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001514 ...., HANNINGS,Bud (SIGNED) .., PORTRAIT of The STARS And STRIPES, ...Vol 2..Chronology U.S.Armed Forces 1919-1945.., VG Cond, many photos, Seniram Pub Co, Glenside,PA, 1991, 1st Ed, 8x10"oversized, VG DJ,spineInk, 948pg Heavy, day by day military happenings on all War fronts. Very readable & eventful., ww2; united states milit; military history; world war 2;, Americana, 50.00

005008 ...., CHADWICK,Lester .., QUARTER-BACK'S PLUCK,A Story of College Football, Fair Cond,general worn book..Cover art clear,but contents reglue, Glossy Ilust, Cupples & Leon Pub, New York, 1910, 1st Ed, 5x7", DecClothbound, 305pg+ads, Childrens Sports Stories Series..Grey cl pict emb in red .last book list, football; sport; football fiction; children;, children, 16.00

005232 ...., McCORMICK,Wilfred .., EAGLE SCOUT,A Bronc Burnett Story, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Putnam's Pub, New York, 1952, 5x7", DecClothbound, 183pg, Baseball Story..with a world of "how to play" tips interwoven with the exciting yarns themselves..", Baseball Fiction; Boy's Fiction; CHILDREN'S BOOKS;, children, 10.00

008472 ...., TIME LIFE (editors) .., UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS (SERIES)....ANY/ALL, VG Cond, Glossy Color Photos, Time Life Pub, Alexandria,Virginia, 1988,1990, Revised Ed, 9x10", Silver Hardcvr, 128 pg each, Series that examines various aspects of computer technology & the role computers play in modern life."..PRICE EACH...., COMPUTERS; TECHNOLOGY; COMPUTER HISTORY; SETS TIME LIFE; MATHMATICS; LOGIC;, Science-Tec, TIME LIFE...COMPUTER SERIES...(credit DOUG,PINES) 1..ALTERNATIVE COMPUTERS../.. 1..ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE../.. 1..CHIPMAKERS../.. 1..COMMUNICATIONS../.. 1..COMPUTER BASICS../.. 1..COMPUTER LANGUAGES../.. 1..COMPUTERS & The COSMOS../.. 1..COMPUTERIZED SOCIETY../.. 1..COMPUTER SECURITY../.. 1..HUMANBODY../.. 1..ILLUSTRATED CHRONOLOGY & INDEX../.. 1..INPUT/OUTPUT../.. 1..MEMORY & STORAGE../.. 1..MILITARY FRONTIER../.. 1..PERSONAL COMPUTER../.. 1..PUZZLE MASTER../.. 1..ROBOTICS../.. ..1..SOFTWARE../.. 1..SOFTWARE CHALLENGE../.. 1..SPEED & POWER.../.., 10.00

009151 ...., MANDRELL,Louise & COLLINS,Ace .., JONATHAN'S GIFT...CHILDREN'S HOLIDAY ADVENTURE Series Vol 16, VG Cond, GALE,Mark, Glossy Color Ilust, Summit Group Pub, Ft.Worth,Texas, 1992, 1st Ed, 1st ptg, 8x11", VG DJ, np 24pg? thin, Author is NBC TV star., christmas; children;, children, 15.00

009393 ...., GLOVER,Gloria Diener .., STORY of JESUS, VG Cond,ink name ep, POINTER,Priscella Color,Ilus, Chekerboard Press Pub, NY, 1949, Junior Elf Bk, 4x6", DecHardcovers, np 32pg? thin, "A First Religious Book"...69c cover price, children; religious; christian;, children, 6.00

011341 ...., RELF,Patricia .., MY LITTLE BOOK of FROGS & TOADS, VG Cond, SOLOMON,Rosiland Color ilust, Golden Book,Western Pub, Racine,Wisc, 1994, 1st Ed, 5x6", Paper Covers, np 28pg thin, Children's nature book with charming color ilust..Various Amphibians described, frog; toad; children; naturalhistory; amphibian; reptile;, nat-history, 5.00

011466 ...., RYDER,Joanne .., EVENING WALK, VG Cond, DURRELL,Julie Color ilust, Golden Book,Western Pub, Racine,Wisc, 1985, 1st Ed?, Merigold Pr Ed, 5x6", Paper Covers, np 28pg thin, Children's book with charming color ilust..Cute,Talking Skunk Family takes a night walk...story for small children, skunk; children; naturalhistory; animal; mammal;, nat-history, 5.00

013491 ...., BRYAN,J.III .., WORLD'S GREATEST SHOWMAN,The Life of P.T.BARNUM, Gd+Cond, Glossy Photos, Random House Pub, NY, 1956, 2nd ptg, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 182pg, Landmark Book #? Indexed storyof famous Circus Businessman, circus; business; children;, Biography, 8.00

013603 ...., ZIEGLER,Ursina .., SQUAPS,The Moonling, Gd+Cond,ink gift message,small sticker scar ep, JUCKER,Sita color Drawings, Atheneum Pub, NY, 1969, 1stAmEd, 10x13", DecHardcovers, np 36pg? thin, "I must go home, the Earth is nice, but The Moon is my home".... children's storyabout E.T., children; et; science fiction;, children, 30.00

013700 ...., ARTHUR,OOM .., VOOR HET SLAPEN GAAN,Nog Een Verhaaltje, Gd cond, lite general wear, full page ilust, Boekenhuis Veritas Pub, Den Haag, Netherlands, nd 1949?, 6x8", DecHardcovers, 72pg, Children's book in Dutch Language..Some religious story content., dutch language; xdutch; childrens; uncle arthur;, children, 15.00

013905 ...., ERLI,Nortrud .., LEIDELBAST SUCHT INSEL MI, Gd+Cond, Rettich, Rolf vielen Bildern, Hermann Schaffstein Verlag, 1970, 6x8", DecClothbound, 80pg, text in GERMAN LANGUAGE...Little girl's fantasy cildren story, german language; xgerman; children;, children, 12.00

014390 ...., ROCKWOOD,ROY .., BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY at The GIANT CATARACT, or Chier Nascanora & His Captives, VG Cond,ink name ep. "Collector's Quality", Glossy Ilust,Dec Eps, CupplesPub, NY, 1926, 5x7", VG DJ,unclipt, 204pg+ads, children; jungle;, children, 30.00

014758 ...., OUR WONDER WORLD .., OUR WONDER WORLD,A Library of Knowledge.. Vol 5 of 10 volume set... EVERY CHILD'S STORY BOOK, fair Cond, Photos,Illustr, George L.Shuman & Co. Pub, Chicago,Boston, 1914, 7x10", BlackClothbnd, 398ps, Fairy Stories & Fables..Folk Tales..Great Works of Literature.. Child Life in Many Lands by Evelyn C.Johnson., children; fairy tales;, children, OUR WONDER WORLD...Vols Here Now... 1..VOL 3..NATURE BOOK..1914,1918..$12../.. 1..VOL 6..SPORTS & PASTIMES..1914.$12../.., 10.00

014881 ...., HAND,Jack .., GREAT RUNNING BACKS of The NFL, VG Cond, Photos, Random House Pub, NY, 1966, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 184pg, Punt Pass and Kick Library.#5 inspiring biographical sketches.., children; sport; football; BROWN,JIMMY; HORNUNG,PAUL; TAYLOR,JIM; NEVERS,ERNIE;, sport, 12.00

014904 ...., GUTMAN,Bill .., GAMEBREAKERS OF THE NFL, VG Cond, Photos, Random House Pub, NY, 1973, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 151pg, Punt Pass and Kick Library.#18. inspiring biographical sketches... BLANDA,George others...., children; sport; football; page,alan; plunkett,jim; little,larry;, sport, 12.00

016704 ...., ... .., aanzien 45-50, vifj jaat wereldnieuws in beeld, Gd+Cond, many Photographs, Amsterdam Boek, Netherlands, 1975, 1st Ed, 8x10", DecClothbound, 215pg423pg, Post WW2 History with European View. Color Atom Bomb Explosion on Cover. Dutch Text, DUTCH language; holland; europe; history; atom bomb; nederlands; netherlands;, World-Hist, 12.00

020506 ...., ABBE,Patience & Richard & John .., AROUND The WORLD in ELEVEN YEARS, VG Cond, Glossy Photos, Juvenile, Stokes Co Pub, NY, 1936, 4th ptg, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 204pg, Juvenile; Travel; biography; circumnavigations; europe; fermany; russia; france;, World-Hist, The Cowsills-cute story, written by the kids, of life in the roving photographer's family. Imagine

being 12 and meeting both Stalin and Alexander Woollcott in Russia. A charming travelogue, and often just as vicious as the best adult travel writing., 15.00

020736 ...., ABBOTT,Jacob .., CLEOPATRA...MAKERS OF HISTORY, Gd Cond,small chip to top of spine, Engravings,Map, Harper & Brothers Pub, NY, 1879,1902, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 318pg, Leather spine (quarterbound).. Famous Egyptian Queen's Life retold., egypt; HISTORY; cleopatra; women;, Biography, 15.00

019902 ...., ABBOTT,Jacob (author not stated on title page) .., HISTORY of JULIUS CAESAR..Volume 1, VG Cond, Harper & Brothers Publishers, NY, 1865 tp, 1st Ed?, 5x8", Leather spine, 463pg, Very attractive binding, Raised Cords on spine & gilt stamping to red & tan leather spine. Leather tips. Marbled all edges, roman history; HISTORY; JULIUS CAESAR; ancient history;, History, Contents of book covers Roman history BEFORE Caesar, up to year 695,Counsulships of Caesar & Bibulus..,Exile of Cicero., 30.00

010554 ...., ABBOTT,Jacob .., LOUIS 14...MAKERS OF HISTORY, Gd Cond,small chip to top of spine, Engravings, Harper & Brothers Pub, NY, 1898,1902, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 410pg, Leather spine (quarterbound).. Famous French King's biography. (Crack at spine edge.Contents very good for reading.), france; HISTORY; royalty; KING LOUIS XIV;, Biography, 12.00

012686 ...., ABBOTT,JANE .., HARRIET'S CHOICE, VG Cond, dec endpapers, G&DPub, NY, 1928, Rept, 5x7", OrangeClothbnd, 241ps, Juvnile Girl story. Harriet found a deep mystry at Aunt Marcia's city home..and the road to her heart's desire", juvnile; children;, fiction, 12.00

006662 ...., ABBOTT,Shirley .., NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY., VG Cond, FREEMAN,M.Glossy Color Photo, Harry N.Abrams,Inc Pub, NY, 1981, 1st Ed", 10x11" large bk, Tan Clothbnd, 495pg HEAVY, INteresting overview of American Culture as remembered via Antique & Important Objects. Indexed, AMERICA culture; museums; history museum; antiques;, art-antique, 35.00

001346 ...., ADAMS,Andy .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..BIFF BREWSTER Adventure Series, VG Cond, Dec EPs, G&DPub, 1960s, Hardcovers, Sixteen,Tall,Strongly Built Blond Youth.Has Twin Siblings. Price Each..., children; juvnile;, children, ANDY ADAMS Titles here now.. 1..BRAZILIAN GOLD MINE MYSTERY..(..also worn ex-lib copy).. /.. 1..HAWAIIAN SEA HUNT MYSTERY..DJ../.. 1..MYSTERY of the CHINESE RING../.., 10.00

006636 ...., ADAMS,Eustace L. .., PIRATES of The AIR, VG Cond, Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1929, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 212ps, Andy Lane Juvnile Aero Story, aero; airplane; CHILDREN; AVIATION;, children, 16.00

018660 ...., ADAMS,James Truslow (ed) .., ALBUM of AMERICAN HISTORY,A Picture History of the United States from 1492 to Modern Times. in 5 Volumes, VG Cond, with over 5000 illustrations, Americana, ScribnersPub, New York, 1944,1961, 7x11", VG DJ, see note page..PRICE FOR THE SET..., Americana; History; United States; antiques; politics;, Americana, ..Vol. 1,"the Colonial Period"... ..Vol 2, "1783-1853"../.. ..Vol 3, "1853-1893"../.. ..Vol. 4, "End of an Era",1893-1917../.. ..Vol 5, "Index" volume../.. This is a very nice set.. No similar work in all the history of American publishing has ever attempted so complete and authentic coverage. If you collect or sell Americana, this set is a must. 1871 pages. 5000 drawings, maps, and photos. Index contains over 15000 references., 65.00

019215 ...., ADAMS,James Truslow .., EPIC OF AMERICA, VG Cond, Gallagher

Ilust, History-United States, Little, Brown & Company Pub, Boston, 1931, Later ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 433ps, A classic narrative history of the United States though Hoover. Attractive blue cloth binding. Columbus to Roosevelt. INDEXED, History-United Stat; History; United States;, Americana, 12.00

009366 ...., ADAMS,Samuel H. .., PONY EXPRESS, VG Cond, Ames Ilust, RandomPub, 1950, LandmarkEd#7, ltr ptg, 5x8", Hardcovers, 185ps, Horses, StJoe-SF.Juvnile, children; mail; horse; pony express; west;, children, 8.00

012543 ...., ADDAMS,Jane .., SPIRIT of YOUTH & The City Streets, VG Cond, "MacMillan Standard Lib"Ed, 1909,1913, Early Ptg, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 162pg, "Wrecked Foundations of Domesticity","Thirst for Tighteousness", sociology; children; poverty;, Americana, 25.00

015114 ...., ADDAMS,Jane .., TWENTY YEARS at HULL-HOUSE With Autobiographical Notes, VG Cond, Hamilton,Author Photo, MacMillanCo, 1910, 1923, Rept, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 462pg, Indexed, sociology; children; poverty;, Americana, 20.00

009870 ...., ADLER,C.S. .., ALWAYS and FOREVER FRIENDS, VG Cond,Looks New, Clarion Bks Pub, NY, 1988, 3rd ptg, 5x8", VG DJ, 164pg, Young Girl discovers true friendship. "warmly realistic story" ..(..ALSO..Another Copy, Paper covers,1990 Gd+..5x7"..3d..).., children;, children, 12.00

011805 ...., AESOP .., FABLES, Gd Cond, 10 Kredel Color Ilust,60BW, G&DPub, 1947,1977, IlustJrLib Ed, later ptg, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 234pg, Dozens of Most Popular Stories.Fox,Crow,Mouse,Wolf,Lamb.Others, fable; folktale; black;, children, 8.00

016698 ...., AIKEN,Joan .., SKIN SPINNERS,Poems, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Rinciari Drawings, VikingPr, 1976, 1st Ed, 7x9", gd DJ+, 83pg, "Half a Hundred inimitable webs of words,spun out with an air of quiet terror & cozy humor.", spider; poem; children;, Poetry-Play, 10.00

015361 ...., ALBRIGHT,Horace M. .., OH RANGER! A Book about the National Parks, Gd+Cond slight spotting, Photos,Drawings, StanfordUnivPress, 1928, 1929, 2nd Ed, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 178pg, Humorous tales of park rangers., child; animal; ranger; warden; PARK;, nat-history, 15.00

018600 ...., ALCOTT,Louisa M..(by MEIGS,Cornelia) .., INVINCIBLE LOUISA, The Story of the Author of Little Women, VG Cond, Photos,Drawings, LitBrPub, Boston,MA, 1933,1968, Centenial Ed, 6x9", VG DJ, 195pg, Classic Biography,Children's Author.Index NEWBERY AWARD Medal Book.. includes New Introduction by Author, biography; woman; newbery medal book; children; alcott,louisa;, children, ..SEE #9432 FOR ALSO..Aex lib copy.. info.., 15.00

007811 ...., ALCOTT,Louisa May .., LITTLE MEN,Life at Plumfield With Jo's Boys, VG Cond. Blue Clothbound with Large Glossy Color ilust on Cover, 4 Glossy Color Ilust, Donohue Pub, Chicago, nd 1930s?, "Popular Ed", 6x9", TornDJ ", 357pg, "New Editions of Famous Books" Series..DJ torn & taped along folds, children;, Childrens, 15.00

015761 ...., ALCOTT,Louisa May .., ROSE in BLOOM,a sequel to Eight Cousins, VG Cond, Ilust, RobertsBrosPub, Boston, 1876,1895, Early Edition, 4x7", YellowClothbnd, 375ps, "No Moral to this story..Simply written in Fulfilment of a Promise..", child;, children, 25.00

019797 ...., ALLEN,Betsy .., RIDDLE IN RED, Gd+Cond,several small spots cover,ow VG, Fullington ilust, juvenile, G&D pub, NY, 1948, 1st Ed?, 5x7", Hardcovers, 212pg, Popular Girls Series..Connie Blair character.., juvenile; children;, children, 15.00

013908 ...., ALLEN,Betty .., LEGENDS of OLD HAWAII,As Told by Tutu to Her Grand-Children, VG Cond, Drawings, TonggPub, Honolulu, 1944, 1st Ed?, 6x9", +DJ, 93pg, 11 Tales.Glossary, hawaii; legend; folktale; children;, Western USA, 12.00

013308 ...., ALLEN,Gladys .., DIG HERE!, VG Cond, GoldsmithPub, Chicago, 1937, 5x7", ChipedFront DJ, 252pg, Wishing well & Sinister man on DJ cover art.., children;, children, 16.00

020590 ...., ALLEN,William F. & MYERS,Philip Van Ness .., ANCIENT HISTORY for Colleges & High Schools, Part 1..The Eastern Nations & Greece (by Myers), Gd+Cond, Drawings,Maps, Ginn & Company Pub, New York, 1889tp & verso, 1st Ed, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 369pg, Egypt,Babylonia..Culture,various Wars described. Indexed, greece; egypt; history;, World-Hist, 15.00

