine Original../.., 4.00

006422 ...., GROVE,Fred .., MATCH RACE, Vg Ex-Lib Cond, ThorndikePr, 1982, Large PrintEd, 5x8", dec hardcover, 387ps, Old West Horse Race, horse; race;, Western-FIC, 8.00

000501 ...., GRUBER,Frank .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Various Pubishers, 4x7", Paper Covers, Many of his novels became Hit Movies..Action Crammed Westerns. PRICE EACH..., Western-FIC, FRANK GRUBER... 1..BUGLES WEST../.. 1..BUSH WACKERS../.. 3..CURLY WOLF../.. 1..FIGHTING MAN../.. 1..FIGHTING MAN & THE MARSHALL..1 vol ed../.. 2..FORT STARVATION../.. 1..GUNSIGHT../.. 1..JOHNNY VENGEANCE..old bantam wear../.. 3..OUTLAW../.. 2..PEACE MARSHAL../.. 1..QUANTRELL'S RAIDERS../.. 1..RIDE TO HELL..(Highwayman)../.. 1..SMOKEY ROAD (LONE GUNHAWK)../.. 2..TOWN TAMER../.. 1..TOWN TAMER & QUANTRELL'S RAIDERS ..1 Vol Ed../.., 3.00

002570 ...., GRUBER,Frank .., BITTER SAGE, Gd Cond, SignetPub, 1954,1973, 4x7", Paper Covers, 144pg, Western-FIC, 3.00

000373 ...., GRUBER,Frank .., DAWN RIDERS, Gd Cond, BantamPap, 1968,1977, 4x7", Paper Covers, 152pg, Western-FIC, 3.00

007315 ...., GRUBER,Frank .., TALES OF WELLS FARGO, Gd Cond, BantamPap, 1958, 4x7", Paper Covers, 122pg, Western-FIC, 5.00

003487 ...., GRUBER,Frank .., ZANE GREY, VG Cond, Belmont Tower Bk, NY, 1970, 1st time thus, 4x7", Paper Covers, 286pg, Famous Western Writer's Biography,by Popular Western Author..Based on access to Greys private diaries,letters.Indexed, biography; western fiction; grey,zane; zane grey;, Western-FIC, 10.00

003065 ...., GUERIN,Mrs E.J. .., MOUNTAIN CHARLEY,Adventures of..Who Was 13 Years in Male Attire, VG cond, UOkPr, 1968,1985, 5x7", paper covers, 112ps, Western Frontier Series, woman;, Western-Fic, 8.00

002265 ...., GUINN,William .., DEATH LIES DEEP, Gd Cond, Gold Medal Book Pub #503, NY, 1955, Original Ed, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 176pg, "gold & the girl...then death stajed a ckaim."..the Belle Creole was rich with gold.. Western type Mining Adventure fictio, GOLDMINE; FICTION;, Western-FIC, 6.00

016111 ...., GULICK,Bill .., BEND in The SNAKE, Gd Cond,Back Cover damped, tp map, HoughtonPub, 1950, 1st Ed?, 5x8", Stained DJ, 275pg, Western Author, Western-FIC, 12.00

001859 ...., GULICK,Bill .., DRUM CALLS WEST, Gd Cond, Paperback lib Pub, NY, 1968,1970, 4x7", Paper Covers, 192pg, ex- Unnions soldier learns watr isnt over in Goldtown.., Western-FIC, 5.00

001938 ...., GULICK,Bill .., LAND BEYOND, Gd Cond, Signet Pub, NY, 1958, 1960, 1st thus, 4x7", Paper Covers, 175pg, through untamed wilderness with warring Blackfeet.., Western-FIC, 5.00

002046 ...., GULICK,Bill .., NORTHWEST DESTINY DISTANT TRAILS...Volume 1 in series, VG Cond, Jove Bks Pub, NY, 1992, 4x7", Paper Covers, 278pg, sweeping epic..Nez Perce maiden's son meets white father.., Western-FIC, 4.00

001043 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B. .., ARFIVE, Gd+Cond, HoughtonPub, 1970, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 278pg, Uncurried West-Midwestern Victorianism..(..ALSO..ex- lib copy..DJ ..).., Western-FIC, 8.00

001246 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B. .., BIG IT & Other Stories, VG Cond, HoughtonPub, 1960, 4th ptg, 5x8", TornDJ, 177pg, West & Westerners, west;, Western-FIC, 12.00

020460 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B.,Jr. .., BIG SKY, Gd+Cond, BantamPub, NY, 1956, 1982, Later ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 367pg, Towering novel..Unforgettable hero on America's wild frontier..., pulitzer author; west;, Western-FIC, 4.00

015376 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B. .., THESE THOUSAND HILLS, Gd+Cond, BANTAM bks, 1956,1980s, 4x6", Paper Covers, 266ps, Epic Novel,Frontier Life.Pulitzer Author, Western-FIC, 4.00

019486 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B. .., THESE THOUSAND HILLS, VG Cond,inkname fly, HoughtonPub, 1956 ip & verso, 1st Ed, 5x8", RustClothbnd, 346ps, West of the 1880's, Western-FIC, 14.00

002002 ...., GUTHRIE,A.B. .., WAY WEST, Gd Cond, SloanePub, 1949, 5x8", BlueHardcovers, 340pg, Traveling, Western-FIC, 10.00

019992 ...., HADMAN,Ballard .., AS THE SAILOR LOVES THE SEA, Gd Cond,top edge of cloth bleached, 13 illus. by the author., alaska, Harper & Brothers Pub, NY, 1951, BkClubEd, 5x8", tattered dj, 209pg, alaska;

hunting & fishing; maritime; women; BOAT;, Western USA, The artistic Ms. Hadman went to Alaska in 1938 to paint and draw, but while there met and married a fisherman in the Southeast. Here she tells of their isolated life in the village of Craig, and later in Sitka (hardly a metropolis then, either); of how she too became fisherfolk and a native, and how the War affected them and their neighbors., 15.00

012966 ...., HAFEN,LeRoy .., FREMONT'S FOURTH EXPEDITION,A Documentary Account,The DISASTER of 1848-1849,W/Diaries,Letters&Reports by Participants..., Good Ex-Lib Cond,spine taped, Ilust,FO Map, ArthurClarkCo, 1960, 1st Ed, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 319pg, Far West & Rockies Series #11. Kern Diaries;Ill Fated party up Arkansas,Over Sangre de Cristo Mts.120 Mules,11 Men lost.Index, exploration; tragedy; disaster; colorado; fremont, ;, West-NonFic, 40.00

012957 ...., HAFEN,LeRoy R. .., RUFUS B.SAGE,His Letters & Papers 1836-1847.W/annotated reprt of his SCENES in The ROCKY MOUNTAINS,Oregon, Calif,NewMex,vol 2, VG Ex-Lib Cond, Ilust.FO Map, ArthurClarkCo, 1956, 1st Ed thus, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 361pg, Far West & Rockies Series#5. Best Description of Central Rockies,Early 1840s.Index, oregon; texas; rocky mts; , Western USA, 40.00

002675 ...., HAFEN,LeRoy .., WESTERN AMERICA,Exploration,Settlement,Dvpt, region beyond Mississippi, gd cond, few photos,maps, PrenticePub, 1941, 1950, 2nd ed, 6x9", green cloth, 695ps, ..(..ALSO2..VG COND.3rd ed, 1970..decorated Orange cloth,584pg.), west; america;, Western-Fic, 10.00

014466 ...., HAGAN,William T. .., AMERICAN INDIANS, Gd Cond,underlined, Photos, UnChicPr, 1961,1970, 8th ptg, 5x8", Paper Covers, 190pg, Relationship between white & Indian.Index, indian;, INDIAN, 6.00

