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Thomas Neuschatz, M.D. accused of patient abandonment!
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CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT 7006 2760 0005 4112 9897

Attention: Thomas Neuschatz, M.D. License # C41964

Letter dated March 26, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as an inquiry to clear up facts about treatment I received and or did not receive (Patient Abandonment) from you (Dr. Thomas Neuschatz, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc.)  My side of what happened leading up to your act of malice and negligence to the people and agencies notified. (See courtesy copies sent below)

Monday 12-29-06 at my first visit to Chico Family Health, you asked what the reason was for my visit. I explained "my wife had a Stroke on 05-09-06 as a result she has Aphasia, no movement in the right shoulder, arm, hand or fingers and can only walk short distances with a cane or walker. I had to quit my job of five years and lost my medical insurance to care for my wife, causing me to join the C.M.S.P. which my Chico doctor of 15 years is not part of. I needed a primary physician that accepted C.M.S.P. My doctor recommended Chico Family Health."

At the time of my last visit to him on 09-16-06 being a compassionate and competent M.D. he made sure I had enough refills (3 to 6) on all my medications to give me enough time to find a C.M.S.P. doctor. He also started me on a Cholesterol Medicine, explaining due to my immediate situation I was at HIGH RISK of Stroke or Heart attack; due to that and other medication changes (To replace ones not covered by C.M.S.P.) he also gave me an order for important lab work he advised I have done when I found a C.M.S.P. doctor.

I showed you the lab order, you checked it, concurred wrote your name on it saying you would contact my previous doctor and have him send over any Medical information you needed! (I signed all the paperwork your office needed for that to happen!)

We then went over my medication list which I left Chico Family Health a copy of, I explained my prior doctor had to switch some medications that are not covered by C.M.S.P. he gave me Prozac to replace Cymbalta and Prilosec to replace Protonix.

You told me "you would take over as my primary care physician and prescribing my medications" also you said “if I felt Cymbalta was working better than Prozac you would supply me with Cymbalta samples as needed.” I agreed and you wrote out prescriptions for other medication I needed refills for at the time and sent me out the door with a five week supply of Cymbalta in a bag.

My second visit on 01-29-07 was to go over the results of my lab work. When you came into the exam room you asked "how I was feeling?" I responded, "feeling O.K.!" You then made the statement “that was the first time you heard that today” as I waited for you to refill the ear scope cover dispenser, insinuating your staff is inapt because “they always fill it with the small ones and you only use big ones, I have to do everything around here!”

When you finished your chores you turned and said “need any medications?” I stated “I need more Cymbalta.” You asked if I needed or was out of any other medication. I responded, not at this time!

You left the room and returned a short time later handing me eight boxes of Cymbalta samples not even in a bag (Violating privacy and confidentiality) I left juggling and dropping the boxes several times trying to get out the doors.

It was not until I got home I realized you neglected to go over my lab results. My excuse for forgetting is stress, from all the recent changes in my life due to my wife being diagnosed with Leukemia while recovering from a stroke among other things I won’t bore you with; you have already proven your lack of interest in my health!

What was your reason for not going over what could be considered critical test results? Please explain to me in your response to my inquiry. I believe you got distracted while doing your assistants duties taking care of Dr. Thomas Neuschatz’s, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. needs in place of mine. What other explanation if not that?

Was C.M.S.P. billed for a lab work consultation that never happened? Your incompetence and negligence could be considered C.M.S.P. fraud. I bet Dr. Thomas Neuschatz’s, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. haven’t looked at my file for more than a couple minutes and maybe did not even contact my previous doctor. (I haven’t checked but it’s a matter of record)

On 02-22-07 I called in a three refills to Raley’s Pharmacy as I have done for some 15 years. I also called Chico Family Health (Toll call, a matter of record, phone bill enclosed) and ask to talk to your nurse; the receptionist asked why? I explained "to give Dr. Neuschatz information on what medications I needed" She told me “I can’t do that and for me to have the pharmacy call them” and assured me, "that is all that needed to be done, they (Doctor and staff) will take care of it in the back.”

When I went to Raley’s I learned about your peculiar “strict policy, you only write hard copies on prescription refills, none by phone or fax.” That was the first time you refused to give me vital medications I need for survival! Causing me stress and suffering. (This is all a matter of record!)

I was both exasperated and bewildered by this because you had already filled my Diazepam by phone. (Matter of record Raley’s) When you, your staff and I had gone over everything on previous visits, no one informed me verbally or in writing of your peculiar quirks and or rules!

I made a third appointment for 03-06-07 cut back on my medications trying to last until as close as possible to my visit. I was out of a couple of vital medications by that time.

"In fact, doctors, unlike patients, face legal and ethical restrictions before they may end relationships with patients."