007832 ...., ALTISONANT,Lorenzo .., LETTERS to Esq.PEDANT,in the EAST,By L.A. An Imigrant to the WEST, Gd Cond,Penciled, General Wear, WinderPrt, CambridgeCity,Iowa, 1844, 4X6", Hardcovers, 64ps, Pub "For the Benefit of Youth:By A Lover of the Studious. Large Vocabulary Included. Designed to Teach LONG WORDS, children; eloquotionr; dictionary; language; old schoolbook;, Old Schoolb, 30.00

011867 ...., AMERICAN WEST (Magazine) .., AMERICAN WEST (Magazine), Good Condition unless noted.., Photos,Drawings,Maps, Western History Assn Pub, 8x10", Paper Covers, 96pg each, Various Articles on ARTS,Culture & History..Price per issue... (in the 1980s publisher changed..), western; history; indian; magazine; art;, Western-FIC, AMERICAN WEST Magazine... 1965..vol 2,#1../..#2../..#3../.. 1966..vol 3, #1wear../..#2../..#3../..#4wear../.. 1967..vol 4..#4../.. 1968..vol 5..#5../.. 1969..vol 6..#6../.. 1970..vol 7..#2../..#3../..#4../.. 1971..vol 8..#5../..#6../.. 1972..vol 9..#1../..#5../.. 1973..vol 10..#1../..#2../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1974..vol 11..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1975..vol 12..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../..#6../.. 1976..vol 13..#1../..#2../..#3../..#4../..#5../.. 1978..vol 15..#4../.. 1981..vol 18..#1../..#2../.. 1982..vol 19..#3../.. *******************, 3.00

003818 ...., AMOS,William Hopkins .., LIFE of The FOREST FLOOR, VG Cond, Ilust, DDay-AudubonPub, 1955, 1st Ed?, 5x8", BrownPaperCovr, 48ps, Mushrooms,Insects,Larvae,Mosses,Snails and Others! with most if not all stickers..some in place, mushroom; fungi; children; nature; insect;, nat-history, 6.00

008651 ...., ANDERSEN,Hans Christian (LUCAS Trans) .., FAIRY TALES, VG Cond, Szyk Color ilust, G&DPub, nd 1950s?, 5x8", Color Clothbnd, 343ps, Little Match Girl, Ugly Duckling, Nightingale, 29 Famous Stories..(..ALSO..Ilust Jr Lib Ed..some wear..).., fairy tale;, children, 10.00

015008 ...., ANDERSEN,Hans Christian (HOWELLS,W.D. Intro.) .., HANS ANDERSEN'S FAIRY TALES and WONDER STORIES, page 193/194 GONE!..of value only for the ilust & reading, Rhead,Louis Color Ilust,Dec, Harper&Bros Pub, NY, 1914hv (1921), 5x8", BlackClothbnd, 443pg, some pages have been reglued in,but has charming full page b/w line drawings...& great stories...EXCEPT or page 193/4. as is., fairytales;, children, 15.00

016995 ...., ANDERSEN,Hans Christian (by KNUDSEN,Mogens) .., HANS ANDERSEN'S DENMARK,Described in Pictures & Text, Gd Cond,Top spine freyed a bit, Photos,Map, Illustrationsforlaget Pub, Copenhagen, 1950, 10x9", Red Hardcovers, np 70ps?, Many wonderful Countryside & City Photos of Han's Associated Places. Interesting text, denmark; children; biography; europe;, Biography, 15.00

019247 ...., ANDERSEN,Hans Christian (ERLICH,Amy retold by) .., SNOW QUEEN, VG cond, Susan Jeffers pictures, fairy tale, DialPr, 1982, 9x11", GD Chipped DJ, 40ps, retold by Amy Ehrlich, fairy tale;, children, 12.00

010306 ...., ANDERSON,C.W. .., BLAZE & The MOUNTAIN LION, Fair+Ex-Lib Cond, MacMillanCo, 1966, Later ptg, 7x10", DJ, 47ps, ..(..ALSO..Another Copy, ..1962 similar..NO DJ..).., HORSE; western; children;, children, 8.00

015184 ...., ANDERSON,C.W.(ed) .., C.W.ANDERSON'S FAVORITE HORSE STORIES, VG Cond, Drawings, DuttonPub, 1967,1969, 4th ptg, 6x9", DecHardcovers, 192pg, Bagnold;Will James;Foote; Santee.25 short stories, HORSE; short story;, children, 10.00

006854 ...., ANDERSON,C.W. .., HEADS UP-HEELS DOWN, Gd+Cond, ilust, MacMillanCo, 1944, 1st ptg, 7X9", GreenClothbnd, 144ps, "A Handbook of Horsemanship & Riding", horse; children;, children, 12.00

018782 ...., ANDREWS,Anna .., PEGGY and MICHAEL of The COFFEE PLANTATION, Gd+ Cond,ink name fly, GlosyIlst.Girl/Horse/Monkey, juvenile, Cupples & Leon Pub, NY, 1931, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 205pg, "Plantation Series..#1..". Delightful girl & her pet trained monkey & horse show..Children's Story, juvenile; monkey;, children, 20.00

017217 ...., ANDREWS,Tailer .., BIBLE STORIES For CHILDREN, Gd+Cond,Spine ends torn bit,ow nice, Kelsey,C.Color Ilust(1), Decorated Page Borders, SearsCo Pub, 1927, 7x9", DecClothbound, 239pg, "Sears Ilustrated Juveniles" Series. Moses,Noah,other Old TEstament Many New TEstament stories, religon; christianity; bible; children;, Religion, 25.00

018976 ...., ANGELO,Valenti .., NINO, VG Cond,1" bottom edge frey, author ilust, Angelo, VikingPr/Junior Literary Gld, NY, 1938tp &verso, "first Publish, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 244pg, Procession,The Seasons & Holidays...European Setting, Angelo; fiction; art; children;, fiction, 20.00

001434 ...., ANGLE,Paul .., AMERICAN READER,From Columbus to Today, VG Cond, RandPub, 1958, 6x9", VG DJ, 703ps, Index,eyewitness,letters & diaries, history;, americana, 6.00

000330 ...., ANGLUND,Joan Walsh .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., small, Hardcovers, thin, Price Each..., poem; child;, Childrens, Joan Walsh ANGLUND titles here Now..Good Hardcover unless noted.. 1..A BOOK of GOOD TIDINGS../.. 7..A FRIEND is SOMEONE WHO LIKES YOU..../.. 1..CHILDHOOD Is A TIME of INNOCENCE..1964..DJ..../.. 1..CUP OF SUN../.. 4..LOVE IS A SPECIAL WAY of FEELING../.. 1..A POCKETFULL OF PROVERBS.fair cond../.. 1..SPRING IS A NEW BEGINNING..../.., 6.00

000818 ...., ANGLUND,Joan Walsh .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., Hardcovers, Price Each..., poem; child;, Childrens, Joan Walsh ANGLUND titles here Now..Good Hardcover unless

noted.. 1..A FRIEND is SOMEONE WHO LIKES YOU.../.. 1..ALMOST A ED../.. 1..CHILDHOOD Is A TIME of INNOCENCE..1964..DJ.../.. 1..UN AMI,C'EST QUELQU'UN QUI T'AIME (in French)..DJ../.., 8.00

006091 ...., ANNYMOUS (GRAVES,A.F. copyrite holder) .., CORWIN'S NEST;Or, Stories of Bessie & Jamie, fair cond, generally worn, Andrew F.Graves, Boston,MA, 1869, 4x6", Red Clothbnd, 156pg, ends at page 156...looks like actual last page....Old Children's book, children's;, children, 14.00

010429 ...., ANONYMOS .., LINE UPON LINE:or A SECOND SERIES of the EARLIEST RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION the Infant Mind is Capable of Receiving, Gd Cond, Line Ilust, AmerTractSoc, nd 1872?, 4x6", Tan Clothbnd, 283+ps, "With Verses Ilustrative of the Subject".By Author of "Peep of Day", religion; children; christian; old;, children, 30.00

010770 ...., ANONYMOUS .., ANIMAL WORLD,Pictures,Desriptions & Anecdotes, Gd+Cond, 1 Specht Color Litho,Many BW, McLoughlinBrosPub, nd 1900?, 7x8", DecHardcovers, 156ps, 32 Described For Children's Hearts, animal; nat-history;, children, 25.00

009099 ...., ANONYMOUS .., DANGEROUS LOVES,Romantic & Tragic Stories of Reckless Living, Gd+Cond, MacFaddenBk, 1938, 5x7", RedHardcover, 142ps, 12 Tempting Tales, romance; short story;, Romance FIC, 10.00

007834 ...., ANONYMOUS .., GRANDMOTHER FARLEY, Gd Cond, small ilust, KilnerPub, nd 1890?, 3x4"small, Red Clothbnd, 59ps, "Catholic Boys' Library" Series, religion; children;, children, 25.00

002752 ...., ANONYMOUS .., LITTLE JOE ASHTON or FORBIDDEN GROUND & Other Stories, gd cond, ilust, PresbyterianPub, Philadelphia, nd 1880?, 4x6", black cloth, 125ps, Children learn to say"No"to Worldly Ways, religious; children; old;, Childrens, 250.00

007843 ...., ANONYMOUS .., MINNIE;or The LITTLE WOMAN,A Fairy Story, Fair Cond,Cover off, Ilust, PerkinsPub, Boston, 1857,1860, 5X6", Red Clothbnd, 165ps, Living in a Tree...Squirrel-Back Ride..., children; fairy;, children, 50.00

009169 ...., ANONYMOUS .., WIDOW DAVIS & The Young Milliners.A Story for Young Ladies, Gd Cond, 3 ilust, PresbPubCo, Philadelphia, nd 1890?, 4x5", BlackClothbnd, 110ps, old; religious christian; children;, children, 25.00

008378 ...., ANTHOLOGY .., OUR BOYS AND GIRLS STORY BOOK, WORN Cond, yellowing.TP Gone, many drawings, LothropPub, nd 1890, 8x10", Illust HC, 160ps, Old Book.Sophie May,Various Other Lothrop Authors Represented. Looks like Chatterbox, child;, children, 15.00

008282 ...., ANTHOLOGY .., SPEARHEAD,10 Years' Experimental Writing in America, Gd Cond,cover soiled,Shaken, Morris,Wright Photos, NewDirectionsBk, 1947, 1st Ed?, 6x9", White Clothbnd, 604pg, Rexroth; M.Moore;R.Jarrell;Tenn Williams;Saroyan;Patchen; G.Stein;Shapiro..Many Others from period included, short story;, fiction, 15.00

000497 ...., APPLETON,Victor .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..TOM SWIFT..., Good Condition unless noted.., Ilust, G&DPub, 5x7", Tan Clothbnd, Many titles have Aviation as a theme..Children's Series..PRICE EACH..., aviation; airplane; children; aero;, children, Victor APPLETON Titles here now.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS AERIAL title page..worn old G&D ilust../.. 1..TOM SWIFT and His AIRLINE EXPRESS,From Ocean ETC.Whitman Pub

1926..../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & His AIRSHIP..opens to page 3..TP missing.Has old G&D Ilust../.. 1..TOM SWIFT CIRCLING THE GLOBE..Whitman Pub..1927..DJ../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS FLYING BOAT..1923..1st ed?../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS PHOTO TELEPHONE..quite worn,spine taped.. has glossy ilust.1914, 1st ed?../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS SKY TRAIN,or Overland Through Clouds.1931,Whitman Pub..flys gone../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS TALKING PICTURES..spine chewed../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & HIS WIZARD CAMERA..1912.(also anthr.ex-lib rebnd copy).../.. 1..TOM SWIFT & THE DIAMOND MAKERS../.., 15.00

013073 ...., ARMITAGE,Theresa .., OUR SONGS,A SINGING SCHOOL,A Book of Accompaniments, Gd+Cond, Musical Scores, BirchardCo, 1940, 1st Ed?, 7x10", Paper Covers, 172pg, 150+ Songs for go with the Children's Edition. Grouped around the child's life at home..Family,Pets,Toys etc, music; children; old schoolbook;, music, 12.00

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015046 ...., ARTHUR,UNCLE (MAXWELL,Arthur) .., UNCLE ARTHUR'S BEDTIME STORIES..Various Voumes.., Fair-Good Condition unless noted.., BW Ilust & drawings, Review&Herald Pub, Takoma Park,WA, 1940s, 5x7", . .Clothbnd, 384ps, Inspirational Stories for Boys&Girls of all Nations. PRICE EACH....., short stories; children; religion; 7th day adventist; protestant;, children, Uncle Arthur's BEDTIME STORIES... ...COMBINED VOLLUME EDITIONS... 1..Vol 1-4..Red Cloth../.. 2..Vol cloth../.. 1..Vol 13-16.Orange cloth..wear../.. 4..Vol 17-20..Brown Cloth.(1)./.., 10.00

001757 ...., ASHBROOK,Frank G. .., BLUE BOOK of BIRDS of AMERICA, POOR CONDITION..8 bird pictures cut out...price as is.., Moller,Paul Color Ilust, WhitmanPub, Racine,Wis, 1931, 1st Ed?, 3x5", Blue PaperBnd, 96pg,

Containing..Goatsuckers,Swifts,Perching Birds..Tyrant Flycatchers,Larks, Crows,Jays..Starlings,Icteridae & Finhes.", bird; natural history; animal; children;, nat-history, 2.00

013853 ...., ASHBROOK,Frank G. .., GREEN BOOK of BIRDS of AMERICA,tANAGERS, sWALLOWS,wAXWINGS, Shrikes,Vireos,Warblers,Pipits,Dippers, Mimic Thrushes, Wrens, Gd+ Cond, Moller,Paul Color Ilust, WhitmanPub, Racine,Wis, 1931, 1954, 4x6" squarish, Green HC, 60pg, one of a popular series.., bird; natural history; animal; children; swallow; quail; woodpecker;, nat-history, 10.00

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MUNSON,Russell Photos, MacMillan Pub, 1970,1972, Later ptg, 6x8", Gd+DJ, 93pg, "He gives us Flight...He makes us feel Young", bird; children;, fiction, 5.00

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007102 ...., BAILEY,Carolyn Sherwin .., WONDERFUL WINDOW,The Best Myths for Boys & Girls, Gd Cond,Sound. lite edge stain,but generally good cond., BURD,Clara M. Color Ilust(6), Decorated EPs, Milton Bradley Co Pub, Springfield,MA, 1920,1924, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 344pg, Prometheus,Vulcan, Orion,Perseus,Pegasus,Mars,Minerva's Picture, Cadmus,..Fairy Godmother, Hawthone's Pygmies. Much More, childrens; myth; burd,clara;, children, spine. Owner sign., 18.00

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Line Ilust, ReligiousEdPr, Surrey,GB, 1959, 5x7", YellowHardCovr, 160pg, Christian School Education.Index, religious; children; education; nursery;, children, 8.00

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california; history;, West-NonFic, 50.00

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018119 ...., BARRE,James M. (retold by PERKINS,Frederick ) .., PETER PAN: The Boy Who Would Never Grow Up To Be A Man, Gd Cond,"Examination Copy, Compliments of Silver Burdett" on TP, WOODWARD,Alice B., Silver, Burdett Co,Pub, Boston, 1916, 6x8", DecBrownCloth, 73pg, Retold from Barrie's play. Paper aging, Barrie, J.; Illustrated/Childre;, children, 25.00

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Arbela; Chalons; Hastings;Britain,Others, war; children;, World-Hist, 12.00

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010522 ...., BEARS .., NEW STORY of The THREE BEARS, Gd+Cond, STONE, Charlotte Color Ilust, WhitmanPub, Racine,WI, 1939, 9x11", Paper Covers, 12pg, Goldilocks & 3 Bears.."modern setting", bears; children; grimm;, children, 15.00

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019584 ...., BEECHER,Walter J. (O'SHEA,M.V. Introduction) .., JUNIOR INSTRUCTOR..Vol 2 ONLY..A TREASURE HOUSE of ADVENTURE For BOYS & GIRLS..,

VG Cond, Color & BW ilust.Photos,Draw, E.M.Hale Co Pub, Eau Claire,Wis, 1916,1943, 9x12", YellowClothbnd, 234-448pg, features for children by Various Authors & Illustrators..Some charming illustrations., children;, children, 20.00

016564 ...., BELL,Frederick .., JENNY'S CORNER, Good Ex-Lib Cond,Fly gone, Onyshkewych,Z Drawings, RandomHs, 1974, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 58pg, A Little girl's love for deer results in a prohibition on hunting in her valley", deer; child;, children, 5.00

005625 ...., BELL,William Dixon .., SECRET OF TIBET, VG Cond, Juvenile - Mystery, Goldsmith Pub. Co., NY, 1938, 1st Ed?, 5x8", Gd+DJ.ChipedSp, 251pg, American Aviators on Record Flight to Orient,find themselves stranded in forbidden lamaseries of Tibet. Fiction, Juvenile - Mystery; children; tibet;, children, 14.00

017102 ...., BEMELMANS,Ludwig .., MADELINE and The GYPSIES, Gd+Cond, Color Drawings, VikingPr, 1958,1969, 5th ptg, 8x12", GreenClothbnd, 56pg, "little girls in two straight lines..", children;, children, 12.00