016678 ...., HAGNER,Arthur F. .., ANORTHOSITE of The LARAMIE RANGE, Albany County,Wyoming,As A Possible Source of Alumina, VG Cond, Photos,Maps, UnWyomingPub Bulletin #43, Laramie,WY, 1951, 6x9", Paper Covers, 15pg, "Geological Survey of Wyoming" series, Wyoming; Geology;, Western USA, 8.00

014157 ...., HALL,Barbara J. .., MEXICO in PICTURES, Gd Cond, Photos, SterlingPub, 1961,1962, 2nd ptg, 6x9", Paper Covers, 64pg, Visual Geography Series, ,mexico,;, Western USA, 4.00

000390 ...., HALL,Douglas .., LET 'ER BUCK!, Gd ex-lib, photos, SatRevPr, 1973, 6x9", dj, 230ps, Inside Daring World of Rodeo., rodeo; cowboy;, West NonFIC, 8.00

019594 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., BLAZING BORDERS, VG Cond, Fiction; Western; Halleran, Macrae Smith Pub, Philadelphia, 1955, 1st Ed, 5x7", ChipedFront DJ, 224pg, "Bulls's Eye Western".."Thunder of Hoofs...whine of a bullet...", Fiction, Western;;, Western-FIC, 15.00

002331 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., CIMARRON THUNDER, Gd Cond,bit wear, BallantineBk, NY, 1970,1981, 3rd ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 183pg, crazy Confederate scheme to capture Colorado", western fiction;, Western-FIC, 4.00

002404 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., DEVIL'S CANYON, Gd Cond, BallantineBk, NY, 1956,1972, "Original", 3rd ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 155pg, Railroad thru the Rockies..(..ALSO..Another copy..1981 4th ptg...).., western fiction; railroad;, Western-FIC, 4.00

002448 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., INDIAN FIGHTER, Gd Cond, BallantineBk, NY, 1964, Original Ed, 4x7", Paper Covers, 156pg, 9 man patrol to fight off 300 blood hungry indians..", western fiction;, Western-FIC, 4.00

016098 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., SHADOW OF THE BIG HORN, Gd+Cond, BallantineBk, NY, 1960,1974, 3rd ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 160pg, "Only the scout knew how deadly the indians could be..", western fiction;, Western-FIC, 4.00

015241 ...., HALLERAN,E.E. .., SMOKY RANGE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, LippCottPub, 1950, 1st Ed, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 210pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

005167 ...., HALLMARK CARDS .., KANSAS CITY,An Intimate Portrait, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, HallmarkCardsPub, 1973,1980, 10x10", DJ, 126ps, Surprising City on the Missouri., kansas;, Western USA, 12.00

019518 ...., HALSELL,Grace .., BESSIE YELLOWHAIR, Fair Ex-Lib Cond,spine reglued..Reading Copy, Biography, William Morrow & Co, Inc, New York, 1973, 5x8", Gd DJ, 213pg, Navajo Setting. White Women who lived with Indians. Uneasy coexistenve between ancient curing rites,Medicine Man & Anglos", Biography; Navajo; women; indian;, Western-FIC, 10.00

001908 ...., HALSTEAD,Murat .., GALVESTON:The Horrors of A Stricken City.Portraying by Pen & Picture the Awful Calamity that befell the Queen city on Gulf, VG Cond,clean,sound. Black ink embossed.Gilt off some title, "Splendid Illustrated"Photos, American Pub Assn, 1900, 6x9", DecClothbound, 368pg, ...Terrible scenes that followed teh Disaster..Coming of the Storm..Havoc,People killed,Property distroyed,Heroism..Stories, texas; storm; disaster; hurricane; galveston;, Western USA, 75.00

003302 ...., HAMILL,Bill .., TRIADA, vg cond, CopperCanPub, 1978, 6x9", paper covers, 107ps, Western setting Poetry, poetry;, Western-Fic, 5.00

003942 ...., HAMILTON,James Cpt .., GATEWAY to VICTORY, gd cond, photos, StanfordUnPr, 1946, 6x9", tan cloth, 220ps, Wartime Story of S.F.CAlif Army Port Embarkation, california n; ww2; war; san francisco; ship;, Western USA, 20.00

002845 ...., HAMILTON,Patrick .., RESOURCES of ARIZONA, fair cond no title page,ex-lib, ilust, 1884, 3rd ed, 5x7", rust cloth, 418ps+ads, Territory info,but condition!, Arizona;, Western USA, 25.00

014752 ...., HAMILTON,Wade .., MUDDY WHEELS, Gd+Cond, ArcadiaHse, 1953, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 221pg, Stagecoach to Trouble.Smell of Gunshot,Sight of Blood, Western-FIC, 10.00

019509 ...., HAMLIN,John H. .., LOOT OF THE LAVA BEDS,A Western Story, VG Cond, Chelsea House Pub, New York, 1928, 1st Ed?, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 250+pg, california setting..western mystery & adventure story, california; western;, Western-FIC, 15.00

010641 ...., HAMMONDS,Michael .., AMONG THE HUNTED, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1973, 1st Ed", 5x8", +DJ, 157pg, Authentic Reflections Of The Moods & Tempers Of The Old West "Fast moving story of shoot-em-up suspense.", western;, Western-FIC, 10.00

015967 ...., HAMMONDS,Michael .., CONCERNING the DEATH of CHARLIE BOWMAN, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1971, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 159pg, Authentic Reflections Of The Moods & Tempers Of The Old West, Western-FIC, 10.00

014530 ...., HAMMONDS,Michael .., GATHERING OF WOLVES, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1975, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 160pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

010733 ...., HAMMONDS,Michael .., INCIDENT ON THE WAY TO A KILLING, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1977, 1st Ed", 5x8", +DJ, 182pg, Authentic Reflections Of The Moods & Tempers Of The Old West Chance meeting with Absoraka Indian hunting party..., western;, Western-FIC, 10.00

010741 ...., HAMMONDS,Michael .., SADDLETRAMP (Original title...CONCERNING THE DEATH OF CHARLIE BOWMAN), VG Cond, Belmont Pub, 1971, 4x7", Paper Covers, Popular Western Story, western;, Western-FIC, 5.00

014522 ...., HANLON,Edward S. .., LIVES THAT DIE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1969, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 155pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

011235 ...., HANNA,Phil .., DEATH VALLEY TALES, Gd Cond, DV 49ersPub#3, 1955, 5x8", Paper Covers, 59ps, 9 Authors'stories, california,s; death valley; park; desert;, Western USA, 5.00

010684 ...., HANNA,Warren .., MONTANA'S MANY SPLENDORED GLACIERLAND, VG Cond, Color Photos, SuperiorPub, 1976, 1st Ed, 7x10", Paper Covers, 215ps, Glacier Park.Nat-History,.Index, montana; park; ice; nat-hist;, Western USA, 8.00

019776 ...., HANNAU,Hans W. .., CALIFORNIA, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos(30), Doubleday& Co Pub, Garden City N/Y., nd 1970s?, cream, 6x6", VG DJ, 61pg, Panorama Books" Series.., california; travel;, Western USA, 10.00

010196 ...., HANNAU,Hans W. .., FLORIDA, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos(30), Map, Doubleday& Co Pub, Garden City N/Y., nd 1960s?, cream, 6x6", VG DJ,1" tear, 61pg, Panorama Books" Series..Colorful Tourist Photos & Descriptive text., florida; travel;, Western USA, 10.00

006814 ...., HANO,Arnold (ed) .., WESTERN TRIGGERS, Gd Cond, Bantam#200, 1948, 4x6", Paper Covers, 181ps, Anthology.Haycox,Russell,Lemay,Dawson, others, Western-FIC, 6.00

006870 ...., HANSEN,Betty .., RALEY'S A FAMILY STORE, Gd Cond, Photos, Sacramento, 1989, 9X10", BlackClothbnd, 157ps, California Grocery Chain Biog, business; california,n; grocery;, Western USA, 12.00

001650 ...., HANSEN,Ron .., DESPERADOES,A Novel, vg cond, Knopf, 1979, paper covs, 5x8", 273ps, Dalton Outlaws, outlaw; dalton;, Western-Fic, 6.00

