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Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.
~ Winston Churchill ~

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
~ John Adams ~

Who pays for fraud and malpractice? This site is filled with facts and information to draw attention to a illegal usage in Rural Butte County Healthcare/Medical Care Industry! Insurance Fraud and Medical Malpractice has been a usage most likely not unique to Rural Butte County Healthcare/Medical Care Industry.

Butte County cities if lucky have one hospital, like in other one hospital cities, governing agencies seem to go on the assumption that a poorly, incompetently run "non-profit hospital" is better than none. (With limited resources, government agencies police larger cities with the most taxpayers and voters)

In turn, like in mine and my wife's incidents in Rural Butte County the laws are overlooked, bent, skirted around or completely ignored instead of issuing fines and jail time, suspending or revoking licenses, leaving small city taxpayers victims of small community nepotism! Local governing agents, families and friends have to use the very same emergency services they oversee! (Why chance jeopardizing their Special Treatment status for medical care services?)

Medical Clinics and Emergency/Immediate/Urgent Care Facilities carry on with their usage without fear, costing legitimate taxpayers and Government/Medi-Cal/Medical Insurance millions if not billions of dollars for unneeded, unwanted services, negligent or incompetent care and in some cases services never given! Who would know if I went to the doctor 1,2,or 3 times that month if I am not notified of the charges.

The result is legitimate taxpayers that use these Healthcare Facilities receive less than professional or ethical treatment and in some cases negligent and or harmful treatment.

Over charges for unneeded and or unwanted services, medications and equipment is rampant and quite obviously tolerated, all passed on to legitimate taxpayers and employers who become the fall guy!

Why? The answer could only be, (You can’t fix something that is so direly broken) not without starting from over from scratch, much like Social Security which is unlikely to happen! (It's like trying to extinguish the Sun with a fire hose!)

In my opinion what has happened in the Healthcare Industry worked out a plea bargain with Government/Medi-Cal, I.E. if the Healthcare/Medical Care Industry stops breaking one or two Laws/Regulations, the Government/Medi-Cal will look the other way when the Healthcare/Medical Care Industry violates other laws and regulations the Government/Medi-Cal feels are both too expensive and time consuming to enforce if no official or specific complaint is made. (I have heard the terms standard procedure or accepted in the industry!)

Most socioeconomic disadvantaged and all racial/ethnic minority groups are easy targets for patient misuse! (FRAUD/MALPRACTICE)

Several are second and third generation educated recipients that know how to take what they can get (Especially drugs!) most are non taxpayers and could not care less about how much the charges are to public assistance programs.

The Healthcare Industry knows this and charges the max for anything needed and more so of what is not needed or wanted by the patient. I have proof of this happening in my wife Emily’s case!

This precedence tolerated by the Government/Medi-Cal and Medical Insurance Industry who in turn passes on the costs to taxpayers and their employers!

I feel it’s my time to speak out and draw as much attention to this in hopes the right and or uninformed people will look into the situation and realize this "Illegal usage in the industry" costs taxpayers money and worse in some cases their lives!

“Justice Delayed Is Justice Decayed”

Additional information pertinent to any decisions made in our complaint about Oroville Hospital;

I worked eight years and my wife Emily four years for Olive Ridge Care Center which is located next door and has worked closely with O.H. from the time of Olive Ridge Care Center's conception!
We were both fired for Whistle Blowing, first me then a couple of weeks later Emily was fired. A lawsuit was filed and settled in Emily's favor out of court!
Several employees of O.R.C.C. were fired, one in particular the administrator Dave Yarbrough a personal friend of Robert J. Wentz Oroville Hospital’s President/C.E.O. and Administrator, at the time Mr. Yarbrough’s wife was Director of Nursing at O.H. According to Mr.Yarbough he often had dinner and drinks together with Mr.Wentz!
Several serious fines and disciplinary action happened because of our case against Olive Ridge Care Center.
Several former employees from O.R.C.C. are working for O.H., one in particular is in accounts receivable, not sure if Dave Yarbourgh or his wife still works there in any capacity.
I asked to personally talk to Emily's Attending Physician at least dozen times and was told the Doctors are too busy.
Emily and I have not received anything from Oroville Hospital in regards to her care or any billing charges. Which confirms suspicious or fraudulent behavior.(Coincidentally? About a week or two past the date in which we could file a lawsuit, one year later I have been contacted from Oroville Hospital Accounting asking for $1,099.00)
In 20 years dealing with O.H. we have always paid them thousands of dollars when we felt the charges were correct and service was satisfactory!