019741 ...., BEMELMANS,Ludwig .., MADELINE'S RESCUE, Gd+Cond,very minor cover wear, Color Drawings, Viking Press, NY, 1953,1963, 7th ptg, 9x12" oversized, GreenClothbnd, 56pg thin, little girl in Paris.., children;, children, 15.00

020047 ...., BENET,Stephen Vincent .., O'HALLORAN'S LUCK & Other Short Stories, Gd Cond, Penguin Books #546, 1944, 1st Penguin Ed, 4x6", Paper Covers, 247pg, "unusual,brilliantly written short story.", short stories; short story;, fiction, 8.00

012758 ...., BENNETT,Rowena Bastin .., CHILD'S BOOK of VERSE,Songs From Around A Toadstool Table, Gd Cond, Holling,L BW Drawingss, General Wear, FollettPub, 1930,1937, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 63pg, Short Rhymes, poetry; children; mushroom;, children, 15.00

014139 ...., BENSON,Irene Elliott .., CAMPFIRE GIRLS' RURAL RETREAT..or..The Quest of a Secret, VG Cond, Ilust, DonohuePub, 1918, 5x7", DecClothbound, 149+pg, Series title..young girl carrying wood on cover, campfire girls; children; juvnile;, children, 16.00

018846 ...., BERGER,Charles J .., ALASKAN MALMUTE,How to Raise & Train, Gd Cond, cover lite stain, TFH Pub, JC,NJ, 1963, 5x8", Paper Covers, 64pg, Gentle manners, Striking Apearance...,Wolflike eyes..excellent companion for the outdoorsman..", natural history; aimal; pet; dog; malamute; alaska; , nat-history, 4.00

020694 ...., BERRY,Erick .., GIRLS in AFRICA, Gd ex- School Lib.Cond,some cover soil,lite wear, Author ilust,Color,BW (7), Juv Fict Black, MacMillan Co Pub, NY, 1928 July, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 128pg, 6 short stories, centered on West Africa & Nigeria., Juv Fict Black; black juv; children; africa; nigeria; girl-women;, children, 12.00

002682 ...., BERRY,Erick .., NANCY HERSELF, GdCond,hinge cracked, GoldsmithPub, 1938, 1st Ed?, 5x8", OrangeHardcove, 249pg, Juvnile girls story, girl; children;, children, 10.00

011660 ...., BERTON,Pierre .., DIONNE YEARS,A Thirties Melodrama, VG Cond, Photos, NortonPub, 1978, 1stAmEd, 6x9", VG DJ, 232ps, Biography,Famous Canadian girls.Index, twins; woman; child; canada; dionne quintplets;, Biography, 12.00

018647 ...., BESTON,Henry (ed) .., AMERICAN MEMORY,Being A Mirror of the Stirring & Picturesque Past of Americans & the American Nation,Reflecting & Also Etc..., Gd+Cond.Lite cover wear, Farrar & Rinehart Inc, New York, 1937, 1st Ed-has col, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 498pg, Many short pieces by Important Americans,showing 2 main currrents..Formal literature,Memoirs, Oration,History. Index, history; Americana;, Americana, 20.00

008127 ...., BETTER HOMES & GARDENS .., CHERISHED DOLLS TO MAKE FOR FUN, VG Cond, Photos, 1984, 1st Ed, 4th ptg, 8X11", DecHardcovers, 80pg, Playtime Pals,Small folk,Perfect Doll,Brothers & Sisters,Fanciful & Other Dolls, sew; doll; children;, children, 12.00

019550 ...., BETTS,Ethel Franklin .., COMPLETE MOTHER GOOSE, FAIR COND. HINGES REPAIRED. MOST PLATES GONE. TEXT OK, Cover Art By GYW, Stokes Pub, NY, 1909,oct, 1st Ed?, 6x9", Dec GreenCloth, 227pg, all but 1 glossy ilust gone. (1 left is nice). 12 smaller b/w drawings still here. All of your favorite Nursery Rhymes OK, MOTHER GOOSE; CHILDREN;, children, I purchased this because the cover was in pretty nice shape..too bad the plates are almost all gone., 15.00

005350 ...., BIBLE .., BIBLE STORIES to COLOR, Gd Cond,some colored in, tastefully, coloring book drawings, DellPubCo#172, Racine, 1956, WhitmanPr, Original 29C, 6x11", Paper Covers, np 64ps?, "A Dell Children's Book".OLD TESTAMENT Theme, children; coloring book; religion; bible; christianity;, children, 5.00

016652 ...., BIBLE .., CHILDREN'S BOOK of BIBLE STORIES, VG Cond, Color Art Drawings, G&DPub/Spencer Press, NY, 1941,1945, Rept, 3rd ptg, 6x10", BlueClothbnd, 256pg, Many Favorite Old & New Testament Stories..intro story by SHELDON,Charles M.."GOD'S FINGERPRINTS". Many other Stories, religion; bible; children; christianity; art;, Religion, 20.00

012167 ...., BIBLE... .., HALF HOURS WITH The BIBLE,Scripture Stories for Young People, Gd Cond,flys torn. some finger soiling to some pages,genrly OK, Coffer,Sc 67 illust, McLoughlin Brothers Pub, NY, nd 1915?, 7x9", Dec Tan Cloth, 144pg, Color Ilust Frontis. Short Stories for young people., religion; children; christianity; bible stories; cogger,sc;, children, 25.00

001441 ...., BISCHOFF,Kay .., AMERICAN INDIAN,APACHE,Read & Color, Gd+Cond, line drawings, EukabiPub, Albq,NM, nd 1960s?, 8x11", Paper Covers, 16+ps, Series Bk.Text & fp ilust, indian; apache; art; child;, INDIAN, 6.00

005015 ...., BISHOP,John .., AN EVER-CHANGING PLACE,Year Among Snow Monkeys & Sherpas in Himalayas, VG Cond, Photos, S&SPub, 1978, 1st ed?, 6x9", vg dj, 190ps, Simbiosis of Man,Monkey,Forest&Mountain in Nepal, monkey; nepal; himalayas; nat-history; anthropology;, Nat-History, 10.00

014790 ...., BIXLER,William Allen..(the Riley Artist) .., CHALK TALK MADE EASY,Crayon & Blackboard Drawing Simplified, Gd+Cond, 300 Sketches by Author, WarnerPr, Anderson,Ind, 1932,1954, ltr ptg, 5x7", DecRedClothbnd, 128pg, Complete Course of Self Instruction., child; art;, children, 12.00

015933 ...., BLACKBURN,Tom W.(ed) .., THEY OPENED the WEST, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DDayPub, 1967, 1st Ed, 5x8", gd DJ, 240pg, Hogan,Ray; Grove,Fred; Farrell,Cliff 11 Other WWA Authors, ANTHOLOGY; SHORT STORY;, Western-FIC, 12.00

007495 ...., BLAINE,John .., CAVES of FEAR,A Rick Brant Science-Adventure

Story, gd cond,1st fly gone, Ilust, G&DPub, 1951, 1st Ed?, 5x7", Hardcovers, 210ps, Spine Series #8..Adventure.Juvnile Series, children; juvnile;, children, 12.00

008467 ...., BLAINE,John .., FLYING STINGAREE, VG Cond,still has original gold price sticker ($1.50), Ilust,Spindrift IslandMap ep, G&DPub #8818, 1963, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 176pg, Rick Brant Science-Adventure.Juvnile Series. Cover ilustration shows scuba boy & spear gun., children; juvnile; scuba;, children, 14.00

010702 ...., BLAINE,John .., GOLDEN SKULL, VG Cond, Ilust,EP Map, G&DPub, 1954, 5x7", Tan Hardcovers, 214ps, Rick Brant Electronic Adventure.Juvnile Series, children; juvnile;, children, 12.00

009281 ...., BLAINE,John .., LOST CITY,Rick Brant, Gd Cond, Ilust, G&DPub, 1947, 5x7", Hardcovers, 209ps, Electronic Adventure.Juvnile Series, children; juvnile;, children, 12.00

012990 ...., BLAINE,John .., PHANTOM SHARK, VG Cond, Ilust,Spindrift IslandMap ep, G&DPub #8806, 1949, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 206ps, Rick Brant Science-Adventure.Juvnile Series. Cover ilustration shows boys with harpoon & red submarine., children; juvnile;, children, 14.00

013309 ...., BLAINE,John .., SEA GOLD, Gd Cond, Ilust,EP Map, G&DPub, 1947, 5x7", Hardcovers, 214ps, Rick Brant Electronic Adventure.Juvnile Series, children; juvnile;, children, 10.00

008991 ...., BLAINE,John .., SMUGGLERS' REEF, Gd+Cond, Ilust,Spindrift IslandMap ep, G&DPub, 1950, 5x7", Hardcovers, 211ps, Rick Brant Science-Adventure.Juvnile Series RICK BRANT ELECTRONIC ADVENTURE.., children; juvnile;, children, 10.00

018021 ...., BLAKE,Peter. .., MASTER BUILDERS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, photos, drawings & plans, Frank Lloyd Wright, Alfred A. Knopf Pub, New York, 1960, 1st edition, 7x9", Gd DJ+, 399+pg, classic comparative study of the work of Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe & Frank Lloyd Wright; Sweeney #1379", Frank Lloyd Wright; Le Corbusier; Mies Van der Rohe; architecture; city planning; history; wright,Frank lloyd; corbusier,; rohe,mies, art-antique, 14.00

004213 ...., BLAKE,Robert .., DISRAELI, VG, illusts, biog, St Martins, 1967, 4th ptg, 6x9", DJ VG, 819ps, indexed,op this ed, History; England; Politics; disraeli;, Fiction, 15.00

007314 ...., BLANCHARD,Amy .., FOUR CORNERS in JAPAN, Fair Cond,fly gone, hinge reglued, 4 Smith ilust (1 missing), George W. Jacobs & Co Pub, Philadelphia, 1912 Sept, 1st Ed, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 377pg, Decorated Covers. Popular author, JAPAN; CHILDREN;, children, 15.00

008224 ...., BLAY,John .., AFTER the CIVIL WAR, VG Cond, Many Period Illustrations, BonanzaBk, 1960, Rept, 8X11", VG DJ, 312ps, Descriptive History,American Life.1865-1900, americana; history;, Americana, 20.00

020417 ...., BLOCK,Eugene B. .., GREAT TRAIN ROBBERIES OF THE WEST, VG Cond, Railroads, Ace Books Pub #T-398, N.Y., 1959, Revised Ed, 4x7", Paper Covers, 188pg, "A real thriller-diller & all of it fact..ther is action apleenty"..Yongers & Jameses.."Crime on Horseback"..INdexed, Railroads; western; james,jesse; younger,cole;, West-NonFic, 8.00

015678 ...., BLONLAY,Paulette .., SIX PETITS CANETONS, Gd+Condminor spine

end chip, DUPUY,Daniel Color ilust, Editions G.P., Paris,France, 1959, 9e, 8x10", DecHardcovers, 35pg, Duck Story for FRENCH language.., france; french; xfrench; childrens;, children, 12.00

016655 ...., BLUM,Jerome .., EMERGENCE of The EUROPEAN WORLD, VG Cond, Photos,Map, LitBrPub, 1966, 2nd ptg, 6x8", VG DJ, 539pg, From Dark Ages to 1814.Medieval-Napoleonic Era.Index, europe; renaissance; history;, World-Hist, 12.00

014855 ...., BLYTON,Enid .., CONJURING WIZARD,And Other Stories, Gd Cond, cover some soil, Soper,E..colored drawings, MacmillanCo Pub, London/NY, 1956, 5x7", YellowClothbnd, 191pg, Popular English Author, children;, children, 20.00

015548 ...., BODLEY,G.R. .., PEOPLES of OTHER LANDS, Gd Ex-Lib Cond,spine strip 1/2 gone., Photos,Maps, IroquoisPubCo, 1932, 8x10", DecGreenCloth, 122pg, Grade School Geography Reader.Index, old schoolbook; geography; children; world;, children, 12.00

012532 ...., BOHR,R.L. .., CLASSICAL ART, Gd+Conds, Photos,Map, Wm C. Brown Co Pub, DuBuque,Iowa, 1968, 6x9", Paper Covers, 158pg, Classical Greek,Etruscian,Roman Examples..Art Horizons Series. Indexed., art history; rome; italy; etruscan; architecture; sculpture; pottery;, art-antique, 10.00

020595 ...., BOK,Edward .., AMERICANIZATION of EDWARD BOK, The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After, Gd+Cond,ist fly gone,ow quite nice, Glossy Photos, American history, Charles Scribner's Sons Pub, NY, 1920,1923, Later ptg, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 462pg, Going Theater with Longfellow..Starting a Newspaper Syndicate.. Publishing Incidets & Anecdotes..Edit Woman's Magazines.Indexed, American history; Netherlands; biography; immigrant; newspaper; publishing; ladies home journal; magazine editor;, Biography, 14.00

004521 ...., BOND,C.Lester .., JUNIOR MISSIONARY VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK, Gd+Cond, Photos,Drawings, Review&HeraldPUb, 1929,1951, RevisEnlrgEd, 4x6", Paper Covers, 223pg, For Young Peoples Dept.Missionary Volunteers of the Gen Conf. Seventh Day Adventists, religion; protestant; adventist; children; misssionary;, children, 8.00

008009 ...., BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE .., BOOK of ANIMAL LIFE, VG Cond,minor spine wear, Photos, Rand McNally & Co Pub #322, Chicago, 1923,1940, 5x6"oblong, DecHardcovers, 64pg thin, "Little Reference Series"..Attractive Interesting little book..material from larger set.., children; animals;, children, 8.00

007980 ...., BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE .., BOOK of OUR OWN LIVE, VG Cond,minor spine wear, Photos, Rand McNally & Co Pub #323, Chicago, 1923,1940, 5x6", DecHardcovers, 64pg thin, "Little Reference Series"..Attractive Interesting little book..material from larger set.., children; science;, children, 8.00

000421 ...., BORLAND,Hal .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., nebraska; nat-history;, fiction, HAL BORLAND TITLES HERE NOW...Good hardcovers unless Noted.. ..Author was Born in NEBRASKA,Wrote NY Times Sunday Essays Enjoyed Rural Natural History Perspective. 1..AN AMERICAN YEAR..S&SPub.woodcut ilust...$15../.. 1..AN AMERICAN YEAR..S&SPub..Assoc Amer Art ed..$20 3..COUNTRY EDITOR'S BOY..Lipp 1970..$12../.. 1..COUNTRYMAN:A Summary of Belief..Ex-Lib..DJ..$10../.. 1..DOG WHO CAME TO STAY..LippCo..DJ..$15../.. 1..HILL COUNTRY HARVEST..Gd Copy,DJ..$12../..

..Lipp 1967 1st ed..ex-lib wear..$10../.. 4..HOMELAND,A Report From The Country..$10../.. 1..KING of SQUAW MOUNTAIN (Wapiti Pete)..Lipp..1964..$15../.. 2..OUR NATURAL WORLD..editor,Other Naturalists..Lipp 1969..$15../.. 3..PENNY,Free-Soul Basset Hound..1972 1st ed..$15../.. PAPERBACKS Follow.... 2..WHEN the LEGENDS DIE..$4../.., 1.00

000616 ...., BORLAND,Hal .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..., Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Hardcovers, PRICE EACH..., nebraska; nat-history;, fiction, HAL BORLAND TITLES HERE NOW...Good hardcovers unless Noted.. ..Author was Born in NEBRASKA,Wrote NY Times Sunday Essays Enjoyed Rural Natural History Perspective. 1..AN AMERICAN YEAR..S&SPub.woodcut ilust...../.. 1..AN AMERICAN YEAR..S&SPub..Assoc Amer Art ed.. 3..COUNTRY EDITOR'S BOY..Lipp 1970..../.. 1..COUNTRYMAN:A Summary of Belief..Ex-Lib..DJ..../.. 1..DOG WHO CAME TO STAY..LippCo..DJ..../.. 1..HILL COUNTRY HARVEST..Gd Copy,DJ..../.. ..Lipp 1967 1st ed..ex-lib wear..../.. 4..HOMELAND,A Report From The Country..../.. 1..KING of SQUAW MOUNTAIN (Wapiti Pete)..Lipp..1964..../.. 2..OUR NATURAL WORLD..editor, Other Naturalists..Lipp 1969..../.. 3..PENNY,Free-Soul Basset Hound..1972 1st ed..../.. PAPERBACKS Follow.... 2..WHEN the LEGENDS DIE..d4../.., 15.00

005221 ...., BORLAND,Hal .., BORLAND COUNTRY, VG Cond, Chandoha Photos, LippPub, 1947,1971, 2nd ptg, 8x10", VG DJ, 110ps, Selection of NY Times nature editorials, nat-history; nature;, fiction, 15.00

018607 ...., BOULTON,Rudyard .., TRAVELING WITH THE BIRDS, A Book on Bird Migration, VG Ex-Lib Cond,minor marks, Weber,Walter Color ilust, birds, M.A.Donohue Co Pub, Chicago,IL, 1933,1960, 10x12", DecClothbound, 64pg, "beautiful bird book for juvenile readers", birds; children's;, nat-history, 12.00

007816 ...., BOURKE-WHITE,Margaret .., PORTRAIT of MYSELF, VG Cond, 70 Photos, Sm&SchusPub, 1963, BkClubEd, 5x8", VG DJ, 383ps, Life Mag Photographer's Stories & Pics ..(..ALSO..6x9" dj some water warping,OW OK..).., history; ww2; photography; depresion;, History, 12.00