017573 ...., HAPGOOD,Allen .., THIS IS ZION, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Deseret Press, SLC,Utah, 1969,1974, 2nd Ed, 7x8" oblong, Paper Covers, 74pg thin, Zion Natural History Association. An Interpretation of a Colorful Landscape in Picture & story., utah; zion national park; desert; geology;, Western USA, 8.00

012790 ...., HARDERS,Gustav Rev..(NITZ,H.C.trans) .., YAALEHN,Till We Meet Again, VG Cond, NorthwesternPub House, Milwaukee,WI, 1953, Revised Ed, 5x8", Grey Clothbnd, 289pg, Missionary novel..Written by author who served with Apaches in the 1920s. Romance of 2 Indian Lovers & thier quest for Faith.", apache; indian; romance; fiction;, INDIAN, 20.00

000781 ...., HARDIN,J.D. .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Good Condition unless noted.., Berkeley Pub, 4x7", Paper Covers, Adult Action Westerns..PRICE

EACH..., western;, Western-Fic, HARDIN,J.D. Titles here now... 1..APACHE TRAIL../.. 1..#56..CARSON CTY COLT./.. 1..#52..CATTLETOWN WAR../.. 1..COLORADO STING..#50../.. 1..FACE DOWN IN A COFFIN../.. 1..GOOD,THE BAD & THE DEADLY../.. 1..#46..GREAT JEWEL ROBBERY../.. 1..SLICK & The DEAD../.. 1..SNAKE RIVER RESCUE../.. 1..TOMBSTONE IN DEADWOOD../.., 3.00

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WAITING../.. 1..#11..RED MOON'S RAID../.. 1..#12..COMANCHE CODE../.., 3.00

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Roaring Camp, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, Tennessee's Partner, Mliss and other tls, VG Cond, CaxtonPub, 1946,1954, 5x8", gd DJ, 306pg, Western-FIC, 12.00

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000525 ...., HAYCOX,Ernest .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK A-H, Good Cond unless noted, Paper Covers, Author of Over 40 Westerns,many made into Movies Price Each..., Western-Fic, ERNEST HAYCOX Titles Here Now.. 1..ACTION by NIGHT ../.. 7..ALDER GULCH../.. 1..BEST WESTERN STORIES OF ERNEST HAYCOX../.. 4..BORDER TRUMPET../.. 1..BRAND FIRES on the RIDGE../.. 3+..CANYON PASSAGE../. 2..CHAFFEE of ROARING HORSE../.. 1..DEAD MAN RANGE../.. 3..DEEP WEST ../.. 4..EARTHBREAKERS /.. 3..FEUDISTS /.. 4..FREE GRASS /.. 1..GUN PROD../.. 2..GUNS OF FURY../.. 1..GUNS UP../.. 2..HEAD of the MOUNTAIN../.., 3.00

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Western USA, 5.00

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1..GUNMASTER..cover chipped../.. 1..GUNS OF STINGAREE../.. 3..HELL BORN../.. 1..HELL BORN & IRON JEHU 2 in 1 volume../.. 2..HELL RAISER../.. 2..HELL ROAD../.. 1..HIGHROLLER'S MAN../.. 1..HONEYMAKER'S SON../.. 1..JACKMAN'S WOLF../.. 2..LAST COMANCHERO..cover ink marks../.. 1..LAWMAN FOR SLAUGHTER VALLEY & PASSAGE TO DODGE CITY..2 in 1 vol../.. 1..MAN FROM BARRANCA NEGRA../.. ..1..MAN WITHOUT A GUN../.. 1..MARSHAL OF BABYLON../.., 3.00

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Indian Woman who risked her life to fight for love freedom", Western-FIC, 4.00

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Fastest & Deadliest,the most fearless of them all", Western-FIC, 3.00

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1974, 2nd ptg, 5x8", BrownClothbnd, 330pg, Rural perspectives. Recipes, Autobiography; Illustrated; Nature; Outdoors; rural; wyoming;, Western USA, 14.00

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from Old Monterey to the Golden Gate, VG Cond, Photos,Maps, Fresno Pub, 1977, 1st Ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, np 88pg? thin, Delightful 1 day trips.Descriptions,tips. Most trips are San Jose,Santa Cruz & Coastal Areas., bicycle travel; california,n; san jose;, West-NonFic, 6.00

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1974, 4x7", Paper Covers, 190pg, A killer's trail leads to a trap, Western- FIC, 3.00

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other Picturesque Places, arizona; texas; grand canyon; rio grande;, Western USA, 15.00

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1st ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 147ps, chase the evil men, Western-FIC, 8.00

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USA, 4.00

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Mission Dolores,Van Ness,Chinatown,Etc, California,n; San Francisco; Western Americana; tamalpais; golden gate;, Western USA, 65.00

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California Coastal Railroad History.Marin,Sonoma Counties.., Railroad; california,n; san francisco; marin county; sonoma county; logging railroad; lumber; tree; business, Western USA, 16.00

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& Powerful; business;, West-NonFic, 10.00

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001323 ...., L'AMOUR,Louis .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..P-Z.., Good Condition unless noted.., Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., Western-FIC, LOUIS L'AMOUR titles here now...good paperback unless noted... 3..PASSIN' THROUGH../.. 2..PROVING GROUND../.. 3..QUICK & The DEAD../.. 1..RADIGAN../.. 1..REILLY'S LUCK../.. 2..RIDE the DARK TRAIL../.. 4..RIDE the RIVER../.. 2..RIDER of LOST CREEK..wear../.. 1..RIDING FOR THE BRAND../.. 1..RIVER'S WEST../.. 3..SACKETT../.. 2..SACKETT BRAND../.. ..1..SACKETT'S LAND../.. 1..SHADOW RIDERS../.. ..1..SITKA../.. ..1..SKY-LINERS../.. 1..SON of A WANTED MAN../.. 1..STRONG SHALL LIVE../.. 2..TAGGART../.. 1..TALL STRANGER..../.. ..2..TO THE FAR BLUE ISLANDS../.. 1..TRAIL to CRAZY MAN../.. 3..TREASURE MOUNTAIN../.. ..TROUBLE SHOOTER,(Hopalong Cassidy)../.. 2..TUCKER..wear../.. 1..UTAH BLAINE../.. 1..WAR PARTY../.. ..WARRIOR'S PATH../.., 3.00

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019643 ...., L'AMOUR,Louis .., DAYBREAKERS, VG Cond, BantamPub, 1960,1981,

L'LAmourColetn, 6x9", LeatheLikeHC, 197pg, attractive series production.., western fiction;, Western-Fic, 14.00

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Story, dog; alaska; iditerod;, Western-FIC, 12.00

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wall of blazing six guns.", western fiction;, Western-FIC, 4.00

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Calam, VG Cond,Solid, Bright covers. Unusually nice Covers,Binding, Photos, Drawings, Biography, American Book And Bible Hous, Phildelphia, 1900, 1st Ed, 6x9" large bk, Red Clothbnd, 516pg heavy, end papers tanned. Gilt Edges all around have lost luster., texas,; galveston; flood; disaster;, Western USA, CALAMITY of Modern Times....including Vivid Descriptions of the Hurricane & Terrible Rush of Waters;Immense Destuction of Dwellings, Business HOuses,Churches & Loss of Thousands of Human Lives.. Narrow Escapes from the Jaws of Death..Terrible sufferings of the Survivors, Vandals...Much More.., 75.00

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Huntington, Charles Crocker,INdex., railroad; business; westward expansion; crocker,c; stanford,l; hopkins,m; huntington,;, Western-FIC, 4.00

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Western USA, 8.00

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000538 ...., LOMAX,Bliss .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., WESTERN;, Western-FIC, Bliss Lomax titles here now... 2..GUNS ALONG THE


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Achievement-Chamber of Commerce Leadership, VG Cond, Photos, SacChCommPub, 1946, 1st Ed, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 414ps, California Capital City History.Index, california; sacramento;, Western USA, 15.00