~ Julia Draznin Maltzman, MD and Bruce D. Armon, Esquire ~

There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless. Observe the ass, for instance: his character is about perfect, he is the choicest spirit among all the humbler animals, yet see what ridicule has brought him to. Instead of feeling complimented when we are called an ass, we are left in doubt.
~ Pudd'nhead Wilson ~

On 03-06-07 I showed up at Chico Family Health and after a short wait, was called into the back area by Dr. Neuschatz’s assistant. She took my weight and vitals, while doing this she asked my reason for the visit. I told her about being refused refilling medications I called in to Raley’s Pharmacy Oroville and needed to know why. I also informed her that "the reason for my last visit was to review results of important lab work with Dr. Neuschatz and he neglected to due that, I asked, how that could happen?"

Your assistant was snippy before I told her my reasons for my visit. After that she was very rude; she even insinuated that it was my fault it all happened. While making her rude insinuations she ineptly tested my blood sugar level (A charge of $18.00) in record speed. She wiped my finger with alcohol, pricked my finger while still wet with alcohol contaminating my blood then took the reading.

Chico Family Health gets the testing supplies free from vendors, no cost to them and charges $18.00 to me or C.M.S.P. I knew the results could not have been right because I was fasting. I was afraid to eat so my level would stay low.

I would like to see Chico Family Health policies and procedures (Manufactures recommendations) for cleaning, testing and calibrating the equipment designed for "personal use" to prevent contamination and get the best accuracy! I wonder if the next person tested with that free meter designed for "personal use" would mind if they knew the person before them had Hepatitis C and I wonder if the person tested before me had HIV or other blood disease.

I said nothing about her useless attempt, instead I said "she was very rude and acting like an asshole, I was going to request, no in fact insist she not be the one servicing me in the future." She then said “we will see about that and left the room.”

Then I hear you (Dr. Neuschatz) doing the first shouting “Throw him out!” coming down the hall. You walked by the exam room I waited in, you looked in and shouted “I will not put up with my employee being verbally abused!” (Would it have been considered abuse if I said she was being anal or acting like a rectum)

I walked out of the exam room and you shouted, “Get out, I refuse to see you, if you have a problem with that talk to the office manager!” You never even asked what my side of the story was or a chance to explain. That is the second time you (Dr. Thomas Neuschatz, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc.) caused me undue pain and suffering, refusing me medications needed for survival.

I think your assistant told you I called you incompetent, accusing you of negligence and cussed at her. That made you retaliate by withholding medications and Medical Care vital to my survival. (Patient Abandonment)

I said (not shouting) to whom I assume was the office manager walking behind you, “I can’t believe this is happening, he can’t do this!” She responded “he is the doctor, he can, please leave.” I told her I was out of vital medications. She responded with "go to Enloe Prompt Care."

I thought nobody is going to believe this happened. It’s going to be my word against yours. I needed witnesses so I turned around in the waiting area and shouted “Are you sure you want to do this?” Everyone behind the glass (Your staff) nodded yes, again, I more specifically yelled, “You are sending me out the door refusing me my medications?” (Everyone who had an appointment and was in that waiting room at the time witnessed everyone all nodding yes!)

I walked out to go to my car and thought Chico Family Health is going to send C.M.S.P. a bill for a visit that never happened. I turned around and went back in walked up to the reception window and knocked on it. The receptionist opened the glass and that’s when I told Chico Family Health, “I am going to check with welfare to see if Chico Family Health tries to charge for visits that never happened or were incomplete, I also informed Chico Family Health that I was going to file complaints with every agency that I can," then I walked out the door.

I got into my car in shock, my body and mind numb. I drove straight to Enloe Emergency Services and checked in. At the time of admit some 20 minutes after leaving Chico Family Health my blood pressure was 174 over 118 (Real close to stroke land a matter of record)

The clinician took me to an exam room where an Enloe Nurse took my blood sugar the right way with correct equipment. Wiped area with alcohol, dried area with cotton; squeezed a small blood sample, wiped with cotton, squeezed another blood sample to test. This all took about 90 seconds, it was some 40 points or so lower than Chico Family Health’s ($18.00 30 seconds attempt.) Enloe’s was more in line with what I expected it to be!

The emergency room doctor came in and I told him my story. He then said what I least expected, “I can not refill prescriptions; it’s against policy, what’s wrong with Chico Family Health? You need to talk to a social worker; I will call one up to come talk to you” he then walked out.

I waited as long as I could, started having anxieties about going to two places, one an emergency room for medications with no results. C.M.S.P. is going to make me pay.

I left Enloe emergency without talking to a social worker or being discharged. My wife was home alone for what was to take an hour and a half tops had gone into over three hours and I was still in Chico. I drove home in disbelief, wondering how this was going to affect my wife when I explain what happened! (Causing my disabled wife undue pain and suffering)

Later that same day 03-06-07 after feeding my wife a late lunch, the phone rang, being to upset to talk to anyone I let the answering machine pick up. It turned out to be a lady from your office (Sherry) asking what pharmacy I wanted my prescriptions sent to and to call her back.

