Placer Amateur Radio Association
Serving Greater Sacramento and Surrounding Communities
Worldwide Repeater, 441.1750+ PL 123.0, Roseville, CA      IRLP node # 3965
Welcome to the Placer Amateur Radio Association (PARA) website.  PARA's members consists of licensed amateur radio operators from every walk of life.  We are about friendship, mentoring, and providing local emergency communications in times of need.  Non-members and those considering joining are encouraged to use the PARA worldwide repeater, KG6ZTE.  PARA's IRLP node receives high praise worldwide for its outstanding technical quality.  We are primarily a social club and assist  our community in emergency communications in times of need.
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Member  2014
CLUB NEWS updated April 22, 2014

The next PARA gathering is scheduled for Thursday, May 8th, 2014 at 7:00 PM.   Visitors are welcome.  To receive future meeting times and meeting locations, or just to receive general information about PARA, click here to request:

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