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2..OUTCAST GUN../.. 1..OUTSIDER../.. 1..RELENTLESS GUN../.. 1..REPRISAL! ../.. 1..THIEVE'S BRAND../.. 1..TIME FOR VENGEANCE../.. 1..WILD QUARRY../.., 3.00

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Studies,Cultural Anthropology Series.Textbook, texas; immigration; mexico;, Western USA, 5.00

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..1975..Spring../..Summer../..Fall../..Winter..d3../.. ..1976..Winter...../.. ..1977..Spring../..Summer..d3../.., 4.00

000128 ...., MAGAZINE .., GOLDEN WEST.."TRUE STORIES Of The OLD WEST" ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., Western-FIC, GOLDEN WEST Magazine...Issues here in Good Condition,Unless Noted.. Price per issue... 1965..JAN../..JULY../..SEPT../.. 1967..NOV../.. 1968..MAR../..NOV../.. 1970..MAR../..JULY../.. 1971..JAN../..JULY../..NOV../.. 1972..APR../..MAY../..JULY../..AUG../..SEPT../..OCT../..NOV../.. 1973..JAN../3..APR../..MAY../.., 3.00

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001493 ...., MAGAZINE .., TRUE WEST, Good Cond unless noted.., Paper Covers, Price Each..., western-FIC, TRUE WEST MAGAZINES HERE NOW..

1970..Oct../.. 1975...AUG..SEP-OCT no cover.. 1976...JUNE.. 1977...FEB..APRIL..AUG..DEC.. 1978...APRL..FEB...JUNE..AUG..OCT..DEC.. 1979...FEB..JUNE..AUG..OCT.. 1980...FEB..APRIL..JUNE..AUG..OCT..DEC.. 1981...FEB..APRIL..OCT.. 1983...SEPT.. 1992...SEPT..., 2.50

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006096 ...., MAGAZINE .., WESTERN HISTORY QUARTERLY, Gd Cond, Photos, 6x9", Paper Covers, west-NonFic, WESTERN HISTORY QUARTERLY...Here in Good Condition... . . . . . . . $2 each.... 1979..Oct../.., 1.00

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012435 ...., MANCINI,Richard .., AMERICAN LEGENDS of The WEST, Good Ex-Lib Cond, 100+Authentic old photos, RunningPr, 1992, CourageBkEd, 9x13", TornDJ, 112pg, Resourceful,Courageous Men,Women.Entertaining,Informative, West-NonFic, 14.00

000492 ...., MANFRED,Frederick .., CONQUERING HORSE, Gd Cond, 196Os, 4x7", Paper Covers, 275+ps, Sioux Youth,Dangerous Pilgrimage..(..ALSO1..Another Copy,fair ..).., sioux; indian;, Western-FIC, 4.00

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man era, Western-FIC, 3.00

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Son of Delaware Indian Father. Index, california,n; religion; roman catholic; indian;, Western USA, 20.00

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Pass By).../.. 2..LONESOME DOVE../.. 1..SOME CAN WHISTLE../.., 4.00

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GreenClothbnd, 126pg, Christian Missionary stories..but quite a few annecdotes on Culture & People & lifestyles., christianity; missionary; borneo; anthropology; asia; pacific islands;, INDIAN, 25.00

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kiowa;, Indian, 6.00

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History.Index..(..ALSO..Promontory Pr copy..no dj..).., trails;, Western-Fic, 45.00

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800 Sites, california;, Western USA, 5.00

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indian;, Western-FIC, 12.00

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condition..614pg.. red clothbnd....).., 12.00

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nat-history, 45.00

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91 Cartoons Ilust, 1944,1960, New!Revised!, 5x8", Paper Covers, 66ps, Jokes & Cartoons, texas; cartoon; humor;, Western-FIC, 10.00

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Tournament of Roses; western americana; pasadena; football; sport; new years Day;, art-antique, 20.00

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oregon; WA;, Western USA, 15.00

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opens to Title Page..15d..).., Western-FIC, 25.00

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Covers, 141pg, An Original Novel,not a reprint"....Death walked the valley of the Thief & guns spoke from the ridges..", western;, Western-FIC, 6.00

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018238 ...., SAN FRANCISCO .., SAN FRANCISCO....all in natural color, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Smith News Co, SF,CA, nd late 1950s?, 9x6" oblong, Paper Covers, golden gate bridge,cable cars..Hills,Tourist attractions pictured. Minimal Text. Glossy ilust thru out., san francisco; california,n; travel; tourism; postal views;, Western USA, 10.00

019628 ...., SAN FRANCISCO,Board of Supervisors .., SAN FRANCISCO MUNICIPAL REPORTS for the Fiscal Year 1884-1885, Ending June 30,1985, VG Cond, LARGE FOLD OUT COLOR MAP, Hinton & Co Pub, SF,CA, 1885, 1st Ed, 6x9" 2" thick, BlackClothbnd, over 1000pg, Auditor's reports..Board of Health reports..Chief of Police Reports..Common School reports..Coronor's;Fire; Others,Appendix, san francisco drugs; california,n asians;

chinatowns/Grant,Ul; municipal reports; city government; city administration; sociology; opium civil war; prostitution maps, Western USA, This interesting overview of City Government operations has an especially interesting large fold out map of San Francisco's CHINATOWN..8x17"+.. OFFICIAL MAP OF CHINATOWN IN SAN FRANCISO.. Showing General Chinese Occupancy; Chinese Gambling Houses; CHINESE PROSTITUTION; Chinese Opium Resorts; Chinese Joss Houses; WHITE PROSTITUTION; ************** also included is MEMORIUM upon death of Ulysses S. Grant (22pages), 100.00

020175 ...., SAN FRANCISCO .., SAN FRANCISCO,Center of the California Vacationland, VG Cond, Sepia Photos,Map, Californians Inc Pub, San Francisco,CA, 1934, 1st Ed, 4x7", Paper Covers, 63pg thin, Northern California travel sights described with text & rather clear photos of the city & surrounding areas, california,n; san francisco; travel guide;, Western USA, last paragraph on last page of this Depression era piece....advises that "While attractions for tourists are unlimited...it is necessary to advise persons not to come here seeking employment.lest they be disappointed", 12.00

004397 ...., SAN JOSE .., HISTORICAL SKETCH of the STATE NORMAL SCHOOL at SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA & Catalog of Graduates,27 Yr work, VG Cond 1" Spine chip, 2 ilust, CalStatePub, Sacramento, 1889, 6x9", BlackClothbnd, 283ps, Early Teacher Education, california,n; san jose; san francisco; education; college;, Western USA, 50.00

006480 ...., SAN JOSE,CALIFORNIA .., BELL,HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK Feb & June 1923, VG Cond, Photos, 1923, 7x10", Paper Covers, np 150ps?, Creative.,Ads, Humor,Autographs, california,N; SAN JOSE; OLD SCHOOL; education;, Western USA, 20.00

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001327 ...., SANDOS,Marie .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Hardcovers, Price Each..., Western-FIC, MARIE SANDOS good hardcover titles here now...unless noted.. 1..MISS MORISSA,Dr of Gold Trail..McGrawHill..249ps...../.., 10.00

000973 ...., SANDOZ,Mari .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK.., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, Price Each..., nebraska;, Western-FIC, MARI SANDOZ Titles here now.. 3..CHEYENNE AUTUMN..AvonPbk..d4../.. 2..OLD JULES..BisonPbk..d5../.. 1..STORY CATCHER..Tempo bk../.. 2..THESE WERE the SIOUX..Dell pbk.d4../.., 4.00

008948 ...., SANDOZ,Mari .., BUFFALO HUNTERS, Gd Cond, EPMap, HastingsHs, 1954, 5x8", BrownHardcovr, 372ps, Story of Hide Men, buffalo; hunt; nebraska; mid-west;, Western-FIC, 15.00