Specific information Emily and I need and have a right to know;

Who was the E.R. employee that examined Mike at the E.R. and sent Mike home with a Vicodin Prescription and hole in Mike's stomach? On 5-1-07 I was told it was Mark Heinrich M.D. (Malpractice)
Exactly by who and when were Emily's "Patients Rights" explained, who witnessed it and confirmed Emily understood and signed a copy of those rights? (Violation of Patient Rights)
Why was Emily's right to have her primary care physician notified after admission violated? When Emily rolled into Dr.Joan Harter's office some two months after Emily's stroke, Dr. Harter asked "What happened to you?" Dr. Harter had no knowledge of Emily's stroke!
Why and what person (I'm told by Kirk Stinson Department of Health Services Audits and Investigations was a Nurse) deemed my wife Emily a “massive stroke victim” with Aphasia and A.D.H.D. competent to make all her own Medical Decisions? Emily checked herself in and out of Oroville Hospital. Why I her husband was not ever approached by any Oroville Hospital staff about any decisions on Emily’s care?
After three weeks of being fed by a tube down her nose, Oroville Hospital installed a G-tube after Emily’s C.M.S.P. went through which was only used for two days. (A G-Tube has to stay in for a minimum of six months) Oroville Hospital knew Emily would not need at Enloe Rehab! After one day at Enloe rehabilitation center, three days after installation, it was decided Emily did not need a G-tube. G-tube being in the way of her recovery for six months! (Extra time and expense to keep it flushed and bandaged paid for by C.M.S.P., Enloe employees where dumbfounded on why it was installed at all.) C.M.S.P. paid for a procedure that was not needed. (Confirm who ordered it and why C.M.S.P. paid for unnecessary surgery and six months later Medi-Cal paid to remove it! Negligence, Fraud & Malpractice)
Why Oroville Hospital delayed installing a device called a pick for three weeks until C.M.S.P. went through, causing Emily undue extreme stress and pain?
Why Oroville Hospital failed to consult with me about Emily’s care. I.E. any and all treatments tests ordered and or results. I was there every day!
Copies of all paperwork signed by my wife Emily or me!
Why no tests were taken during Mike’s E.R. visit and why is the E.R. admissions paperwork incomplete and misleading! (Malpractice)
Full itemized bills for Emily’s and Mike's care at Oroville Hospital E.R.!
Why no Doctors would talk to Mike about care and procedures done on Emily before administering?(Violation of Patient Rights)
Why the last week of her incarceration Emily was moved to a room at the end of the hall and Chemically Restrained with Morphine that suspiciously stopped two days prior final lab work before being discharged? (only reason, sedated patients needs less care)(Malpractice)
Why Emily was held at least a week to ten days at Oroville Hospital against her will after repeated requests to transfer to Enloe Rehabilitation Center? (Kidnapped)
What happened to make the transfer of Emily to Enloe Rehabilitation Center suddenly happen as if like magic?
Was C.M.S.P. charged for an Alternating Pressure Machine that sat on the end of Emily's bed, from day one Emily refused it and the cuffs laid under the bed being walked on? (C.M.S.P. Fraud!)
Why was C.M.S.P. billed by Oroville Family Health (Dr. Harter's Office) Thousands of Dollars when Emily's Primary Care Physician Dr. Joan Harter from Oroville Family Health did not even know Emily had a Stroke. I was told more than once by Oroville Doctors and Nursing department that "Dr.Joan Harter had been notified and had sent over Emily's Medical File!"(C.M.S.P. Fraud &Violation of Patient Rights!)
Why Emily, after repeated pleas from me and family members only received Oral care Two or Three times while at Oroville Hospital?(Negligence & Malpractice)
Was there a staff shortage on Mothers Day for sure and all other days that Emily was in O.H. causing inadequate care? (Negligence)
What was done at Oroville Hospital in regards to Emily's rehabilitation? (Malpractice & C.M.S.P. Fraud)

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Up $1,099 Bill Fraudulent Claims

In America everyone is presumed innocent until convicted!
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