003664 ...., BOWER,Marian Bishop .., BUDS & BLOSSOMS,Missionary Stories For Children, Gd+Cond,fly taped, Zondervan Pub Co, Grand Rapids,MI, 1941, 2nd Ed, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 76pg, religion; children; protestant;, Religion, 12.00

018475 ...., BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA .., SCOUTMASTER'S PROGRAM NOTEBOOK 1945, For Leaders of Troops,Tribes & Neighborhood Patrols, Gd+Cond,quite a bit of interesting Penciled in Diary info, few ilust, boy scouts, Boy Scouts of America Pub, New York, 1944, 1st Ed?, stapled, 4x6", Paper Covers, 126pg, allows planning info for scouting activities, boy scouts; children; children; diary; scouting;, children, 12.00

009709 ...., BRADDEN,James A. .., FAR PAST The FRONTIER, Gd+Cond, Ilust, SaalfieldCo, 1936, IndianSeries, 5x8", DJ, 245ps, Ohio Valley,1790s Juvnile story..(..ALSO..Another copy..Old ,same pub #410....paper covers..cover price 39C..Coonskin Cap, children; frontier;, children, 10.00

020013 ...., BRADY,Irene (SIGNED) .., BEAVER YEAR, VG Cond, Drawings, HoughtonPub, Boston, 1976, 2nd ptg, 7x9", VG DJ, 40pg, Life of 2 beavers, BEAVER; children;, children, 14.00

017948 ...., BRANNER,John C. .., HOW and WHY STORIES, VG Cond, Line Drawings, HoltPub, NY, 1921, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 104pg, Black

Dialect Stories,Animal Ways & Tales, black; dialect; children;, children, 30.00

018270 ...., BRAUDEL,Fernand (Reynolds,Sian trans,ed) .., STRUCTURES OF EVERYDAY LIFE: CIVILIZATION & CAPITALISM 15th-18th CENTURY,The Limits of the Possible. Volume 1 (only), VG Cond, Photos,Drawings, Harper & RowPub, NY, 1979, 1stAmEd, 6x9", BlackClothbnd, 623pg, French Author,European Lifestyles,Agriculture,Economics & History. Index, Europe; History;, World- Hist, 20.00

019728 ...., BRECKENRIDGE,Robert P. .., MODERN CAMOFLAGE,The New Science of Protective Concealment, VG Cond,ink name fly, Color Chart,Photos, Drawings, Military History, Farrar & Rinehart,Inc Pub, NY, 1942, 1st Ed, 6x8", GreenClothbnd, 280pg, Planning for not to be seen. Major emphasis in avoiding Airplane observation. Netting,Painting,Distraction. Index, Military History; U.S.Army; camouflage; camoflage; art intellegence; World War II; WW2 military; aviation; aero airplane, World-Hist, 25.00

019668 ...., BREWER,William K. (FARWUHAR,Francis P.--EDITOR) .., UP AND DOWN CALIFORNIA IN 1860-1864, Gd+Cond,covers bit rubbed,lite coffee stain totext, Glossy Photos/Drawings, Univ of California Press, Berkley/Los Angeles, 1966,1974, New Ed,3rd Ed, 5x8", Paper Covers, 583pg, The Journal of W.H.Brewer. Member of State Geological Survey by Professor of Agriculture in teh Sheffield Scientific School-1903, Adventure; American History; Biography; California; Old West; GOLD MINING; 49ERS; JOURNALS; geology surveys, Western USA, 14.00

010203 ...., BRICK,John .., YANKEES ON THE RUN, VG Cond, Duell,Sloan Pub, NY, 1961,1967, 4th ptg, 5x7", Gd+DJ 1" tear, 149pg, Authentic Civil War Background..a tale of escape from Andersonville., civil war; andersonville priso; prison escape; children;, Civil War, 14.00

017105 ...., BRINK,Carol Ryrie .., BABY ISLAND, Gd Cond, Barnett,M illust, General Wear, ScholasticPub, 1937,1965, Later ptg, 5x7", Paper Covers, 154pg, Scarce Title..(..ALSO..fair copy,taped,tears to cover,tp 1971,5th ptg..).., children;, children, 4.00

018062 ...., BRINK,Carol Ryrie .., LAD WITH A WHISTLE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, cover dusty-soiled, BALL,Robert Ilust, Juvenile, Macmillan Co, New York, 1941Sept, 1st Ed?, 6x8", YellowClothbnd, 235pg, Scotland Setting 1810...Fiction, Juvenile; Scotland;, children, 20.00

003847 ...., BRINK,Carol Ryrie .., MADOMOISELLE MISFORTUNE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, K.Seredy Ilust, MacMillanCo, 1936, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 267ps, 6 Young Ladies, child;, children, 15.00

016540 ...., BRION,Marcel; HUNTER,Sam; GROHMANN,Will; JAFFE,H.L.C.; HODIN, J.P. & Others .., ART SINCE 1945, VG Cond, 60 hand tipped color Plates, 120 B/W illust, Harry N.Abrams Pub, NY, nd 1958?, 8x10", Chiped Back DJ, 374pg, Survey of World Modern Art after WW2. Intent,Outlines,Summary Analysis. Various Authors/Authorities/Critics Articles. Index, art history; art criticism; modern art; paintings;, art-antique, 45.00

019959 ...., BRION,Marcel .., POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM,THE GLORY AND THE GRIEF, VG Cond, Glossy Ilust(52 color), Ancient Rome, CrownPub, NY, 1960, Italy Printing, 8x10", Gd+DJ, 237pg+FOLD MAP, Photographs by Edwin Smith. Folding map. Italian Artistic Cultured city preserved by volcano flows.for archaeology . Index, Ancient Rome; Ancient history; Roman Empire; archaeology; archeology; pompeii; volcano; art mosaics; sculpture,, art-antique, 30.00

014685 ...., BRITTAIN,W.Lambert .., CREATIVITY,ART,and The YOUNG CHILD, Gd+Cond, Photos,Color art, MacMillanCo, 1979, 1st ptg, 7x10", OrangeClothbnd, 242pg, Sensitive Observations.Index, children; art; pre-school;, art-antique, 15.00

014252 ...., BRONOWSKI,Jacob .., ASCENT of MAN, VG Cond, Photo Ilust, LitBrPub, 1973, 7th ptg, 7x9", vg dj, 448ps heavy, Index.Modern Renaissance Cultural Work., humanity; culture; history;, History, 15.00

017204 ...., BROOKE,Leslie .., GOLDEN GOOSE, Poor Ex-Lib Cond,NO Title Page-GONE. Rebound, Color & BW Full Page Ilust, no pub, nd 1930s?, 7x9", GreenClothbnd, np 24pg? thin, Children's stories. Medieval settings, medieval; children;, children, 8.00

015294 ...., BROOKS,L.Leslie (Sewal ed) .., GOLDEN GOOSE and Other Favorites, Gd+Cond, Color Ilust, AvenelBk, nd 19980s?, Rept, 5x7", VG DJ, 61pg, Many Favorites, mother goose;, children, 8.00

010775 ...., BROOKS,Patricia .., TREASURE of The MOUNTAIN, VG Cond, BROOKS, Chris Color ilust, Dent Co Pub, London, 1955, 1st Pub, Aldine Press, 5x7", ChipedSpine DJ, 191pg, climbing adventures in smaller Welsh mountains to the west of Snowdon. Fiction Mystery by author who lived in Area many years., wales; welsh mountains; children;, children, 12.00

018609 ...., BROTT,Ardyth .., JEREMY'S DECISION, VG Cond, Martchenko, Michael, Kane/Miller BkCo, NY, 1990, 1stAmEd, 8x10", DecHardcovers, np 28pg? thin, Dinosaur interest,children's book, children; dinosaur;, children, 12.00

013338 ...., BROUGH,James .., DOG WHO LIVES AT The WALDORF, VG Cond, VASILIU ilust drawings, dogs, Little, Brown & Co. Pub, Boston, 1964, 1stAmEd", 6x8", ChipedSpine DJ, 69pg thin, Lives on 39th floor of the Waldorf Towers,overlooking Madison Ave & the Hudson River..Canine Journey of 7 Days., dogs; fiction; hotels; illustrated; literature; new york city; children;, children, 18.00

012221 ...., BROWN,John .., RAB & HIS FRIENDS, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Glossy Photo frontis Ilust, Caldwell Co, NY, nd 1915?, 4x6", DecClothbound, 185pg, Mastif dog story & sevral others as well., dog; children;, children, 15.00

019691 ...., BROWN,Margaret Wise .., GOLDEN EGG BOOK, Gd Cond,Spine strip gone,last page torn at binding, Weisgard Color Ilust, Simon & Schuster Pub/Sandpoi, 1947 tp, 1st Ed?, 9x13", DecHardcovers, np thin 36s?, Intense artwork. Rabbit finds egg & has a friend., CHILDREN; easter eggs; rabbit;, children, 15.00

018109 ...., BROWN,Margaret Wise .., WHISPERING RABBIT,& Other Stories, VG, Williams,Garth Ilust, Weekly Reader Children's Pr, 1947,1965, BkClubEd, 6x8", DecClothbound, 63pg, Caldecott Medal Author, CHILDREN; caldecott medal; rabbit;, children, 8.00

014568 ...., BROWN,Ruth Alberta .., TABITHA'S VACATION..Vol#3,Ivy Hall Series, VG Cond, Smith,Wunita Ilust, back cover,small stain, SaalfieldPub, 1913, 1st Ed?, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 423pg, Delighted Children in Wonderous Admiration, children;, fiction, 20.00

019479 ...., BROWN,Ruth Alberta .., TABITHA'S GLORY,Volume 2 in the Ivy Hall Series, Gd Cond,both hinge papers torn.Shaken. ex-lib, Ilust,

SaalfieldPub, 1912, 5x7", YellowClothbnd, 319os, Popular Juvnile author, CHILDREN;, children, 16.00

005959 ...., BRYAN,Ashley .., WHY FROG & SNAKE NEVER PLAY TOGETHER ; CAT'S PURR (in POURQUOI TALES), Gd Ex-School Cond, Color Drawings, HoughtonPub, 1989, 7x9", Paper Covers, 87ps, also Hodges-FIRE BRINGER, FOLKTALE; FROG; CAT;, children, 4.00

001228 ...., BRYANT,Mark .., World War II in Cartoons, vg cond, glossy reproductions, political Humor, GalleryBks, 1989, 9x12", vg dj, 160ps, Index.Collected World-Wide art, war; cartoon art; politics; history;, art, 12.00

019093 ...., BRYANT,Traphes with Leighton,F.S. .., DOG DAYS AT THE WHITE HOUSE,Outrageous Memoirs of the Presidential Kennel Keeper, Gd Cond,cocked spine, photos, Autobiographical, MacMillan Pub, New York, 1975, 1st ptg, 6x9", Gd+DJ, 343pg, Dogs & their Political Owners from Eisenhower to Nixon..Including much on the Kennedys..Many Dogs described.Index, Autobiographical; Dog Stories; Dogs; History; Memoirs; Presidential; White House;, Americana, 15.00

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NY, 1971, trade editon, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 182pg, eccentric local artist disappears.., mystery; child; hitchcock,alfred;, children, 14.00

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, Western-FIC, 20.00

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1945,1952, 8x10", BlueClothbnd, 72ps, "Wonderful things that have happened in our country", CHILDREN HISTORY;, children, 9.00

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MEMOIRS of LORD CHANDOS, VG Cond,ink name fly & date, History - British, Bodley Head Pub, London, l962, 1st published, 5x9", VG DJ, 446pg, Aristocrat,Businessman,Intellectual..Member of Churchill's War Cabinet. African Affairs after WW2. Index, History - British; Lytton; WW2; autobiography; africa mau mau; nigera;, Biography, 15.00

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Covers, 212+pg, Comprehensive..and at the same time easy & readable..account., philosophy; buddhism; religion; history;, PHILOSOPHY, 10.00

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198ps, hilarious adventures of Danny & Best Dad a boy ever had..", child; father;, children, 6.00

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Anthropology, Hurst & Co, NY, nd 1900?, New Edition, revised,Augmtd, 5x7", BrownClothbnd, 705ps, includes preface to 2nd edition & Index...., Anthropology; Biology; Mankind; Natural history; Sex; Sociology; Zoology; evolution; genetics, fiction, 8.00

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taped, Color Illus. By Author, Childrens, Green Tiger Press, la Jolla, CA, 1985, 1st Ed, 6th ptg, 7x8", DecHardcovers, np 32pg?, Rotwieller Dog & Baby. Adventure & Loving protection told with out words., CHILDRENS; DOGS; ROTWEILLER;, children, 6.00

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Drawings, VikingPr, NY, 1946 tp & verso, 1st ed", 8x10", GreenClothbnd, np 32pg? thin, Childrens horse story.., CHILDREN ANIMAL; horse;, children, 15.00

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in Holland. color printed cover,children skating. Original Plastic cover, holland; ice skating; children;, children, 14.00

010471 ...., DODGE,Mary Mapes .., HANS BRINKER,or The SILVER SKATES, VG Cond,spine bit faded,else nice. Ilust End papers, Burd,Clara Color Ilust(4)+BW, John C.Winston Co Pub, Chicago, 1925, 6x9", DecClothbound, 325pg, Children's Bookshelf Edition." A Story of Life in Holland. color printed cover,3 children skating., holland; ice skating; children; burd, clara M.; clara m burd;, children, 25.00

010498 ...., DODGE,Mary Mapes .., HANS BRINKER,or The SILVER SKATES, Gd Cond,ink sig,ow clean,old, CARSEY,Alice Color ilust&B&W, Color cover ilustration, Whitman Publishing Company, Racine,Wis, 1917, 6x9", DecClothbound, pg, A Story of Life in Holland. color printed cover, children skating,windmill in background, holland; ice skating; children;, children, 20.00

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Glossy Ilust, BurtPub, 1916, 5x7", DecBrownClothb, 252+pg, WW1 Juvnile Story, navy; ww1; child; baltic;, children, 14.00

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1907,1909, 5x7", Grey Clothbnd, 266pg, a departure from traditional Civics for young people.. Index American Political Culture at the turn of the century, civics; social studies; old schoolbook; american history;, Old Schoolb, 14.00

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008735 ...., EAST,Ben .., LAST EAGLE,Dramatic Story of KHAN, Fair Ex-Lib Cond,fly gone, Photos, CrownPub, 1974, 5x8", DJ, 144ps, MIchigan,OUTDOOR LIFE Author.Bird's Life, nat-history; bird; eagle;, nat-history, 10.00

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018224 ...., ECUYER,Lee .., ZIPPY The CHIMP, Fair Cond,last fly gone,ow ok, Real Color Photos, Rand McNallyCo #8705, Chicago, 1953, TipTopElfBook, 35c cover pric, 6x8", DecHardcovers, np thin, Darling Dressed Chimp. Brought up like a "real little boy", children; chimpanzee; monkey; animal; cross dresser;, children, 10.00

008060 ...., ECUYER,Lee .., ZIPPY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY, VG Cond, Real Color

Photos, Rand McNallyCo #506, Chicago, 1955, ElfBook, 25c cover pric, 6x8", DecHardcovers, np thin, Darling Dressed Chimp. Brought up like a "real little boy".This is his 6th Birthday Party., children; chimpanzee; monkey; animal; cross dresser; birthday party;, children, 15.00

015410 ...., EDWARDS,Harry .., ENEAS AFRICANUS, VG Cond, Townsend Line Drawings, G&DPub, 1920,1940, 6x8", Bit Chipped DJ, 38psg, Map End Papers..DJ bright,Book itself has Attractive Tan Cloth "Unforgettable charm,whimsy. Southern Darky & His White Folks", black; children; racism; slavery; dialect;, children, 35.00

019733 ...., EGERMEIER,Elsie E. .., BIBLE STORY BOOK,A Complete Narration From Genesis to Revelation for Young & Old, VG Cond, color glossy frontis.+ B&W, WarnerPr, Anderson,Ind, 1922,1939, New & RevisEd, Later ptg, 6x8", Red Clothbnd, 608ps heavy, "Beautifully Ilustrated". Map Endpapers. all the Popular Old Stories. Index..picture of Jesus & children on front cover., religion; bible; children;, Childrens, 20.00

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000146 ...., ELLIS,William .., The MAJESTIC ROCKY MOUNTAINS, vg, photos-D Durrance, National Geographic, 1976, 7x10", vg dj, 201ps, OP,indexed,, colorodo; west; history;, Western USA, 12.00

010027 ...., ELSEA,Matilda Mahaffey (ed) .., CHOICE POEMS For ELEMENTARY GRADES, Gd Cond,fly gone,lite wear. Stiff Card-Paper Covers, Edwards Press"Hillbilly Pr", Osceola,MO, 1943,Oct, 2nd ptg, 5x8", BlackCovers, 230+pg, arranged by grade STevenson,Rbt; CONKLING,Hilda; WHITTIER, J.G.; TEASDALE,Sara; KILMER,J; FIELD,Eugene,others, poems; poetry; old schoolbook; children; hillbilly;, children, 12.00