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Photos, PutnamPub, 1942, 6x8", YellowClothbnd, 371ps, California State, Political History, california; politics;, Western USA, 12.00

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Handling, VG Cond, Photos, BarnesCo, 1943, ltr ptg, 6x9", VG DJ, 170ps, Grooming,Training, horse; animal; west;, West-NonFic, 12.00

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other information on many different tribes.Photos., Indians; nonfiction; southwest; dance; art; children;, INDIAN, 45.00

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california,n; high school yearboo; yearbooks;, Western USA, 14.00

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TRAIN FROM GUN HILL../.. 1..LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL & BORDER GUIDON..(2 in 1 volume..).. 1..LONELY GUN../.. 2..NOW HE IS LEGEND../.. 4..MYSTERY of the HAUNTED MINE..(HAUNTED TREASURE of ESPECTOS).(2wrn)../.. 2..PROUD GUN..Gd ./.. 2..RIO BRAVO..(also1.old,some wr)../.. 2..RIO DESPERADO../.. 1..RIO DESPERADO & QUICKTRIGGER & VOICE of the GUN..3 in 1 big book../.. 1..SHOWDOWN in SONORA..wear../.. 2..SOUTHWEST DRIFTER..Gold Medal Bk../.. 1..TOO TOUGH TO DIE../.. 1..UNTAMED BREED..Leisure Bk../.. 1..VALIANT BUGLES../.., 4.00

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Rept, 5x7", Paper Covers, 262ps, Pueblo Indian War Vet Novel ..(..ALSO1..another copy..SignetPub..4d..).., indian; pueblo;, INDIAN, 8.00

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USA, 6.00

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Sun & of the Moon".. Guidebook for non specialist..1st metropolis in America.." Culture&Economy, mexico; anthroplogy; tetihuacan; pyramids; central america;, West-NonFic, 8.00

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1978, 6x9", Paper Covers, 142pg, North of San Francisco. Culture & Lifestyles, california,n; mendocino;, Western USA, 10.00

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WILDER SHORE, VG Cond, BAER,Morley Glossy Photos, Sierra Club Bks/Yolly Bolly, SF,CA, 1984, 1st Ed?, 10x13", VG DJ, 162pg, California Landscape makes a strong impression on its inhabitants.."..Sierra Mts..Deserts..Coastal..Valleys..Indexed, california; photography; natural history;, Western USA, color photography and text designed 'to explore and celebrate California's landscape and the literature it has nurtured., 65.00

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Photos, EllisPostCardCo, Arlington, nd 1969?, 7x10", Paper Covers, np 32pg, Many Scenic Views, washington state;, Western USA, 4.00

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Paper Covers, 144pg, Western-FIC, 3.00

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Life Today, vg cond, PenguinPub, 1974, 5x7", paper covers, 176ps, blackfeet; Montana fiction;, Indian, 4.00

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...1951..FEB..Gd...$10../.. RIO KID WESTERN..1950..April..$10../..July..$10../.. ..1951..July..$10../..Sept..$10../.. ..1952..Jan..$10../.. SHORT STORIES..1930..April 25..Cunningham,B.Sinclair.No Covers..$4../.. TEN STORY WESTERN Magazine..1949..March..$12../.. TEXAS RANGERS..1946..Dec..[Jackson Cole]..fair..$10../.. WEST,"A Thrilling Publication"..1943..Sept..VG ..$15.., 1.00

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ArcadiaHseBk, 1963, 5x7", +DJ, 223pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

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feed their herds...", western;, Western-FIC, 4.00

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very bright,clean, Color Plates(8)+ 200 ilust, Tacoma,SF, 1914,1914, 1st Ed, 7x10", DecBrownCloth, 145+pg, includes Fold Out Map & Fold-Out Ilust. Very Charming Turn of Century Views & Descriptions. California/National Park, california; yosemite; park; mountain; sierra mountains;, Western USA, 100.00

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000177 ...., WILSON,Eldred .., MANGANESE ORE DEPOSITS IN ARIZONA, Good, Covers chipped, UofAzPr, 1930, 6x9", Paper Covers, 107ps, index, mining; minerals; arizona; west; geology;, Western USA, 8.00

014322 ...., WILSON,Ellen .., ANNIE OAKLEY (LITTLE SURE SHOT), Gd Cond, RandomHs, 1958,1979, 4x7", Paper Covers, 160pg, Western-FIC, 3.00

009854 ...., WILSON,Harry Leon .., RUGGLES of RED GAP, poor Cond,covers worn some,title page gone, has some ilust, country life Pr, Garden City,NY, 1920s?, Rept, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 371ps, Humor,English Valet,Western Town, Western-Fic, 10.00

016664 ...., WILSON,Harry Leon .., RUGGLES of RED GAP, Gd Cond,cover some stains, Gruger Glossy Ilust(4), G&DPub, 1915, Rept, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 371ps, Humor,English Valet,Western Town, Western-Fic, 10.00

013747 ...., WILSON,Neill C.(SIGNED) .., HERE IS THE GOLDEN GATE,Its Romance,its History,& its Derring-Do, VG Cond, 16 pg Photos,2 maps, MorrowPub, 1962, 1st Ed, 5x8", VG DJ, 244ps, Yeasty with Anecdote.San Francisco,CA. Coastal. Index Bay named by FREMONT,John Charles..Magnificent camera study by ADAMS,ANSEL, california,n; san francisco; marin; ADAMS,ANSEL;, Western USA, 15.00

007273 ...., WILSON,Neill .., SILVER STAMPEDE,Career of Death Valley's Hell-Camp,Old PANAMINT, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, MacMillanCo, 1937, 1st ptg, 6x8", GreenClothbnd, 319ps, Mining Ghostown History.Index, california, s; mine; desert; ghostown;, Western USA, 15.00

011737 ...., WINANT,Lewis .., EARLY PERCUSSION FIREARMS, VG Cond, Photos, BonanzaBk, 1959, 6x9", Red Clothbnd, 292pg, History, Ignition.Forsyth-Winchester.44/40.Index, gunpowder; shooting;, West-NonFic, 25.00

007096 ...., WINKLEY,John Dr (Signed) .., DR.JOHN MARSH,Wilderness Scout, VG Cond, Photos, ContraCostaCoHistSoc, Martinez, 1962, 5x8", VG DJ, 95ps, Early California immigrant., california,n; 49er; contra costa; bidwell;, west-NonFic, 12.00

002370 ...., WINTER,Charles (signed) .., BEN WARMAN, gd cond, Little pub, 1917, 1st ed, 5x7", 331ps, Mining cowboy,w/ dialect, Western-Fic, 15.00

009526 ...., WINTER,Charles E. .., GRANDON of SIERRA, Fair Cond,Opens to Illust,flys gone.Covers quite soiled., Hudson,Wm Stagecoach Glossy, Broadway Pub, NY, 1907, 1st Ed?, 5x7", Grey Clothbnd, 458pg, Adverts in back for "BOOKS YOU MUST READ SOONER OR LATER".., western;, Western-Fic, 20.00

002400 ...., WINTER,William West .., LOUISIANA LOU,A Western story, fair cond, BurtCo, 1922, 4x7", 312ps, Western-Fic, 12.00

012756 ...., WINTERBURN,R.V. .., SPANISH INTHE SOUTHWEST, Fair..Ex-School Cond.No Title Page.wear all around, Drawings, AmericanBkCo, nd1920s?, 5x7", GreyClothbnd, 224ps, "Eclectic School Readings" ed. Old mIssions Described, california,s; mission; old schoolbook;, West-NonFic, 10.00

014356 ...., WINTERS,Logan .., SILVER CANYON, Gd Cond, TowerPub, 1981, 4x7", Paper Covers, 174pg, Spectros series #4 Desert Sorcery!, Western-FIC, 3.00