I could not believe my ears! Now Dr. Thomas Neuschatz’s, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. wants to try and clean this up by doing what they should have when I first ordered my refills. Maybe a social worker from Enloe let Chico Family Health know the errors of your ways when you refused to fill my prescriptions on 02-21-07. Chico Family Health knew what pharmacy I use.(Matter of my record)  Chico Family Health’s only reason could be to justify charging for a visit when I had not been seen by a


I received one call three days in a row, the last one stated, she (Sherry) "was closing the matter if Chico Family Health did not hear back from me; they could not call in the prescriptions." I returned the call to Sherry; we talked about what you (Dr. Neuschatz) was going to allow me to have. I told her "things were wrong and needed to be changed." I started asking some hard questions about "why no anti-depressants; you were giving me free samples because I could not afford Cymbalta which C.M.S.P. will not pay for. Why no diazepam refills?"

Well that was enough for Sherry who then handed the phone to Donna Johnson a corporate spin doctor who makes a final attempt to smooth things over and explain away mal-practice, patient abandonment, negligence and just plain old bad medicine!

Donna asked “What can I do for you?" "A little late for that don't you think I replied." Donna informed me "I had other options." I told her “We (Chico Family Health and I) both have options some legal and some illegal.” Donna grabbed onto that statement and being the corporate spin doctor she is, twisted it all out of context warned me "that could be considered a threat!" I assured Donna "it was her assumption and not a threat!"

What I meant, we both, you Dr. Thomas Neuschatz’s, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. had options to do handle things legally or illegally and Dr. Thomas Neuschatz’s, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. choose not to do things legal.

My legal options are to find another doctor and report your illegal actions as I am doing. My illegal options would be to take my wife’s medication or buy street drugs to replace the ones refused me by you Dr. Neuschatz. Donna’s spin on it (According to a letter that followed) is that I made threats of bodily harm and or property damage and was physically abusive which are lies. I am not a violent person; Donna’s spin was the furthest thing from my mind. The fact that I left Chico Family Health without choking you when you stood in front of me telling me to get out settles that issue.

Since I started this letter on 3-8-07, I received a Certified Letter from the Del Norte Clinics Inc. “Medical Director” of your administrative office in Yuba City. (Enclosure)

I believe Donna Johnson is the catalyst if not sole creator of the corporate letter filled with lies and is a direct hit on my personal character and could be spun as defamation of character or slander. I need to know exactly who signed that letter as their name is suspiciously left out, just a scribble for a signature and a box checked Medical Director. (Enclosure)

The letter is inflammatory and slanderous, I made no threats of any kind verbally (Other than reporting patient abandonment and fraud) I never physically touched anyone. (PER SPIN DOCTOR DONNA)

I started this letter to inform people and agencies that I am filing a complaint. At that time I only wanted guilty people prosecuted and any necessary citations handed out. I wanted Dr. Thomas Neuschatz, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. actions to be a matter of record.

Now due to the false, inflammatory and slanderous statements made in a certified letter from the Medical Director of your administrative office in Yuba City (Most likely generated, unauthorized and hopefully illegally signed by Donna Johnson), I am forced to seek out an hungry lawyer with big teeth to protect and represent me on consignment or pro bono. If anyone reading this is or knows of one please contact me!

I let you throw me out but, Dr. Thomas Neuschatz, D.B.A. Chico Family Health Center, Donna Johnson D.B.A. Del Norte Clinics, Inc. is not going to get away with lying about it.

As of the date of this letter I am without the anti-depressants (Cymbalta) which you called in a prescription for, knowing I can not afford them. (Chico Family Health was supplying me with free samples) You cut my prescription for blood sugar test strips in half to twice a day which has been four times a day from date of diagnosis, intentionally causing me not to be able to monitor my sugar levels as close as needed at this critical time of my life.(causing me undue stress and suffering) You refused to refill my diazepam (for other than Medical reasons) which I have been taking for years for anxiety, fact is I was going to request for you to raise my dosage due to my living and caring for my wife who is a manic depressive with A.D.H.D. and anxiety disorder recovering from left side CVA, Aphasia and limited right side movement. Also a recent diagnosis of Leukemia!

I have cut my medications in half to last longer. (Out of Diazepam) Being traumatized and distraught by all this; due to anxiety and depression I’m afraid to seek Medical attention even if I knew where to find another C.M.S.P. doctor!

I need Medical explanations and justifications of your need for changing and or refusing my medications. I see none; I say it was for spite! (MAL-PRACTICE / PATIENT ABANDONMENT)

I ask you what good is getting hundreds of dollars of lab work done then never getting the results, getting results that are months old? Maybe I needed immediate attention or further testing because of a result of the ignored tests you ordered! (I hope not)

Please note the people and agencies below I have sent courtesy copies of this letter too. They should go to (On the Internet.)

Read up on other Medical abuse; County and State Medi-Cal fraud my wife and I have experienced in Butte County!


Michael Carero

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