000005 ...., ELSON,William H.& Keck,C.M. .., Elson Readers..ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK, condition on most of these is worn., old schoolbk; children; school; readers; text;, Old Schoolb, ELSON EXTENSION SERIES.. 1..Elson Gramar School Reader.. ..Book Four(8th) $12../.. 1..Elson Gramar School Reader..Book Three..$12../.. 1..ELSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL READER..Book Four..$15../.. 1..ELSON READERS..Book Eight..Scott 1921..$10../.. 1..ELSON- GREY..BASIC READERS Book Five..1931,36..Scott..$12../.. 2..Elson-Runkel Primer 1914..color ilust..fair shape..$20../.. 1..Elson-Lynch..Good English,Oral & Writ..1921..Teachers edition..$8../.. 2..Elson-Burris..Child-Library Readers..Extension Series..Book Sen..$10./ 1.. ..(..ALSO..Book 8..$10..)../.. 1..ELSON-Kelly..CHILD-LIBRARY READERS..Extension Series.Bk Four..$12../.. 2..Elson-Keck..ELSON JUNIOR LITERATURE..Book One..Scott 1936..$10../.. 1.. ...Book Two..Scott 1936..$10../.. 1..ELSON-KECK..JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL LIT..Book One.revised Scott 1936,1944..$10../.. ..ALSO SEE..Rev John O'Brien's "CATHEDRAL READERS"..Which are Elson Revsns., 1.00

008464 ...., EMERSON,Edwin .., HISTORY of the NINETEENTH CENTURY YEAR by YEAR..Vol 1, VG Cond, Colored Plates,FO Map, CollierPub, 1902, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 605ps, 1800-1815 Some USA,Much Europe, europe; history; 1800;, World-Hist, 10.00

008465 ...., EMERSON,Edwin .., HISTORY of the NINETEENTH CENTURY YEAR by YEAR..Vol 2, VG Cond, Colored Plates,FO Map, CollierPub, 1902, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 605ps, 1816-1857 Some USA,Much Europe, europe; history; 1800;, World-Hist, 10.00

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002288 ...., ENCYCLOPEDIAL BRITANICA (ed)..(Volume 1 only..of 2 volumes).. Includes; TIRPITZ,Alfred..;JELLICOE,Admiral; BARUCH,Bernard .., THESE EVENTFUL YEARS,The 20th Century in the Making,as Told by Many of its Makers..Being the Dramatic Story of all that has..., Gd Cond,general wear, some to spine ends,hinges, Full Page Photos(160)&FO MAP, W/ MANY LARGE FOLD OUT MAPS, Encyclopaedia BritannicaPub, NY, 1924, 1st Ed?, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 692pg, Early Century Politics & History. Signed articles by various Important persons of the day., 20th century; world history; current events; politics;, World-Hist, Contains much materialby militay men relating to WW1.. GOVERNMENT BY PROPAGANDA authored by RUSSELL, Bertrand A.W. .. DULLES,John Foster on WAR REPERATIONS... ALSO material by others on various world matters., 45.00

005930 ...., ERIKSON,Erik H. .., CHILDHOOD and SOCIETY, Gd Cond, NortonPub, 1950,1963, 2nd Ed, ltr ptg, 5x7", Paper Covers, 445ps, Humanity imagined.Psychology, psychology; child;, psychology, 6.00

004637 ...., EVANS,Adelaide Bee .., BIBLE PICTURES & STORIES...AND../..ALL..STOCK.., VG Cond,Unless noted, Photos & Drawings Ilust, PacificPr, Mt.View, Ca, 1911,1929, 6x8", GreenClothbnd, 191pg, Sunday School Book..Price Each....., child; religion; christian;, children, 1..Book One..EASY STEPS in The BIBLE STORY,From Creation to Joseph../.. 1..Book Two..MEN OF MIGHT & VALOR,Bible Pic & Stories.Moses to Samuel../.. 1..Book Three.STORIES of The KINGS,From David to Christ..(Fly gone)../.. 1..Book Four..The Children's Friend,Pictures & Stories of the Life of Jesus this one 1928 & ex-church lib../.., 12.00

005103 ...., EVERHART,Frances & McCRORY,Mae .., HOW ANIMALS TRAVEL, Gd+ Ex- School Cond, Photos, EducationalPrHs, Columbus,Ohio, 1935, 5x7", Paper Covers, 36pg, UNIT STUDY SERIES #151..children's early reader. Snails, Frogs, People, CHILDREN; OLD SCHOOLBOOK; travel; READER; animal;, Old Schoolb, 5.00

019211 ...., EVERS,Helen & Alf .., COPY KITTEN, Gd+Cond,Quite nice,mimimal wear., EVERS,H ilust, Rand McNally Pub, NY, 1937,1945, Rept, 6x6", DecHardcovers, np 32pg? thin, little kitten that wanted to be other animals, Evers, Helen; children's; cats; feline; kitten;, children, 15.00

009223 ...., ... .., EVERY GIRL'S STORY BOOK, Gd+ Cond, Color & BW Line ilust, Dean& Son Pub, London, nd 1935?, 7x10", 1/2 DJ gone, 92+pg, 7 Author's Stories, girl; short story;, children, 15.00

020744 ...., FALKNER,J.Meade .., MOONFLEET, Good Ex-Lib Cond, KREDEL,Fritz Ilust, Juvenile, Little Brown Pub, Boston, 1951, 1st Ed, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 247pg, English Adventure Story.....Enthralling tale of smugglers, hidden treasure, curse of Black Mohunes..time 1750s..", Juvenile; smugglers; smuggling; fiction;, fiction, 12.00

019960 ...., FALLOWS,Samuel,Rt.Rev.,(ed.) ..including FISHER,Dorothy Canfield & PEARY,Robert E. & PIERCE,Ethel Cooper Contributors.. .., HUMAN INTEREST LIBRARY,Visualized Knowledge..Volume 1 & 2 in 1 book, Gd+Cond, spine bit faded at edges,front inner hinge paper worn, Glossy Color Photos, Drawings, Many BW Drawings, Midland Press Pub, Chicago,IL, 1914, 1st Ed?, 6x9" HEAVY, Red Clothbnd, 383+379pgTHICK, Attempts to cover western achievements in science & culture ...has sections for Children.."modern" applications.. Indexed, science; encyclopedia; children;, Non-Fictio, 35.00

013263 ...., ... .., FAMILY FRIEND, Gd Cond,covers loose, many ilust thru-out, Ward&LockPub, London, 1858, 5x8", BrownClothbnd, 372pg+12pg Ans, Many Articles,Stories for Juvnile readers, children; old;, children, 30.00

013265 ...., ... .., FAMILY FRIEND..Vol X, Worn,Loose Covers.Contents Ok, many ilust thru-out, Ward&LockPub, no date,1859?, New Series, 5x8", BrownClothbnd, 408pg, Many Articles,Stories for Juvnile readers.Enigmas, Receipts,, children; old;, children, 35.00

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JDayCo, 1953, 5x7", BrownClothbnd, 159ps, Juvnile Minerology, geology; child; mineral;, nat-history, 8.00

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Cond,..includes Preface to 1927 ed, Photos,Drawings, Old West Classic, Indian Head Bks/Barnes Pub, New York, 1882,1994, Rept, 5x8", VG DJ, 233pg, William Bonney. Killed first man at 12, dead at 21..Notorious career ended by author of this book. Eyewitness History & Drama, Southwest history; Western; biography; crime & criminals; outlaws;, West-NonFic, 15.00

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african american; afro american; black history; black studies; negro; slave narratives; slavery;, Americana, 10.00

014671 ...., GENTLEMAN WITH A DUSTER .., GLASS OF FASHION,Some Social Reflections, Gd+Cond,fly gone, Glossy Photos, PutnamPub, 1921, 1stAmEd, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 176+pg, ASQUITH,Margot. Anti-Darwin,Anti Prussian, Anti-Bolshevism."LOOK to FASHION.", HISTORY; CLOTHING; SEW; CULTURE; Asquith,Margot;, History, 25.00

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017917 ...., GIBSON,Katharine .., GOLDEN BIRD, and Other Stories, Gd+Cond, Sommer,Edwin Color Ilust(9), MacMillanCo, Ny, 1927oct, 1st Ed?, 6x9", Grey Clothbnd, 163pg, has 4 color ilust.stained 1/2 inch into top border.ow nice collection of tales from many lands.Egypt,Greece,France., children; short stories;, children, 20.00

020307 ...., GIBSON,Walter .., MAGIC for All AGES,With over 150 Easy to perform tricks using everyday objects, VG Cond, many Ilust, magic, Wilshire House Pub, No Hollywood,CA, 1980, 5x8", Paper Covers, 231pg, Various tricks..dinner table magic..Bafflers..Mental Magic.. Card & Miscellaneous Tricks.., magic; child;, sport, 10.00

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018388 ...., GILCHRIST,Beth Bradford .., HELEN And The FIFTH COUSINS, Adventures with Judith, the Hermit,and Some Other People, Gd+Cond,spine fade,hinge wear, Williamson,Ada Glossy Ilust, Cover Ilust Art, PennCoPub, Philadelphia, 1915,1917, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 335pg, Juvnile Story, CHILDREN; juvinile;, fiction, 20.00

011236 ...., GILLARD,E.Thomas .., BIRDS of the SOUTH PACIFIC, Gd Cond, Color Sticker Photos, DDayPub, 1956, 5x8", Paper Covers, 62ps thin, Nat Audubon Soc.Nature Program, children; bird;, nat-history, 4.00

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017098 ...., GLEESON,W.Rev .., TRIALS of The CHURCH;or,The PERSECUTION of RELIGION..2 Vol Set.., Gd+Cond, vol 1 & vol 2 each have 1st fly gone. OW BRIGHT,FIRM, NY Catholic Protectory, West Chester,NY, 1880, 1st Ed, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 561+574pg, ..(..ALSO..another set,Same..but vol 2,opens to

title page.. ..Price per SET../.., religion; persecution; roman catholic; history;, Religion, 50.00

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007200 ...., GOODMAN,Paul .., GROWING UP ABSURD, Problems of Youth in the Organized System., Gd Cond,ink underlined, Education, Random House Pub, NY, 1960, 1st ptg, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 296pg, Education; children; growing up; learning; sociology;, Non-Fictio, 12.00

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VG Cond,minor lite signs age, Glossy Ilust, Baseball, G&D Pub, 1915,1920, 5x7", GreenClothbnd, 238pg, "3 firey-pated players who introduce a little boxing & plenty of comedy into the game..includes The Rube character.", Baseball; sport children;, Western-FIC, 25.00

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Wicked Witches,giants & ogres-beautiful princesses,Handsome princes,kings & queens etc, fairy; children; folklore;, Fiction, 8.00

009442 ...., GROSS,Ruth .., True Stories About ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Gd+Cond, Turzak woodcuts, ScholasticBk, 1973, 6x8", Paper Covers, 48ps, Young Childrens Text, children; lincoln;, children, 3.00

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017592 ...., HABER,Philip (ed .., PUZZLES and POSERS, VG Cond,ink gift inscription, Hill,J. ilust, Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, 1963, 1st Ed?, 4x7", vg dj, 62ps, an anthology of some of teh most challenging problems in the field of recreational mathematics..", mathamatics; puzzle; children;, Science-Tec, 8.00

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016978 ...., HAECKELL,Ernest .., ART FORMS IN NATURE, VG Cond, 100 plates, each w/many ilust, Dover Pub, NY, 1974, Rept, 9x12"oversize, Paper Covers, np 100 plates, one of foremost early exponents of Darwinism. Jellyfish, Radiolaria,Foraminifera..microscopic & larger life, natural history; art; microscope; jellyfish;, nat-history, 15.00

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019036 ...., HAGGARD,Howard W. .., DOCTOR in HISTORY, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Ilust, YaleUniversity Pr, New Haven, 1934, 6x9", GreenClothbnd, 408pg, Covers Egyptian,Greek Culture,Black Death,Science of Medicine ,Index, doctors; history of medicine; medicine;, Medicine, 16.00

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017754 ...., HAHN,Bula .., JET'S ADVENTURES, VG Cond, Arthur,E. Ilust, UnitySchPub, 1940, 1st Ed, 5x7", red cloth, 171ps, Three part story of a

Boy's Adventures..(..ALSO..1945, 3rd ed, fly corner clipped..).., religion; children; unity religion;, Childrens, 10.00

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011442 ...., HALL,Donald .., SEASONS at EAGLE POND, VG Cond, NASON,Thomas W. Ilust, Poetry,American, Ticknor & Fields Pub, New York, 1987, 1st printing, 6x9", Paper Covers, 86pg, luminous quartet of essays on the seasons if New England... family lore & intimate reflection on natural world...", natural history; naturalist;, fiction, 15.00

019522 ...., HALL,Newton Marshall .., BOOK OF 8 Volumes, VG Cond, Clean,sound,firm, Photos,Drawings, Bible, John Rudin & Co, Chicago,IL, 1923,1954, 22nd Edition, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 500-+pg each, Illus. frontis color plate and commentary. Color endpgs. PRICE FOR THE SET...., Bible; religion; children; set;, Religion, VOL 1..BIBLE TREASURES../.. VOL 2..BIBLE HEROES PIONEERS../.. VOL 3..BIBLE KINGS CAPTAINS../.. VOL 4..BIBLE PROPHETS STATESMEN../.. VOL 5..BIBLE POETRY../.. VOL 6..LIFE OF THE MASTER../.. VOL 7..PAUL LIFE LETTERS../.. VOL 8..BIBLE EDUCATOR, INDEX../.., 75.00

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008780 ...., HALLOCK,G.B.F.Rev. (ed) .., THREE HUNDRED,FIVE MINUTE SERMONS FOR CHILDREN,A Cyclopedia of Choice & Practical Present Day Sermons to Children,Story Sermons, Gd Cond,1st fly gone,bit cover wear, Harper Bros Pub, NY, 1928en, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 362pg, Object Sermons;Drama Sermons, Lessons from nature,art,science, fables,legends & folk lore,missionary talks & sermons With espec, religion; children; sermons;, Religion, with especially ample inclusion of those appropriate to the special days & occasions of the Church & Secular year.", 18.00

017775 ...., HALSTEAD,Bruce W. .., DANGEROUS MARINE ANIMALS, VG Cond, Color,BW Photos. Drawings, Marine Life, Cornell Maritime Press, Centerville,Maryland, 1959, 1st Ed, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 146pg, Identification,Distribution,habits, Noxious characteristics of dangerous animals. Practical Guide. Index, Marine Life; Natural History; Nature; Zoology; fish; shark; aquarium; aquatic; poison, nat-history, 18.00

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013874 ...., HANCOCK,H.Irving .., DICK PRESCOTT'S SECOND YEAR at WEST POINT,or Finding the Glory of the Soldier's Life, Fair Cond,hinges both cracked, Ilust, Altemus Pub, Philadelphia, 1911, 5x7", Tan Clothbnd, 212pg, Life & Routine at New York Military College Described "west Point Series", army; war; children; west point; new york; college; education;, children, 15.00

019505 ...., HAND,Jack .., HEROES of The NFL, VG Cond, Photos, Random House Pub, NY, 1965, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 183pg, Punt Pass and Kick Library.NDL. 10 inspiring biographical sketches..Serious obstacles to becoming stars. GIFFORD,Frank etc, children; sport; football; hirsch,elroy; groza lou; berry,raymond; wood,willie; tunnell,emlen, sport, 12.00

019709 ...., HANSEN,Helen .., CUSTOM DRESSING DOLLS, VG Cond, Photos, Drawings, Dale Swant Pub, Mukilteo,Wa, 1984, 1st Ed?, 8x10", Paper Covers, 96pg, Patterns & details on Making Doll clothes..Dresses,Unerthings, Headwear,Dressing the doll..etc., children; doll collecting; toys; little girls; france; costumes; clothing; sewing;, children, 8.00

018434 ...., HARBIN,E.O. .., PHUNOLOGY: A Collection of Tried & Proved Plans for Play, Fellowship, & Profit, Gd+Cond,spine fade, Activities/games, Cokesbury Press, Nashville, Tenn., 1923, 5x7", Red Hardcovers, 454pg, "The Book of Good Times"..1000 Games and Entertainment Plans. Index, Activities/games; children; games; stunts;, children, 14.00

004396 ...., HARLOW,Victor E .., OKLAHOMA HISTORY, VG Cond, Photos, Drawings, History, Harlow Pub. Corp, OK City, 1934,1961, Revised Ed, 6x9", DecClothbound, 596pg, History of an area from Early Explorations & later Politics. Index.Cover brightly illus.former owner's name, History; Oklahoma;, Eastern USA, 15.00

012873 ...., HARPER,Samuel (SIGNED) .., HOOSIER TRAMP, VG Cond, Frontis Ilust, PrairieClubPub, Chicago, 1928, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenHardbnd, 151pg, 10 day Walk from Chigago-Orland,Indiana, illinois; hobo; walk; nature; nat- history; ndiana;, Eastern USA, 15.00

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006469 ...., HARRIS,Leila & Kilroy .., LOST HOLE of BINGOOLA,A Story of the AUSTRALIAN BUSH, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Forrest ilust, BobbsPub, 1942, 1st Ed, 5x8", OrangeRebndHC, 207pg, includes Glossary.Juvnile story, australia; children;, children, 10.00

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014084 ...., HART,Philip .., ADVENTURES of A PATRIOT, Gd Cond, Glossy

Ilust, BurtPub, 1930, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 256, Mystery & Adventure Series, children;, Western-FIC, 12.00

013852 ...., HART,Philip .., BLACK SKIMMER,A Story of Adventures & Mystery, Gd Cond, Ilust, SaalfieldPub, 1929, 5x7", Hardcovers, 423pg, Juvnile Advneture, children;, children, 10.00