018075 ...., WINTHROP,Carrie .., WESTWARD HO! 1880, VG Cond, ExpositionPr, NY, 1970, 1st Ed, 5x8", VG DJ, 274pg, Panorama of pioneer days,frontier saloons,smelter towns & joys,sorrows of people who knew them" Autobiog Novel., rural;, Western-FIC, 15.00

015879 ...., WIRE,Harold Channing .., INDIAN BEEF, Gd+Cond, DDayPub, 1940, 1st Ed, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 279pg, Western-FIC, 15.00

007768 ...., WISHEK,Max A. .., ASHLEY DIAMOND JUBILEE,Ashley, North Dakota 1888-1963 75 Years of Progress 1888-1963, VG Cond, Many Photos, DiamJubHistBkCommPub, Ashley,ND, 1963, 8x10", Red EmbosCloth, 272pg, Charming rural area & Small town hub Celebrate 75th Anniversary celebration June 19-20-21,1963. Various Social Groups & History, north dakota; dakota,nogth; yearbook;, Western USA, 35.00

001579 ...., WISLER,G.CLIFTON .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., Paper Covers, SPUR Award Author..PRICE EACH...., Western-FIC, G.CLIFTON WISLER....Paper Titles Here Now..Good cond unless noted.. 3..COMANCHE SUMMER../.. 1..MEDICINE TRAIL,DREAMING WOLF../.. 2..NORTH of ESPERANZA../.. 1..SPIRIT WARRIOR.../.. 1..TEXAS BRAZOS,FORTUNE BEND../.. 1..THOMPSON'S MOUNTAIN...../.., 3.00

002754 ...., WISSLER,Clark .., INDIANS of the UNITED STATES, VG Cond, Ilust, DDayPub, 1940,1966, AnchorBk, 4x7", Paper Covers, 383ps, Indexed..(..ALSO.. Another..1940 1st ed..Hardcover..worn Ex-Lib Copy, 319pg..12d..), indian;, Indian, 6.00

009898 ...., WISSLER,Clark .., NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS of The PLAINS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, AmMusNatHist, 1941, HandbkSeries#1, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 172ps, Anthro.Lifestyles.Neat drawings, indian; anthropology;, Indian, 12.00

000914 ...., WISTER,Owen .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, Various Publishers, Western-FIC, Owen WISTER Titles in Good or better condition,Unless Noted..Here Now HARDCOVER UNLESS NOTED.. 2..VIRGINIAN..G&D Pub..$10../.. 1..LIN McLEAN..Burt co..Remington ilust..$15../.. 1..STRAIGH DEAL,or The Ancient Grudge..$12../.. . . . paperbacks follow... 1..LIN McLEAN..$4../.., 1.00

013022 ...., WISTER,Owen .., VIRGINIAN,A HORSEMAN of the PLAINS, Gd+Cond, Moyers ilust, HeritagePr, 1951, 7x9", Protective Box, 437pg, Western-FIC,


002097 ...., WISTER,Owen .., VIRGINIAN-HORSEMAN of the PLAINS, Gd Cond, ilust, 1904, rept ed, 5x7", 304ps, (..ALSO..Old copy with Remington ilust..d15../.ALSO Paper copy $3..).., Western-Fic, 10.00

003564 ...., WITHINGTON,Antoinette .., HAWAIIAN TAPESTRY, Gd+Cond, Slaten Photos, HarperPub, 1937, 1st Ed, 6x9", OrangeClothbnd, 367pg, Legends, Native Culture, hawaii; folklore;, Western USA, 20.00

019331 ...., WOLCOTT,Harry F. .., KWAKIUTL VILLAGE & SCHOOL, VG Cond, Photos,Map, Waveland Press, Prospect Hgts,ILL, 1967,1989, 2nd ptg, 6x9", Paper Covers, 147pg, Case Studies Series, KWAKIUTL; INDIAN; CANADA; BRITISH COLOMBIA;, INDIAN, 10.00

007774 ...., WOLFMEYER,Ann .., LAKE GENEVA,NEWPORT of The WEST..1870-1920 Volume 1, VG Cond, Photos,Map, Lake Geneva Historical Soc, 1976, 1st Ed, 8x10"oversized, BlueClothbnd, 214+pg, Large Houses & important owners..Area around Wisconsin lake..home of Yerkes Observatory., wisconsin; lake geneva; geneva lake; yerkes observatory;, Western USA, 45.00

014636 ...., WOLFORD,Colby .., BLOW-UP AT THREE SPRINGS, Gd Cond, BerkeleyPub, 1962,1965, 4x7", Paper Covers, 143pg, Violence on the range in town of hate., western-FIC, 3.00

000968 ...., WOLLE,Muriel .., BONANZA TRAIL,Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of the West, Gd+Cond, Drawings,Maps, IndUnPr, 1955,1958, 3rd ptg, 7x10", Tan Clothbnd, 510ps.thick, 11 Western States.Index..(..ALSO..Gd 1st ed..1955, Ex-Lib copy,.).., mine; ghostown; west;, Western USA, 20.00

019122 ...., WOOD,Elizabeth Lambert .., LONG ROPE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Drawings, Oregon Fiction, Binfords & Mort Pub, Portland,OR, 1955, 1st Ed?, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 168pg, Ranch fiction..lots of ranching activity, Oregon Fiction; west; rodeo; children;, Western-FIC, 12.00

004005 ...., WOOD,Frances .., MOUNT RAINIER,MOUNT McKINLEY,OLYMPIC w/Other Natonal Parks, vg cond, Color Photos, FollettPub, 1964, 7x10", vg dj, 32ps, Touristy,in series, WAshington state; Park; Mountain;, Western USA, 6.00

017443 ...., WOOD,Kenneth A. .., HOW TO AVOID LEGAL HASSLES as A Result of Owning Horses, VG Cond, Photos, FarnmamHorseLib#255, Omaha,NE, 1979, 4x7", Paper Covers, 95pg, Contracts,Insurance,Trespassing,Vet Care,State Statutes,Horse Keeping Ordinances, Etc. by practicing Attorney.., horse; legal; ranch; lawyer;, West-NonFic, 5.00

019418 ...., WOOD,Robert S. .., DESOLATIONWILDERNESS,A Complete Guide to over 200 miles of Trail & 139 Trout Streams & Lakes, Gd+Cond, Photos,Maps, Wilderness Press, Berkeley,CA, 1970, 4x7", Paper Covers, 232pg, large fold out map in pocket. Sierra region, california,n; yosemite; sierra mountains; travel; guidebooks; mountaineering; wilderness; hiking; tahoe, Western USA, 10.00

012717 ...., WOODBURY,Chuck .., BEST FROM OUT WEST, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, MorrowPub, 1990, 1st Ed, 6x9", +DJ, 203pg, RVer Describes Small Town (west)Travels,Back Road Tales, travel; west;, Western USA, 10.00

009924 ...., WOODIN,Ann .., HOME is The DESERT, VG Cond, Photos, MacMillanCo, 1964, 3rd ptg, 5x8", DJ, 247ps, Arizona Sonora Desert.Krutch Intro, arizona; desert; nat-hist;, Western USA, 12.00

007272 ...., WOODRUFF,Jacqueline .., BENICIA,Promise of CALIFORNIA 1846-1889, Gd Cond, Sketches Herger, Vallejo, 1947, 5x8", Paper Covers, 84ps, Calif Bay Area,Centennial History, california,n; solano; benicia;, Western USA, 15.00

016271 ...., WOODS,John B. .., YOUR OREGON,Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow,A Study of A Physical Environment & of the People in It, Gd Cond,ink name, Photos,Map, WestCoastPr, Portland, 1949, 2ndRevised Ed, 7x9", GreenClothbnd, 220ps, Old School Geography Text, oregon; old schoolbook; geography;, Western USA, 15.00

013743 ...., WOODSON,Warren (SIGNED) .., PIONEERING TALES of MONTANA, VG Cond, ExpositionPr, 1965, 1st Ed, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 169pg, Fantastic, Unreal True Stories of Pioneer past.., montana; pioneer;, Western USA, 20.00

010226 ...., WOODWARD,Grace Steele .., CHEROKEES, VG Cond, Photos, UOKPr, 1963,1965, 2nd ptg, 6x9", Tan Clothbnd, 359ps, Civ/AmerIndianSeries.Index, indian; oklahoma; cherokee;, INDIAN, 15.00

016463 ...., WOODWORTH,Stanley D. .., GLAD to REMEMBER,Cate School, 1960-1985, Gd+Cond, Photos, CateSchPub, Carpenteria,CA, 1985, 1st Ed?, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 272pg, Southern California Schools History.Index, education; college; prep school; california,s; carpenteria; santa barbara; biography;, Western USA, 15.00

004931 ...., WOON,Basil .., SAN FRANCISCO and The GOLDEN EMPIRE, VG Cond, Glossy Photos,Fold Out Maps, Harrison SmithPub, NY, 1935, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 407pg, Bay Area, Redwood Empire,Sacramento Valley, Land of Gold & Northern California Described.Some Favorite Routse,Resorts.Index, san francisco; sierra; travel; california,n; LA;, West-NonFic, 22.00

004518 ...., WORCESTER,Don .., GONE TO TEXAS, VG Cond, M.Evans Co Pub, NY, 1993, 1st Ed, 1st ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 214pg, Saddleman Award Winner..Texas Setting...early 1800s story of Ellis P.Bean..meticulously researched story."Evans Novel of West, texas; bean,ellis p.; western fiction;, Western-FIC, 14.00

003332 ...., WORMINGTON,H. .., PREHISTORIC INDIANS of the SOUTHWEST, VG Cond, photos,map, DenverMusNatHist, 1947,1973, 11th ptg, 6x9", paper covers, 191ps, Archaeology,Dwellings & People ..(..ALSO..gd underlined 1959 4th ptg..).., indian; archaeology;, Indian, 8.00

005249 ...., WORMSER,Richard .., BATTALION of SAINTS, VG Cond, McKayPub, 1961, bced, 5x7", VG DJ, 249ps, Mormons in US Army,1846, mormon;, Western-FIC, 8.00

020670 ...., WORTH,Courtia .., WEST COAST BED AND BREAKFAST GUIDE, California,Oregon,Washington, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Simon and Schuster Pub, New York, 1984, 7x10", Paper Covers, 128pg, Beautiful Color Photos. 86 selected & described..Memorable examples..interesting Architecture..fascinating History., WASHINGTON; TRAVEL; OREGON; hotel; CALIFORNIA; bed & breakfast; inns;, Western USA, 12.00

007150 ...., WORTHEN,Evelyn .., CASTLE in FAIRYLAND,& Other Stories of Carson Family & Their Mansions, VG Cond, Photos, Eureka, 1984, 2nd ptg, 5x8", Paper Covers, 104ps, Based on Diary.Eureka,NoCalif, california,n; humboldt; eureka; house;, Western USA, 6.00

013775 ...., WPA .., MONTANA,A Profile in Pictures, Good+ Ex-Lib Cond,

Photos, FlemingPub, 1941, 6x7", Red Clothbnd, np 48ps? thin, AmerPictGuide Series.Scarce title, wpa; montana;, Western USA, 25.00

011244 ...., WPA .., MOUNT HOOD,A GUIDE, VG Cond, Glossy Photos,EP Map, Duell pub, 1940, 1st Ed, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 132ps, Portland,Oregon Area.Compiled by Workers of the Writer's Program.WPA.American Guide Series, oregon; portland; mountain; wpa;, Western USA, 30.00

011460 ...., WPA .., MT. HOOD:A Guide, VG Cond, Photos,EP Map, DuellPub, 1940, 1st Ed, 5x8", Paper Covers, 132ps, American Guide Series.Oregon Mountain Volcano, oregon; mountain;, Western-FIC, 20.00

008727 ...., WPA .., TEXAS,A Gide to The LONE STAR STATE, Fair Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, HastingsHsPub, 1940,1959, 6th ptg, 5x8", dj, 718ps, Index..(..ALSO..VG DJ Ex-lib 1969 RevisEd..).., texas; WPA;, Western USA, 15.00

011724 ...., WPA, Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in Northern California (REXROTH,Ken PARTCH,Harry LEE,Cora eds) .., CALIFORNIA, A Guide to the Golden State, Gd+Cond,general lack of luster, photo illust.MAP IN POCKET, American Guide, Hastings House, New York, 1939,1943, 3rd ptg, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 713pg, American Guide Series:.... Great Diversity.. Indexed travel guide to state.History,Culture & Descriptive text., American Guide; Americana; California,n; travel Guides; WPA;, Western USA, 22.00

020739 ...., WPA, Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in Northern California .., SAN FRANCISCO, A Guide to the Bay and its Cities., ex-lib, spine rather worn & reglued,lettering still clear.Staind, photo illust., American Guide, Hastings House, New York, 1940,1947, 2nd Ed, 5x8", Grey Clothbnd, 468pg, worn spine at lib numbers..Most informative regional travels described. Indexed..international city..Cemeteries & Routes., American Guide; Americana; California,n; travel Guides; San Francisco; WPA;, Western USA, 35.00

006868 ...., WPA-Federal Writers Project .., CALIFORNIA,A Guide to Golden State, VG Ex-Lib Cond, Photos,Maps, HastingsHs, 1939,1973, Revised Ed, 5x8", DJ, 733ps, ..(..ALSO..1967 ED GD+Ex-Lib..d12..).., california; wpa; west;, Western USA, 15.00

011243 ...., WPA-Federal Writers Project .., OREGON,End of the TRAIL, Gd+Cond, Photos,large f/o Map Pocket, BinfordsPub, 1940, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 549ps, American Guide Series.Index, oregon; wpa;, Western USA, 40.00

000193 ...., WRIGHT,Harold Bell .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..SHEPHERD of the HILLS.., Western-FIC, WRIGHT,Harold Bell..Good or Better Titles Here Now..Hardcover Unless Noted.. 6..CALLING of DAN MATTHEWS..Old Clothbnd..$10../.. 1..DEVIL'S HIGHWAY..VG Appleton 1932..$200../.. 2..EXIT..old copy..$35../.. 4..EYES of The WORLD..fair cond..Coates ilust..$12../.. 4..HELEN of the OLD HOUSE..Old Red Clothbnd..$15../.. 1..MA CINDERELLA..Harpers 1932 "1st ed"..VG color ilust..fly gone, $250../.. 2..MINE WITH The IRON DOOR..$20../.. 4..RECREATION of BRIAN KENT old copy..$12../.. 2..SHEPERD of the HILLS..Recent reprint..$10../.. ..Older Copy..$12../.. 7..SON of HIS FATHER..Appleton,Color ilust..$40../.. 3..THAT PRINTER of UDELLS..Old Copy..$15../.. 5..THEIR YESTERDAYS..Old Copy..$12../.. 2..UNCROWNED KING..BookSupplyCo..$40../.. 2..WHEN A MAN'S A MAN..Ilust west..$12../.. 5..WINNING of BARBARA WORTH.west ilust.$12../.., 1.00

018727 ...., WRIGHT,Harold Bell .., WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH, VG Cond, Cootes illus, fiction, Book Supply Pub, Chicago, 1911, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 511pg, Green cloth with paste-on Ilust of cowgirl., fiction;, Western-FIC, 15.00

017561 ...., WRIGHT,Robert C. .., FREDERICK MANFRED, Good+ Ex-Lib Cond, Author Photo, TwaynePub, 1979, 1st ptg, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 181ps, US Authors Series #336.Biography of the Prairie Watchman. Storyteller.Novelist, lit crit; biography; western fiction;, Western-FIC, 15.00

008669 ...., WRITERS' ROUND TABLE(ed) .., PADRE ISLAND, Gd Cond, Photos, Bailey Drawings, NaylorCo, 1950,1952, 2nd ptg, 5x8", wornDJ, 222ps, Long Texas Coastal Stretch.13 Authors.Index, texas; island;, Western USA, 12.00