002231 ...., HART,Philip .., GOLDEN LURE, Gd Cond, Glossy Ilust, SaalfieldPub, 1934, 5x7", . .Clothbnd, 256pg, Juvnile western, children; western fiction;, Western-FIC, 10.00

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011515 ...., HARTMAN,C.L. .., PASS THAT PUCK!, Good Ex-Lib Cond, G&DPub, 1948, 5x8", Hardcovers, 136pg, "Famous Sports Stories" Series, sport; children; ice hockey; hockey;, children, 8.00

018258 ...., HARTMAN,Dennis (scty ed) .., YOUNG AMERICA SINGS,1953 Anthology of California High School Poetry, VG Cond, NatHighSchPoetryAssn, LA,CA, 1953, 16th annual ed, 6x9", Paper Covers, 135pg, Many short, creative pieces. Nature,Philosophy,Love,Patriotism, Places,People & Miscell..Nationwide appeal..spiral bound.., poetry; child; high school; poems;, Poetry-Play, 10.00

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010563 ...., HASTINGS,Howard .., WATCH,SHEPHERD of the RANGE, Gd Cond, Color Ilust, CupplesPub, 1939,, 5x7", Tan Clothbnd, 278ps, Western Sheep Dog Story, sheep; dog; child;, Childrens, 10.00

018888 ...., HASTINGS,Howard .., WATCH,SHEPHERD of the RANGE, Gd Cond, CupplesPub, 1939, 5x7", Tan Clothbnd, 278ps, Western Sheep Dog Story, sheep; dog; child;, Childrens, 12.00

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010982 ...., HAYDEN,Gwendolen (MARTHA,Mary) .., MARY MARTHA'S REALLY-TRULY Stories,Book 5, Gd Ex-School Cond, Nye ilust, Review&HerPub, 1950, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 128ps, Christian Short Stories..(..ALSO1 fair copy..).., christian; religion; child;, children, 8.00

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010200 ...., HELLER,Ruth .., ORIENTAL RUG COLORING BOOK, VG Cond, line art, PricePub, 1973, 10x8", Paper Covers, np 36ps?, Complicated Designs, SEW; RUG; CARPET; children; art;, sewing, 5.00

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west;, western-FIC, 6.00

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010104 ...., HESS,Selmar (ed) .., GREAT MEN and FAMOUS WOMEN,A Series of PEN & Pencil Sketches of the Lives of More Than 200 Most Prominent Personages in History, VG Cond, 2+Glossy FP Ilust each issue, SelmarHessPubCo, NY, 1894, SubscriptionEd, 9x12", Paper Covers, 24pg EachThin, "Sold by Subscription",I have various parts here. Most have Vry nice quality prints & Text by Known Authors. Price EACH..., art; history;, art-antique, Parts here now..with a bit of content information. PART # 1..NEBUCHADNEZZAR../.. PART #21..ST PATRICK.../.. PART #32..LINCOLN../.. PART #42..ANDREW LANG../.. PART #43..ETHAN ALLEN../.. PART #52..PLATO../.. PART #53..CHAUCER../.. PART #62..HOGARTH../.., 6.00

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009026 ...., HEYLIGER,William .., JERRY HICKS GHOST HUNTER, VG Cond,ink name flys.Cover very bright, Salg,Bert Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, 1929, 5x7", BrownClothbnd, 196ps, Popular Juvenile Series, GHOST; CHILDREN;, children, 35.00

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017039 ...., HOFER,Mari Ruef..(COLE,Fannie ed) .., MUSIC FOR THE CHILD WORLD,A Collection of Pianoforte Music from the Masters & Modern Writers, Esp adapted to Needs of Kindergartn, Gd+Cond, SummyCo, Chicago, 1911, 1st Ed?, 8x12", GreenClothbnd, 132pg, Volume 3..MUSICAL STORY & PICTURE BOOK (no ilust).. includes..Christmas,Harvest,FAiry,Springtime Selectins, children; music;, children, 15.00

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019528 ...., HOLLING,Holling Clancy .., TREE in The TRAIL, VG Cond, Color Ilust, HoughtonPub, 1942, 8x11", ChipedSpine DJ, np thin 36ps?, American Western History told from Tree's perspective.. Colorful DJ has several tears to front & fold wear. Kansas, tree; western history; children; kansas;, children, 25.00

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Front cover.. with introduction & notes.., homer; greek history; poetry; poem; iliad;, Poetry-Play, 10.00

018540 ...., HOOKER,Forrestine Cooper .., PRINCE JAN, ST. BERNARD,How a Dog from the Land of Snow Made Good in the Land of No Snow, Gd+Cond, Bull, Charles L color Frontis, SunDialPr, NY, 1921, Young Moderns, 5x8", Tan Clothbnd, 186pg, Hospice Dogs", CHILDREN'S BOOKS; DOGS; st.bernard;, fiction, 15.00

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000554 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK--BOBBSEY TWINS SERIES, Good Condition unless noted.., G&DPub, Rept, Hardcovers, Price Each..., children;, children, HOPE,Laura Lee...Titles here now 1..BOBBSEY TWINS at INDIAN HOLLOW..G&D..1940 ilust../.. 2..BOBBSEY TWINS in The COUNTRY..G&D..DJ../.. 1..BOBBSEY TWINS IN WASHINGTON..G&D 1947 ilust.../.. 1..BOBBSEY TWINS or MERRY DAYS INDOORS and OUT..ilust.Rogers ilust../.. 1..#4..MYSTERY at SCHOOL..1962../.. 1..#15..COUNTY FAIR MYSTERY../.. 1..#61..SECRET of CANDY CASTLE../.., 8.00

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015289 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., OUTDOOR GIRLS of DEEPDALE, or Camping and Tramping for Fun & Health, VG Cond, Rogers Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1913, Original Editn, Later ptg, 5x7, Tan Clothbnd, 212+pg, Cover art shows girls & part of canoe. Ads in back., children; girl; juvnile;, children, 20.00

015481 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., OUTDOOR GIRLS in FLORIDA,or Wintering in The Sunny South, VG Cond, Rogers Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1913, 1st Ed, 5x7, Tan Clothbnd, 204+pg, Cover art shows girls & part of canoe. Ads in back,last title on list copyright page. Manatee/Sea Cow Ilust Fly, children; girl; juvnile; florida; manatee;, children, 25.00

015573 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., OUTDOOR GIRLS in A MOTOR CAR, or The Haunted Mansion of Shadow Valley, VG Cond, Rogers Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1919, Original Editn, Later ptg, 5x7, Tan Clothbnd, 212+pg, Cover art shows girls & part of canoe. Ads in back,last title on list copyright page., children; girl; juvnile; automobile;, children, 25.00

015650 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., OUTDOOR GIRLS in A WINTER CAMP, or Glorious Days on Skates and Ice Boats, Gd+Cond,Lite General Wear, Rogers Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1913, 1st Ed?, 5x7, Tan Clothbnd, 202+pg, Cover art shows girls & part of canoe. Ads in back,last title on list copyright page..Frontis is of Sail-Boat on Ice, children; girl; juvnile; sail boat; winter;, children, 25.00

015886 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., OUTDOOR GIRLS on PINE ISLAND,or A Cave & What it Contained, VG Cond,cover lite wear, Rogers Glossy Ilust, G&DPub, NY, 1916, 1st Ed, 5x7, Tan Clothbnd, 231+pg, Cover art shows girls & part of canoe. Ads in back,last title on list copyright page.., children; girl; juvnile;, children, 25.00

020100 ...., HOPE,Laura Lee .., SIX LITTLE BUNKERS at AUNT JO'S, fair cond..spine bottom chipped..opens to page 1 of story., color ilust on cover, G&DPub, nd 1920s?, 5x7", DecClothbound, 248pg, cover art shows 6 children at play., children;, children, end papers,title page etc

gone..opens to page 1., 12.00

006278 ...., HOPKINS,Lyman .., REAL BOOK ABOUT BASEBALL, Gd Cond, McHale Ilust, GardenCityPub, 1951, 5x7", Hardcovers, 190ps, Index, baseball; children;, sport, 8.00

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018637 ...., HORN,Stanley .., THIS FASCINATING LUMBER BUSINESS, VG Cond, Photos,Drawings, Bobbs-MerrillPub, Indianapolis, 1943,1951, 5x8", Gd DJ+, 313pg, Amazing Facts.North,East & West American Loggin areas & types..Forest Products, Economics,in WW2, Wood Preservation, forest; tree; logging; NATURAL HISTORY; BUSINESS;, nat-history, 15.00

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english language; england; history; literature;, Non-Fictio, 20.00

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Things Began, VG Cond, Photos,Drawings, University of Knowledge Pub, Chicago, 1937, 1st Ed?, 6x9", BrownClothbnd, 380pg, Earth Geology Described for young readers. Various Ages Described.., geology; children;, nat-history, 20.00

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Dorothy Color ilust, Rand McNally& Company pub, New York, 1948A, 1st Ed?, 8x10", BlueHardcovers, 72pg, Graceful color pictures, read-aloud for ages 4-7 approx. .Companion bk in "Tell Me About...Series..", Picture book; Sunday School; juvenile; religion; christianity;, children, 16.00

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Other Rhymes of Childhood, Gd+Cond,Ex-Lib, Haas,I ilust (Sendakian), HarctBracePub, 1956, 1st Ed, 8x10", Hardcovers, 80pg, Mother Goose Made into Music.Burl Ives Intro., mother goose; children; song; poetry;, children, 15.00

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48pg thin, little girls live in big woods...celebrate christmas in the piney snow., CHILDREN; christmas;, children, 1000.00

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Teacher in The Cuban Schools, VG Cond,Pencill underlined, 16 pg Photos, DelacortePr, 1978, 1st ptg, 5x8", gd DJ+, 243pg, "Great Campaign", Universal Literacy Program Described., education; literacy; cuba; children; , children, 12.00

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Ex-Lib Cond,spine edges torn.., LATHROP,Dorothy Ilust, MacmillanCo, NY, 1935,1939, Nov Rept, 6x9", Red Clothbnd, 248ps, ROSSETTI,Christina; LEAR, Edward; FIELD,Rachel; FARJEON,Eleanor; ALDIS,D; STEVENSON,Robert L.; LINDSAY,Vachel; COATSWORTH,E.Others, poems; children; short stories; poetry;, children, 15.00

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Americana; AMERICAN HISTORY; SETS; pyle,howard;, Americana, "16 illustrations in color, original Documents,Portraits,Maps,Plans,Etc..", 165.00

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Ferguson, Glasgow, 1929,1949, Reprint, 3rd impression, 7x10", BlueClothbnd, 448pg, With illustrations and plans. History of a Phase of sea life which has absolutly nothing to do with present day seafaring.., Marine history; Naval; Naval history; sailing; clipper ships; boat; ship;, Non-Fictio, 50.00

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Handbook for Collectors, Good Ex-Lib Cond,fly gone, Photos,Drawings (200), archaeology, VanNostarendCo Pub, New York, 1972, 1st ptg, 6x9", Gd DJ+, 423pg, delightful armchair reading...Geology to locate fossil sites, paleontology to catagorization..Equipment,Techniques.Index, archaeology; biological science; fossils; natural history; nature; paleontology; science;, nat-history, ..(..ALSO..Another copy..same,but fly gone..).., 15.00

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human life.." WW2 resistance,World Leader Conversatns, Art; Autobiography; Cultural Studies; France; History;, Biography, 14.00

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Of Nevada Pub, Reno,NV, 1979 tp & verso, 1st Ed, 6x9", Gd+DJ sm tears, 225pg, California & Nevada Mountain range natural history described.., california; nevada; sierra's; sierra mts; natural history;, Western USA, 14.00

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000788 ...., MARTIN,Ann M. .., BABY SITTERS CLUB...LITTLE SISTER SERIES...ANY../..ALL..STOCK..., Good+ Condition unless noted.., ScholasticPub, Litle Apple Bk, 5x7", Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., CHILDREN; GIRL; SERIES;, children, ..BABY SITTERS CLUB SERIES titles here now... 1..#6....KAREN'S LITTLE SISTER../.. 1..#7....KAREN'S BIRTHDAY../.., 3.00

000802 ...., MARTIN,Ann M. .., BABY SITTERS CLUB...SUPER SPECIAL SERIES...ANY../..ALL..STOCK..., Good+ Condition unless noted.., ScholasticPub, 1980s, Apple Eds, 5x7", Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., CHILDREN; GIRL; SERIES;, children, MARTIN,Ann M. ...BABY SITTERS CLUB.... SUPER SPECIAL Series...titles here now... 1..BABY SITTERS on BOARD!../.. 1..#4..BABY SITTER'S ISLAND ADVENTURE../.. 1..#5..CALIFORNIA GIRLS!../.. 1..#6..NEW YORK,NEW YORK!../.., 4.00

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Penna 1889, Disasters, natural; Floods; History; Non-fiction;, Eastern USA, 8.00

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Cond, STEIN,Harve illust, G&DPub, NY, 1952, LandmarkEd#, 5x8", Red Clothbnd, 181pg, Juvnile Biography,Signature Books.., electricity; edison; inventors; children;, West-NonFic, 8.00

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5x7", ChipedSpine DJ, 326pg, Author's 1st Novel..ex-soldiers build railroad from Minnesota, Dakotas to Yellowstone..", railroad; fiction; children;, children, 12.00

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Sketches, Gd Cond,Gilt Top Edge. No defects, Clean,sound, Illustrated, Fossils, Hurst and Company Pub, NY, nd 1910s?, American Ed, 5x7", Red Clothbnd, 423pg, With introductory resume of progress of geology in last 2 yrs by Mrs Miller.", Fossils; Geology; Natural History; Scotland;, nat-history, 20.00

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Stamps pasted in Place, DDayPub, 1956, NatAudSoc, 5x8", Paper Covers, 48ps, Nice Information, children; cave; spelu;, nat-history, 5.00

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books; small books; miniature books;, children, 4.00

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fiction, 14.00

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University Society Pub, NY, 1876,1903, 6x9", Red Clothbnd, 476pg thick, some chewing to cloth on spine. Glossy ilust of many American Heroes..Anthony Wayne.;WASHINGTON,George & HIS MOTHER in COLOR, WASHINGTON, GEORGE; PRESIDENTIAL; history,american; MOTHERHOOD;, Americana, 24.00

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philatelic; philately; children;, children, 10.00

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DecClothbound, np 110pg?, Includes Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,3 Bears,Puss In Boots,Peter Pan & others, children; short stories; lenski,lois;, children, 50.00

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000618 ...., POTTER,Beatrix .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK ..PETER RABBIT SERIES.., color ilust, Rept, Hardcovers, Price Each..., rabbit; child;, children, BEATRIX POTTER..1866-1943 Visit her Hill Top Farm in England.. 1..STORY of A FIERCE BAD RABBIT../.. 1..TALE of PETER RABBIT.../.. 1..TALE


020345 ...., POWLEDGE,Fred .., FREE AT LAST? The Civil Rights Movement and the People Who Made It, VG Cond, Photos, Black, HarperPerennial Pub, NY, 1992, 5x8", Paper Covers, 711pg, Cllear,brisk history..Old Story,Newly told..More than 60 Reminiscences.. Indexed, black; Afro-Americans; BLACK HISTORY; Black studies; CIVIL rights moveme; INTEGRATION; RACE & RACISM; SEGREGATION;, Americana, 14.00

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008928 ...., QUEEN,Ellery (Ed)..Includes: CARR,J.D.; CHESTERTON,G.K; BRAMAH, E; FAULKNER,Wm; HALLIDAY,B.;DICKSON,C.;QUENTIN,P.. Others .., MURDER BY EXPERTS,Mystery WRiters of America Present..., Gd Cond,both paper hinges torn,Cloth torn at spine as well, ZiffDavis Pub Co, Chicago, 1947, 1st Ed?, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 387pg, not inthe best of condition, .Contents quite readable & clean. Has ink sig previous owner, mystery; anthology; short story;, Mystery FIC, 20.00

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5x8", Red Clothbnd, 154pg, American Black Woman's Travels in Afica & her insights, AFRICA; BLACK HISTORY; woman;, World-Hist, NY: John Day Co. 1945. 1st, red cloth, 154pp. Lightly soiled, sunned & rubbed at edges, gift inscription, o/w Vg, DJ rubbed & chipped, short tears. Mrs. Paul Robeson., 20.00

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Cond,Spine strip gone.Crayon to title page & others, Souza,Paul color ilust, Whitman Pub, Racine,Wis, 1956, Authorized Ed, 7x8", DecHardcovers, np 32pg? thin, "Cozy Corner Series Book..for tiny tots & under twelve" .., western fiction; children; tv star; movie star;, Western-FIC, 6.00

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019164 ...., ROLLIN,Charles...Vol 1 of 2 Volume Set (only)..From the "First Complete American Edition" .., ANCIENT HISTORY of The EGYPTIANS, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, GRECIANS and Macedonians, Leather front & back Boards with Totally TAPED SPINE. O/W GD+, 3 fold out maps each (11x8)", European History, Harper & Brothers Pub, New York, 1845, 6X9", LeatherBoards, 584pg, Includes LIFE OF THE AUTHOR by BELL,James "...the ancient literary sources. It is of interest to compare, history; maps; hannibal; alexander the great; BELL,James; persia; greece; babylon; egypt, World-Hist, Minor foxing thruout, ow paper is quite nice, alive. Rollin, Professor of Eloquence in the Royal College, Paris wrote before any significant archaeological excavations were done. His account is derived from... OLD MAPS..Harper Brothers, New York .."WORLD as KNOWN to The ANCIENTS" .."EXPEDITION OF HANNIBAL including his Passage to Italy & his Principle Marches.." .."EXPEDITIN OF ELEXANDER", 65.00