014817 ...., WYCKOFF,James .., JOHN SLAUGHTER'S WAY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1963, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 188pg, courage,ambition.Texas Ranger, Tombstone, Western-FIC, 8.00

014076 ...., WYNN,Marcia Rittenhouse .., DESERT BONANZA,Story of Early Randsburg,Mojave Desert Mining Camp, Gd+Cond, Photos, SamelsonPub, CulverCity,Calif, 1949, 1st Ed, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 263ps, California Gold Memories 1890s, california,s; mojave; desert; goldmine;, Western USA, 75.00

010874 ...., WYNNE,Frank .., DRAGOON PASS, Gd+Cond, AceBk, 1963, 4x6", Paper Covers, 141ps, Rustlers.Blazing Fury, Western-FIC, 4.00

011982 ...., WYOMING .., GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK,& Jackson Hole Country, Fair Cond, Color photos, IntermtTourSup, nd 1960s, 9x6", spiralbnd, 28ps, short text, wyoming; mountain; teton; park;, Western USA, 3.00

015431 ...., WYOMING .., WYOMING,The COWBOY STATE, Gd+Cond,bit cover chip, Color Cartoon Art thru-out, Wyoming Travel CommisionPub, Cheyenne,WY, 1954, 7x9", Paper Covers, np 32pg? thin, Tour of "Wonderful Wyoming".."in the interest of Better Vacations"..Children's Promotional material, comic book; wyoming; cowboy;, Western USA, 3.00

018343 ...., WYOMING GEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION and UNIVERSITY of WYOMING .., GUIDEBOOK, EIGHTH ANNUAL FIELD CONFERENCE, LARAMIE BASIN, WYOMING, AND NORTH PARK, COLORADO., VG Cond,see note..missing 1 map in pocket.., Photos, Drawings,Maps (1 gone, Billings,Mt, 1953, 8x11", BrownClothbnd, 194pg, Bucking Cowboy in Gold on Cover..Road logs,General Papers, Aerial Photos, Economic,Structural,Oil Field Geology.., Wyoming; Geology;, Western USA, appears to be missing map in pocket of Albany County..other 4 in pocket OK. Has several Fold out maps,charts in text of book., 30.00

006978 ...., YEE,Chiang .., SILENT TRAVELLER in SAN FRANCISCO, VG Cond, color ilust, NortonPub, 1964, 1st Ed, 6x9", DJ, 366ps, Oriental Perspective,California City Observed..(ALSO..VG Copy with NO DJ..d15..), california,N; san francisco; CHINESE; asia;, Western USA, 20.00

004082 ...., YERBY,Frank .., TREASURE of PLEASANT VALLEY,Novel About the Gold Rush, vg cond, DialPr, 1955, 1st ed, 5x7", dj, 348ps, California Adventure & Romance, black author;, Western-Fic, 10.00

010342 ...., YONGUE,W. .., MYSTERIOUS MONO BASIN, VG Cond, Photos, LeeVining, 1975, 5x7", Paper Covers, 20ps thin, Story lacial Action, Mysterious Formations, california,s;, Western USA, 2.00

013353 ...., YORE,Clem .., TRIGGER SLIM, Good Ex-Lib Cond, MacaulayPub, 1934, 1st Ed?, 5x7", 252pg, DJ Glued to covers.Western Horse Opera, western;, Western-FIC, 12.00

012840 ...., YOST,Edna .., FAMOUS AMERICAN PIONEERING WOMEN, Fair Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, DoddCo, 1961, 5x8", YellowClothbnd, 158ps, Earhart;Tubman; Lathrop;Dodge;D.Dix 9 Others.Index, woman; rural;, West-NonFic, 8.00

008285 ...., YOUATT'S .., HISTORY,TREATMENT,& DISEASES of The HORSE, Spine Gone.Pg 49&50 missing!, Drawings, LippCo, 1860, 5x8", BlackClothbnd, 470ps, HIstory,Veterinary Management.Copious Index,Treatise in Draught, horse; veterinary;, West-NonFic, 15.00

010854 ...., YOUNG,Bob .., FORGED in SILVER, Good+Ex-Lib Cond, Drawing,Map, MessnerPUb, 1968, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 192ps, Story of Comstock Lode.Index, nevada; mine;, Western USA, 10.00

014819 ...., YOUNG,Carter Travis .., LONG BOOTS, HARD BOOTS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1965, 1st Ed, 5x7", +DJ, 191pg, Sheriff's Deputy Gunned Down!, Western-FIC, 8.00

014186 ...., YOUNG,Carter Travis .., POCKET HUNTERS, Gd Cond, ManorPub, 1972, 4x7", Paper Covers, 191pg, Fatal hunt for gold, Western-FIC, 3.00

011100 ...., YOUNG,Carter Travis .., SAVAGE PLAIN,A Novel of the West, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1961, 1st Ed, 5x8", DJ, 192ps, "Huge Red Indian", Western-FIC, 8.00

018695 ...., YOUNG,Carter Travis .., WHY DID THEY KILL CHARLEY?, Gd Cond, general wear, Tower Bks#43-112, 1967, 4x7", Paper Covers, 172pg, Cheyene Revenge & fighting to protect cattleman's pride., western fiction;, Western-FIC, 4.00

014542 ...., YOUNG,Carter Travis .., WINCHESTER QUARANTINE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1970, 1st Ed, 5x8", +DJ, 204pg, Western-FIC, 8.00

018712 ...., YOUNG,Clyde L. .., GOVERNMENT of NORTH DAKOTA and The NATION, Gd Cond,general lite wear.covers ok, Photos, American Book Co Pub, NY, 1922, 1st Ed?, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 290+pg, Lots on Democratic Priciples & National Government Structure..also covers history & society of North Dakota. Index, dakota,north; north dakota; midwest; old schoolbooks;, Western USA, 20.00

004367 ...., YOUNG,Jan .., FERNDALE TODAY & YESTERDAY, VG Cond, Photos, FChComm, nd 1975?, 6x9", PaperWraps, 48ps, NoCalif Coastal History, california,N; humboldt;, Western USA, 8.00

009692 ...., YOUNG,John Richard .., SCHOOLING of the WESTERN HORSE, VG Cond, Photos, UOKPr, Norman, 1954,1975, Later ptg, 6x9", VG DJ, 322ps, No "Bronc-Busting"Here..(..ALSO..Copy,no DJ..)....(..ALSO..copy no DJ 1965 ptg,just Good..).., horse; animal; west;, West-NonFic, 12.00

017337 ...., ... .., YOUR PICTORIAL GUIDE to DEATH VALLEY, Gd Cond, Glossy Color Photos(48), Colourpicture Pub, Ridgecrest,CA, 1975, 10th ptg, 8x6"oblong, paper covers, 28ps, California Desert National Monument.Travel Info,Where to Go,See,History,Maps, desert; california,s; death valley; monument; travel; nevada;, West-NonFic, 6.00

007221 ...., ZEE,John Van Der .., CANYON,Story of Last Rustic Community in Metro America, Vg Ex-Lib Cond, Photos, HarcourtPub, 1972, 1st Ed, 5x8", VG, DJ, 170ps, Contra Costa County,Calif.Hippy History, california,n; san francisco; cantra costa; hippy; commune;, Western USA, 15.00

007132 ...., ZIERER,Clifford .., CALIFORNIA & the SOUTHWEST, Fair Ex-Lib Cond,Spine torn, Photos,maps, WileyCo, 1956, 7x10", Hardcovers, 376ps, Regional Geography, california; geography; sowest;, Western USA, 10.00

011251 ...., ZOLLINGER,Norman .., PASSAGE TO QUIVIRA, VG Cond, Bantam Bks, NY, 1988, 1st ptg, 4x7", Paper Covers, 275pg, Southwest setting western fiction., west;, Western-FIC, 4.00

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