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011216 ...., RUFI,Q.Curtii .., HISTORIA ALEXANDRI MAGNI, Gd Cond,SPINE GONE! ex-PrivateLibrary, Lipsiae, 1829, Editio Stereot, 3x5", PapCovrdBoards, 443ps, Latin Text. Adiecta Sunt Supplementa Freinshemij. Ex Nova Tabularum Impresssione. Emendatissima, latin; ancient history; rome;, History, 100.00

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018741 ...., RUSH,Benjamin (by RUNES,Dagobert D (edited) .., SELECTED WRITINGS OF BENJAMIN RUSH, Gd+Cond,cover bit bent.ow OK, Author drawing, Colonial American, Philosophical Library Pub, New York, 1947, 1st Ed?,

5x8", Red Clothbnd, 433pg, Colonial American Revolutionary/Medical Scholar, Colonial American; Colonial History; History; Medical History; Medicine; Psychiatry;, Americana, 20.00

018854 ...., RUSHTON,William Faulkner. .., CAJUNS,From Arcadia to Louisiana, VG Cond,Paper Edition Bound in Hardcovrs for collector,Name covr, Photos,Map, American History, Farrar, Straus, & Giroux., New York., 1979.,1980, 3rd ptg, 6x9", Paper Covers, 342pg, History,Culture,Lifestyles of French Speaking People into Louisiana.Bibliography, American History; Cajuns; louisiana; arcadia; french canada;, Eastern USA, 12.00

012614 ...., RUTHERFORD,Bonnie & Bill with McKEAN,Emma .., GOLDEN FUNBOOK, 88 Full Pages of Things to Do, VG Cond,Complete,clean,un-used. Cover price 50c, Color Drawings, Simon & Schuster Inc. Pub, NY, 1953, 1st Ed?, 8x10", Paper Covers, 88pgg, Lots of Pictures to color,things to Cut Out & Make. Exciting Games to Play, Stand up toys to put Together, Puzzles & Drawing, golden book; children; activities book; fun games; party; coloring book;, children, 15.00

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002969 ...., RYHINER,Peter .., WILDEST GAME, VG Cond, Photos, LippincottPub, 1958, 1st Ed, 5x8", BrownHardCover, 320ps, Wild Animal Trapping.Zoo, nat-history; animal; zoo; jungle;, nat-history, 12.00

012868 ...., SABIN,Edwin .., GENERAL CROOK and The FIGHTING APACHES, Gd+Cond. FRONTIS ILUST GONE! ,other 5 glosy ilust here., Stephens,Chas Ilust.(5)+MAP, LippCottPub, 1918, 4th ptg, 5x8", DecYellowCloth, 302pg, "American Trail Blazers" Series." Treating of the days 1871-1866. Kindness, firmness adn honesty..", west; children; apache indian;, Western-FIC, 20.00

018757 ...., SALTEN,Felix .., BAMBI'S CHILDREN,The Story of A Forest Family, Gd+Cond,lite spine fade, Pinner,Erna Ilust, Bobbs-Merrill Co., New York, 1939tp & verso, 1st Ed, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 315pg, nice copy..Woodland Story.., Bambi; Children's Fiction; Fiction; Salten;, children, 32.00

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007771 ...., SALTEN,Felix (GRANT,Bob adapt) .., WALT DISNEY'S BAMBI, Fair Cond,1" chip from base spine strip.cover name, Walt Disney Color Ilust, Little Golden Book/Simon&SPu, NY, 1941,1948, 25c cover pric, 6x8", DecHardcovers, np 24pg?, Movie characters.early book, children; deer; bambi; walt disney; movie books;, children, 8.00

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California History; Political Bosses; Politics; Prohibition; Samish, Art; california,n; san francisco;, Western USA, 15.00

003131 ...., SANDBURG,Carl .., ROOTABAGA 2 Parts (volumes), gd+ cond, Petersham ilust, HarcourtPub, 1923,1951, Voyager Ed, later printing, 5x7", Paper Covers, 230+218ps, Wonderful sounding stories..price for the set.., children; fantasy;, Childrens, 10.00

003389 ...., SANDBURG,Carl .., WINDSONG, Good Ex-Lib Cond,bit penciled, Smith Ilust, HarctBracePub, 1953,1960, 5x8", gd DJ+, 127pg, 16 new poems added to Author's Favorites for Children.. Humor,deep rolling cadences.Enchanting, poem; children;, Poetry-Play, 12.00

020622 ...., SANDERSON,Margaret Love .., AFFAIRS of JANE & BRECK, Gd Cond, paper browning some, Reilly & Lee Company, Chicago, IL, 1936, 1st Ed?, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 216+pg, 10 inner city children are given vacation by Jane & Breck., children; Fiction;, children, 14.00

015937 ...., SANDERSON,Ivan .., LIVING TREASURE, VG Cond, Drawings,EP Map, Leather Bound, Viking Press, NY, 1941,1945, 2nd ptg, 6x9", VG DJ,smoked, 290pg, Naturalist in British Handouras(Belize),Yucatan..Haiti..Indexed, haiti; hondouras,british; mexico; yucatan; natural history; animals; belize; cozumel;, nat-history, 24.00

018699 ...., SARGENT,George Clark .., AMERICAN POLITICAL CLASSICS..Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln, Gd+Cond,ink name tasteful on cover.Spine fade, Lux School of Industrial Pub, San Francisco,Calif, 1920, 5x7", Grey Hardcover, 59pg, Patriotic little book. Has Eagle on cover. Gettysburg speach..Declaration of Independence, american history; patriotic; rural;, Americana, 10.00

013844 ...., SATURDAY EVENING POST..).. by PAXTON,Harry T.(ed)includes pieces by LARDNER,Ring; RUNYON,Damon; LONDON,Jack; SMITH,Red; BR .., SPORT U.S.A.,The Best From The Saturday Evening Post, VG Cond, B&W Cover Sports Pictures, few cartoons, Nelson Co Pub, NY, 1961, 8x10", Hardcovers, 463pg, Sports Stories,Articles, Biographies,Art & Much More, sports; fiction; children;, sport, 15.00

012778 ...., SAUNDERS,Marshall .., BOY,The Wandering Dog, Adventures of a Fox Terrier, Gd Cond,Ink spot on front cover (3"), Photo Frontis ilust (8total), Children, G&DPub, 1916, Rept, 5x8", Grey Clothbnd, 363pg, Charming Photos of various Dogs/Cat in this adventure, CHILDREN; dog; fox terrier;, children, 20.00

001432 ...., SAUNDERS,Susan .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK..SLEEPOVER FRIENDS SERIES, ScholasticPr, AppleEd, 5x7", Paper Covers, Price Each..., juvnile; CHILDREN; GIRL;, children, SAUNDERS,Susan....Titles Here now in Good cond.. 1..#1...PATTI'S LUCK.../.. 1..#6...KATE'S CAMP-OUT../.. 1..#23..KATE'S SURPRISE VISITOR../.. 1..#24..LAUREN'S NEW FRIEND../.. 1..#25..STEPHANIE & The WEDDING../.. 1..#26..NEW KATE../.. 1..#29..KATE The BOSS../.., 3.00

010722 ...., SAVITT,Sam (BRAUN,Ed) .., BIG BOOK of FAVORITE HORSE STORIES, Gd Cond, Ilust, PlattMunkPub, 1965, 6x9", BlueClothbnd, 336ps, Anderson, James,Kjelgaaard.Others.25 Tales, horse; child; short story;, Western-FIC, 10.00

020375 ...., SAWYER,Ruth .., MY SPAIN,A Storyteller's Year of Collecting, Good Ex-Lib Cond,ep clipped,parts of dj stuck to cover, Map, Viking Press, NY, 1941,1967, 1st Published, 5x8", BlackClothbnd, 160pg, Madrid,Santiago,

Granada,Spanish Morocco..Hesperides.., spain; Sawyer, Ruth; children's;, fiction, 14.00

009235 ...., SAWYER,Ruth .., ROLLER SKATES, Good Ex-Lib Cond, V.Angelo ilust, Viking, 1936,1960s, Rept, Later ptg, 6x9", DecHardcovers, 186ps, ..(..ALSO,Other copies....1936 Cadmus ex-lib ed..d10../..paper ed..$3..).. NEWBERY Medal Award Winning book, skate; newbery award; newbery medal; children;, children, 12.00

009234 ...., SAWYER,Ruth .., WAY of the STORYTELLER, Vg Ex-Lib Cond, VikingPr, 1942,1957, ltr ptg, 5x8", DJ, 318ps, Secrets of Her Art..(..paper copy..d5..).., storytelling; drama; speech;, children, 15.00

019517 ...., SCHAFFER,Jeffrey P. .., LASSEN VOLCANO NATIONAL PARK, Good+ Ex-Lib Cond, Photos,Drawings,maps, WildernessPr, Berkeley,Ca, 1981, 1st Ed?, 6x9", paper covers, 216+ps, Includes large fold out Topographic map. Guidebook to Northern California Volcano & Surrounding Park Lands., CALIFORNIA,N; NATURAL HISTORY; LASSEN MOUNTAIN; MOUNT LASSEN; MT LASSEN; GUIDEBOOK; VOLCANO; LASSEN VOLCANO;, nat-history, 10.00

018064 ...., SCHAUFFLER,Robert Haven .., WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY,It's History,Observance,Spirit & Significance in Prose & Verse..W/Select from Speeches & Writings, Good Ex-Lib Cond, DD or DH Cover Art, Moffat Pub, NY, 1910,1918, 8th ptg, 5x7", BrownClothbnd, 328+ps, "Our American Holidays Series"..Santa W bag over shoulder,Under American Eagle as Cover Decoration!, PRESIDENT; WASHINGTON,George; george washington; holiday; children;, Americana, 20.00

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018856 ...., SCOTT,Dan .., SECRET of HERMIT'S PEAK, VG Cond, Beeler,Joe ilust, Grosset & Dunlap Pub, NY, 1960, 5x7", Tan Hardcovers, 181pg, A Bret King Mystery..Popular Juvnile Series.., children; juvenile; literature;, children, 15.00

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020217 ...., SENDAK,Maurice & MARGOLIS,Matthew .., SOME SWELL PUP,or Are You Sure You Want a Dog?, Gd+Cond,small lite spot on cover, SENDAK,MAURICE color ilust, Farrar Straus Giroux Pub, NY, 1976, 1st Ed", 7x9" squarish, BrownClothbnd, np 36pg?, Pets in general & Dogs in particlar need owners who know this story., CHILDREN; pets; dogs; canine;, children, 15.00

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cover stains, Over 500 Drawings by Author, Animals, Doubleday Doran Pub, NY, 1912,1928, 5x8", BlueClothbnd, 590pg, in decent condition.Slight shelf wear, spines faded. Illustrated through-out.."Spartans of the West..Songs, Dances, Animals; Boy Scouts; Camping; Children; Childrens; Crafts; Pioneering; Seton;, children, 20.00

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Cond, Chappell ilust, RandomPub, 1953, LandmarkEd, 5x8", Hardcovers, 184ps, American Constitution.Juvnile.Index, children; president;, children, 6.00

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019945 ...., SMITH,Bradley .., JAPAN,A History In Art, VG Cond, SMITH,Br Glossy Color Photos, Art History, Simon & Schuster Pub, NY, 1964, Genini

Book Ed, 1st ptg stated, 9x12" oversized, Chipped DJ, 295pg Heavy, Introduction to the history of Japan by Marius B. Jansen. Introduction to the art of Japan by Nagatake Asano. Matchless, Art History; History of Japan; Japan Art; japan;, art-antique, collection of pictures superbly photographed in full color. Most of the 237 works of art have never been seen outside of Japan. The works of art. covers Archaic;asuka,nara,heian, kamakura,muromachi,momoyama,edo-tokugawa,meiji Periods.. Bibliography., 40.00

002375 ...., SMITH,Elva .., CHRISTMAS BOOK of LEGENDS & STORIES, Gd Cond, cover wear, 1 color ilust, LothropPub, 1945, Revised Ed, 3rd ptg, 5x8", GreenClothbnd, 429ps, All Religious Interest Tales. Farjeon,Lagerloff, Tolstoi,Many Other Authors.., christmas; short story;, fiction, 12.00

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Reference.Record Guide,Index, History; Music; Orchestral; Symphonic;, music, 10.00

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016400 ...., SPIES,Victor C. .., SUN DANCE & The GREAT SPIRIT, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Bjorklund Ilust, FollettPub, `954, 3rd ptg, 7x9", DecClothbound, 128pg, Southwest Indian Boy's Life, indian; children;, children, 10.00

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spine edge 5"..hinges cracked, Glossy Ilust Frontis, McKay Pub, Philadelphia, 1900, 5x7", DecClothbound, 320pg, "..a jolly,wholesouled, honest,xourageous American lad..who appeals to the hearts of the boys"..He has no bad habits..", children; juvnile;, children, 18.00

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Affairs;, World-Hist, 15.00

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thin, Words & Music for ANIMAL CRACKERS IN MY SOUP; POLLY WOOY WOODLE; CODFISH BALL; SIMPLE THINGS...4 Others, movie star; child star; musical;, music, 15.00

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FIRST TRIP WEST..Clover ed../.. 1..H.B AND NORMAN../.. 1..H.B AND NORMAN on LIGHTHOUSE ISLAND../.. 1..H.B. and NORMAN Play Detective at Niagra Falls../.., 10.00

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jewish; hannukah;, children, 14.00

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airplanes; aviation; military history; aero; south pacific; pacific,south; celebes; phillippines, World-Hist, 16.00

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018698 ...., WIGGIN,Kate Douglas .., REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM, VG Cond, GROSE,Helen M Color Ilust, HoughtonPub, Boston, 1903,1925, 25th Ed, 5x8", VG TornDJ 2", 355pg, Riverside Bookshelf Series. Attractive Ed, Very nice ilust, CHILDRENS; WOMEN;, children, 20.00

001024 ...., WILDE,Oscar .., STAR CHILD, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Kay Ilust, LedererCe, Berkeley,CA, 1955, 6x8", Hardcovers, 46ps thin, 2" chip from spine. Reprinted from;"THE HAPPY PRINCE", children;, children, 10.00

001555 ...., WILDER,Laura Ingalls .., ANY/ALL OTHERS STOCK-paperbacks, Good Condition unless noted.., VariousPubs, Paper Covers, PRICE EACH..., child;, children, WILDER,Laura Ingalls...Paperback titles here now..good or better unless noted.. 1..BY The SHORES OF SILVER LAKE..../.. 1..FARMER BOY..../.. 1..FIRST FOUR YEARS..../.. 2..LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS..../.. 1..LITTLE HOUSE on the PRAIRIE..../.. 1..LITTLE TOWN on the PRAIRIE..../.. 1..LONG WINTER..../.. 1..ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK..see <7730..).. 2..THESE HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS..../.. ....By..WALKER,Barbara... 1..LITTLE HOUSE COOKBOOK,Frontier Foods..ScholasticPub.../.., 4.00

007730 ...., WILDER,Laura Inglalls .., ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK, Gd+Cond, Williams,Garth Ilust, Harper Bros Pub, NY, 1937,1971, Trophy Edition, 5x7", Paper Covers, 339pg, 4th title in series.., children;, children, 4.00

018746 ...., WILDER,Laura Ingalls (McBride,Roger Ed) .., WEST FROM HOME, Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder San Francisco 1915, Gd+Cond, Glossy Photos, HarperPub, 1974, 5x8", DecHardcovers, 124pg, Visited SF during Opening of Panama Canal & Panama-Pacific International Exposition (World's Fair), child; CALIFORNIA,N; SAN FRANCISCO; LETTERS; world's fair; panama canal;,

children, 12.00

018115 ...., WILDSMITH,Brian .., BRIAN WILDSMITH'S PUZZLES, VG Cond, Color Ilst, Franklin Watts, Inc.Pub, New York, 1970,1971, 1st AmEd?, 9x10", Gd DJ+ 2" tear, np 36pg?, Dazzlingly different kind of book..designed to delight,stimulate children's imaginations", Wildsmith, B.; puzzle; illustrated; children;, children, 15.00

019826 ...., WILDSMITH,Brian .., WILD ANIMALS, Fair Cond,1st fly gone, inner hinges taped,covr faded,ow OK, WILDSMITH,Brian color ilust, Franklin Watts Pub, 1967, 1st Am Edition, 8x11", GreenClothbnd, np 48pg? thin, Animal Groups..Lions,Leopards,Giraffes,Badgers,Otters, Many others, animal; children;, children, 8.00

005737 ...., WILLIAMS,Jay .., BATTLE for The ATLANTIC, VG Cond, Harrison, Richard Edes Maps, RandomHs Pub, NY, 1959, 1st ptg, 5x7", BlueClothbnd, 178pg, Landmark Book #?. "Battle with no fox holes"..Index, ship; war; ww2; children;, Americana, 8.00

005615 ...., WILLIAMS,Jay & Abrashkin .., DANNY DUNN & HOMEWORK MACHINE, gd+ fly gone, Keats,Ezra ilust, McGrawPub, 1958, Later ptg, 5x7", RedHardcovers, 142ps, children;, Childrens, 5.00

009174 ...., WILLIAMS,Maxcine Morgan (SIGNED) .., ALASKA WILDFLOWER GLIMPSES, VG Cond,few small spots back cover, Photos,Drawings, Author Pub/Totem Press, Juneau,Alaska, 1952,1953, 2nd Ed, 5x8", Paper Covers, 52pg, Alaskan Alpine flowers described, alaska; flowers; natural history; plants;, nat-history, 14.00

015930 ...., WILLIAMS,T.Harry .., LINCOLN and HIS GENERALS, VG Cond, Glossy Photos, Alfred A. Knopf Pub, NY, 1952, BkClubEd, 5x8", ChipedSpine DJ, 363+pg, McClellan,Pope,Burnside,Hooker,Buell,Rosecrans,Fremont, McClernand & others General Grant. Indexed, civil war; GRANT; HALLECK; HISTORY, MILITARY; HOOKER; MCCLELLAN; MCCLERNAND;, Civil War, 15.00

010524 ...., WILLIAMS,William Carlos .., IN THE AMERICAN GRAIN,Essays, Gd+Cond, NewDirectionsPub#53, 1925,1956, ltr ptg, 5x8", Paper Covers, 234ps, Prose History, history; americana;, Americana, 10.00

006122 ...., WILSON,D.KennetH .., VOICE PROBLEMS of CHILDREN, Gd+Cond, heavily hilited with marker..Reading copy. Very sound bk, Photos,Drawings, Williams & Wilkins Pub, Baltimore,MD, 1979, 2nd Ed, 7x10", BlueClothbnd, 238pg, apprisal of problems,diagnosis..treatment plans..Index, voice; speech; children; medical;, Medicine, 16.00

018454 ...., WILSON,William E .., WABASH, VG Cond, John de Martelly, Ill., American History, Rinehart & Company, Inc., New York, 1940, 4th ptg, 5x8", VG DJ,sht tear, 339pg, RIVERS OF AMERICA Series. B/W Map..Ft.Wayne; Lafayette; Tippecanoe; Terre Haute; Vincennes, Index, American History; American Revolution; Revolutionary War; Wabash; Wabash River; INDIANA;, Eastern USA, 30.00

018364 ...., WINBURN,Hardy L. .., LEAD HUNTERS of the OZARKS, Gd+ Cond,bit spine fade,Bkplate, Merrill,F Glossy Ilust(4), Children, LothropLeePub, Boston, 1927, 1st Ed, 5x8", DecGreenCloth, 374pg, Precious Metal,Indian Stories..Children's Juvnile Story, Children; ozark; missouri; lead; metal;, fiction, 25.00

020488 ...., WIRT,Mildred A. .., SABOTEURS ON THE RIVER, Gd+ Cond,paper yellowing some, Ilust, Cupples & Leon Pub, NY, 1943, 5x7", Red Hardcovers,

211pg, Penny Parker #9; lists to #10. By the author of the Nancy Drew books., Nancy Drew; juvenile series; children;, children, 20.00

015228 ...., ... .., WONDER BOOK of WHY & WHAT?, VG Cond,sticker on cover, 8 Color,225 BW Photo, WardLockCo, London, nd 1930s?, 16th Ed, 7x9", DecHardcovers, 224, How things work,Invention,Nature...for kids, invention; children;, fiction, 20.00

014733 ...., WOOD,Clement & GODDARD,Gloria .., COMPLETE BOOK of GAMES, VG Cond, Garden City Pub, 1938,1940, 5x8", VG DJ, 894pg thick, 1,500 Games..Card Games,Croquet,Football & other ball games..Games for children.Parties..Athletic & Indoor games., football; baseball; sports; games; children; cards; card games;, Poetry-Play, 14.00

019122 ...., WOOD,Elizabeth Lambert .., LONG ROPE, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Drawings, Oregon Fiction, Binfords & Mort Pub, Portland,OR, 1955, 1st Ed?, 5x8", OrangeClothbnd, 168pg, Ranch fiction..lots of ranching activity, Oregon Fiction; west; rodeo; children;, Western-FIC, 12.00

015572 ...., WOODRUFF,Helen S. .., MR.DOCTOR MAN, Gd Cond,top spine chipped, DoranCo, 1915, 1st Ed?, 6x8", GreyClothbnd, 96pg, Christmas a coming; Hospital & Found Love, christmas; medical fiction; hospital; children;, fiction, 15.00

002566 ...., WRIGHT,Betty Ren .., CAT NEXT DOOR, VG Cond,looks new, OWENS, Gail color ilust, Holidays House Pub, NY, 1991, 1st Ed, 9x9", VG DJ, np 36pg?, young girl,her grandmother & a sensitive Cat next door., cat; feline; children;, children, 20.00

017136 ...., WRIGHT,Jack .., ON The FORTY-YARD LINE, Gd Cond,Spine torn 1", Ilust, WorldPub, 1948, FalconEd, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 214ps, "For Boys" Series, children; juvnile; mystery;, children, 8.00

017138 ...., WYCKOFF,Capwell .., MERCER BOYS CRUISE in The LASSIE, Fair Cond,1" Chip from Spine Top,Piece cover chip, Ilust, WorldPub, 1948, FalconEd, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 217ps, "For Boys" Series. Sailing cover art. "Mystery Island" Setting, children; boat; mystery;, children, 8.00

018261 ...., WYCKOFF,Capwell .., MERCER BOYS at WOODCREST, Gd+Cond,minor wear, Ilust, WorldPub, 1948,1951, FalconEd, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 217ps, "For Boys" Series. Boys on Stairs cover art. Woodcrest Military Academy Setting, children; mystery;, children, 8.00

018262 ...., WYCKOFF,Capwell .., MERCER BOYS on A Treasure Hunt, Good Cond, Spine,edges bit chipped, Ilust, WorldPub, 1948, FalconEd, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 213ps, "For Boys" Series. Exciting cover ..Lower California Setting, children; mystery;, children, 8.00

011385 ...., WYCKOFF,Capwell .., MYSTERY BOYS on SPECIAL DETAIL, Gd+Cond, paper turning some, Ilust, SaalfieldPub, Akron, 1936, 5x7", Hardcovers, 250ps, children's adventure story, children; mystery;, children, 10.00

015758 ...., WYCKOFF,Jerome .., STORY of GEOLOGY,Our Changing Earth Through The Ages, VG Cond, Color Photos,Drawings, Geology, Harper & Row Pub, NY, 1960,1962, 2nd ptg, 8x11", DecHardcovers, 177pg, A Golden Deluxe Press Edition. Volcanoes, Water,Ice..Lands Rising & Falling..Making of Minerals..Much More. Index, Geology; children;, nat-history, 18.00

018907 ...., WYSS,Johann (KINGSTON,William H.G. ed) .., SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, Gd+Cond,quite clean,& sound book, WARD,Lynd Color,BW Ilust,

Grosset & Dunlap Pub, New York, 1949, 6x9", DecClothbound, 388pg, "Illustrated Junior Library Editions" Series.., Children's; island; shipwreck; survival;, children, 15.00

019447 ...., YAGGY,L.W. & HAINES,L.W. .., MUSEUM of ANTIQUITY. A Description of ANCIENT LIFE: The Employments,Amusements,Customs & Habits.Cities,Palaces,Tombs..., see note page, Ilust, Standard Publishing House, Chicago, IL, 1880,1882, 6x9", fullLeathTAPED, 944pg HingeWrn, memories of a fancy yellow decorated cover share space with large white tape. at least covers do remain with the book., museums; antiquity; history; rural; big books; thick books; occult; archaeology; egypt italy greece, World-Hist, Monuments & Tombs. The Literature & fine arts of 3000 Years Ago...(full title. * * * both front & back covers have been taped across the spine in white tape, but block of book is not bound to covers. Signatures are all still well bound & tight,but covers, spine strip hinges are not attached to book. needs cheese cloth repair . inner front free endpaper missing. book opens to back of FRONTIS ILUST of PALACE of the CAESARS. Book itself is litely foxed, but generally clean, 75.00

016986 ...., YARNELL,Duane .., WINNING BASKET, Gd Cond,spine bit chipped, Drawing, World Pub #A-17, 1948, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 217pg, A Falcon Bk..Basketball Fiction for Juveniles, sport; basketball; children;, 12.00

015222 ...., YEATS,William Butler, editor .., IRISH FOLK STORIES and FAIRY TALES, VG Cond, Ireland, G&DPub, NY, nd 1960s, Universal#UL21, 5x8", Paper Covers, 297pg, For those who believe March 17 is a sacred holiday, this is the book. Stories abound about pookas, banshees, and all the rest.., Ireland; myth; fairytales;, Poetry-Play, 10.00

010376 ...., YOLEN,Jane .., DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC, Gd Cond, Knabel,L cover art, Trumpet ED, NY, 1988,1991, ClubSpecial Ed, 4x7", Paper Covers, 170pg, National Jewish Book Award Winner. A Triumphantly moving book.", Children; nazi; holocaust;, Sci-FICtion, 5.00

007305 ...., YOLEN,Jane .., HEART'S BLOOD,Pit Dragons:Book 2, Gd Cond,back cover stained, Dell Laurel pub, NY, 1984,1986, Laurel Leaf Ed, 4x7", Paper Covers, 238pg, Eloquent,rich in symbolism....exciting..." Sequel to DRAGON'S BLOOD., Children; dragon;, Sci-FICtion, 3.00

010546 ...., YOLEN,Jane .., SLEEPING UGLY, Gd Cond, Stanley,Diane color ilust, CowardPub, 1981,1984, ltr ptg, 6x8", Paper Covers, 64pg, Meanist, Wickedest,Most Worthless Princess around, children;, children, 5.00

010390 ...., YONGE,Charlotte .., COUNTESS KATE, Good Ex-Lib Cond,General wear, Raverat,Gwen Ilust drawings, Looking House Lib/Random Hs, NY, nd 1960?, 5x7", Pink Clothbnd, 282+pg, (Edward Gorey one of the Publishers for this Loking Glass LIbrary #17), gorey,edward; children;, children, 12.00

012062 ...., YONGE,Charlotte M.(YOUNG,Charlotte M.) .., PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S GREAT NATIONS,From the Earliest Dates to the Present Time..Vol 2 ONLY, Spine & covers off. Plate 548 missing. 5 or 6 TEXT pages gone, Full Page Ilust, Selmar Hess Pub, NY, 1882, 1st Ed?, 8x10", Leather covrs, 393-792pg, German,French & English History..Many Kings Histories described. Missing plate is of King Clodwig., ART; WORLD HISTORY; royalty;, World-Hist, several very nice ilust of MARIE ANTOINETTE...NAPOLEON..MARTIN LUTHER.. Very nice framable prints..BATTLE OF HASTINGS...GUTTENBERG 1400 at press.. TOURNAMENT OF MIDDLE AGES.., 24.00

017601 ...., YOUNGE,Charlotte(1823-1901) .., COUNTESS KATE, VG Cond, HAVERAT,G Line Ilust, RandomHs/Looking Glass Ed, nd 1960?, Looking Glass, 5x7", DecHardcovers, 282pg, Author taught in her sunday school from age 7-78, children;, children, 15.00

015354 ...., ZAFFO,George .., BIG BOOK of REAL LOCOMOTIVES With Full Color Pull-Out Pictures. Each 3 feet long, wear, cond. some pages taped..spine torn off., Many Large drawings, G&DPub, 1951, 1st Ed?, 9x13", DecHardcovers, np 24pg?, "Big Treasure Books"...Lots of Lod steam trains Described for children, railroad; children; train;, children, 6.00

017666 ...., ZAHN,Muriel .., GRIMSEL,The Story of a valiant Saint Bernard & Three Boys in the Swiss Alps, VG Cond, Walsh,William Ilust, BobbsCo, Indianapolis, 1953, 1st Ed, 5x8", VG DJ, 178pg, Lifesaving mission, Personal experience of life in Switzerland.", switzerland; swiss; saint bernard dog; st.bernard dog; dog; alps; children;, children, 16.00

016124 ...., ZIM,Herbert .., ROCKY MOUNTAINS, gd+cond, color ilust, Drawings, GoldenPr, NY, 1964, 1st ptg?, 4x6", Paper Covers, 160ps, 6th in Golden Regional Guide Series.Index, colorado; rocky mountains; nat history; , Nat-History, 5.00

019525 ...., ZIM,Herbert .., TREES,A Guide to Familiar American Trees, gd+cond,very minor cover scuff., color ilust,Drawings, Golden Nature Guide/Simon&Sh, NY, 1952,1956, Revised Ed, 4x6", Hardcovers, 160ps, De Luxe Goldencraft Cloth Binding"..143 Trees in Full Color", trees; botany; nat history;, Nat-History, 6.00

020760 ...., DYER,Davis & Sicilia,David B. .., LABORS of A MODERN HERCULES. The Evolution Of A Chemical Company., VG Cond, Photos, Chemistry, Harvard Business School Pub, Boston, 1990, 1st Ed, 6x9", VG DJ, 528pg, includes gift card from Hercules Incorporated CEO..One of 1st companies to be created from DuPont spinoff decree.", Chemistry; business history; mining; mine;, Science-Tec, 25.00

020763 ...., CERAM,C.W. .., GOTTER,GRABER UND GELEHRTE. Roman der Archaologia, VG Cond, Photos,Drawings, Archaeology, Rowohlt Verlag Pub, Hamburg,Germany, 1949,1967, Later ptg, 6x9", VG DJ, 447pg, Roman der Archaologie Text in German Language.., Archaeology; History; xgerman; german language;, World-Hist, 16.00

020767 ...., ROTTER,Pat (ed)..includes..OATES,Joyce Carol..; OZICK, Cynthia.; O'BRIEN,Edna..;fisher,m.f.k.;PALEY,Grace..;DWORKIN,Andrea&Others .., BITCHES AND SAD LADIES,An Anthology of Fiction by & About Women, Good Ex-Lib Cond, Fiction, Harpers Pub, New York, 1975, 1st Edition", 6x9", Gd DJ, 432pg, 35 contemporary short stories.....emotional content of the women's movement without polemics..", Fiction; Short Story Antholo; Short stories; Women's Writing;, fiction, 14.00

020769 ...., BALCH,Glenn .., WHITE RUFF, Gd+Cond,top of spine reglued, G&DPub, NY, 1958, 5x8", Tan Hardcovers, 235pg, "Famous Horse Stories".., horse; child;, children, 12.00

020784 ...., HUXLEY,Juliette (HUXLEY,Julian Intro & Postscript) .., WILD LIVES OF AFRICA, Gd+Cond,marginal ink lines & notes, Photos, Collins Pub, London, 1963, 1st Ed?, 5x8", ChipedSpine DJ, 255pg, Indexed. Blue clothbound W torn,chipped dj.., Africa; africa; animals; natural history; lions;, nat-history, 20.00


fair-Good Cond,ink name ep. Last hinge torn some, Schulz,Charles Color Art, World Pub, Cleveland, 1967, 1st Ed", 9x7", DecHardcovers, np 40pg?, Favorite Halloween fun..., CHILDREN HALLOWEEN; pumpkins;, children, 8.00

020796 ...., JOHNSON,Pat .., HORSE FEVER,A Guide to Horse Lovers & Riders, VG Cond, Photos, Children Horses Riding, G&D Pub/Ruthledge Book, NY, 1961, 1962, 7th ptg, 8x11" oversized, DecHardcovers, 92pg, Childrens book with nice photos., CHILDREN; horses; west;, children, 12.00

020810 ...., CROWNINSHIELD,Ethel .., NEW SONGS & GAMES..includes...BUBBLES.;FIREFLIES ; GRASS IS GREEN; THREE LITTLE PIGS; MAYPOLE; WOODEN SHOES; SWING DANCE etc, Gd Cond,some cover soiling, HAUMAN, D&G ilust(1), Boston Music Co Pub #9782, Boston,MA, 1941, 8x10", Hardcovers, 61pg, companion volume to SING & PLAY BOOK...Designed to meet needs of pre-school & primary school child."..75+songs.indexed, music; children; pre school; singing; primary school;, music, "songs with easy accompaniments for use in nursery schools & kindergartens of for children in primary grades who have had no previous training.", 15.00

020816 ...., KETCHAM,Hank .., DENNIS THE MENACE VS. EVERYBODY, Gd+Cond, cartoons by Ketchum, Cartoons/Children, Fawcett Crest Book #K903, N.Y., 1955,1962, 4x7", Paper Covers, np, 88pg?, Summons to appear in the case....", CARTOON art; children; juvenile delinquent;, art-antique, 5.00

020821 ...., SKELTON,Red .., GERTRUDE & HEATHCLIFFE, VG Cond,bkplate, Color Ilust drawings by Red, Humor, Charles Scribner's Sons Pub, New York, 1971,1974, 6x8", VG DJ, 60pg, 60p. Ills. by Red Skelton. "to imitate a seagul,you must first believe you are a Seagul", Humor; Juveniles/Children'; Skelton,Red;, children, 20.00

020832 ...., PAINE,Albert Bigelow .., GIRL in WHITE ARMOR,The True story of Joan of Arc..(abridged from Joan of Arc: Maid of France), VG Cond, Photos,Maps, Europe, MacMillan Co Publishing, New York, 1927 sept, 5x7", Dec BlueCloth, 312g, European Religious Woman Warrier. "Joan's story as set down by History", Europe; France; History wars; religion; joan of arc; joan d arc; women; religion; roman catholic, fiction, 20.00

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