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This page lists universities that routinely advertise online programs. Bright yellow highlighting indicates institutions that appear to be actively recruiting online instructors. Light yellow highlighting indicates institutions that appear to be recruiting instructional design, administrative, or support positions for online programs or faculty for on-site locations.

Institution Name & Home Page Employment Link Comments
bullet A. T. Still University Available Positions 1/2/2012: Recruiting full-time online instructor and many on-site positions in heal-related fields.
bullet Abilene Christian University Employment 6/5/2007: Recruiting for several on-site faculty positions.
bullet Acadia University (Canada) Employment 6/5/2007: Recruiting for several on-site faculty positions and one sociology course distance education instructor.
bullet Amberton University Employment Opportunities 6/5/2007: Currently recruiting PhDs for part-time positions in face-to-face and online settings. Fields: communications, marketing, psychology, economics, finance, management/business, and counseling.
bullet American Intercontinental University Jobs at AIU 1/2/2012: Recruiting online instructors in art, cultural studies, history, graphic descign, healthcare, sociology, visiual communications, and related fields.
bullet American Institute for Paralegal Studies Not Found  
bullet American Public University Employment 5/5/2010: Recruiting online instructors in several fields. 
bullet American Sentinel University Not Found  
bullet Ames Christian University Employment 5/5/2010: No positions are listed.
bullet Andrews University Faculty Job Openings 5/5/2010: Currently recruiting for several full-time faculty positions. the announcedpositions are open only to Seventh Day Adventists in good standing.
bullet Anthem College Online (High-Tech Institute) 6/18/2007: Recruiting assistant manager for business management degree program.
bullet Argosy University Employment 9/9/2009: For online jobs, select go to
bullet The Art Institute Online Employment; 9/9/2009: Full time online photogtaphy faculty position listed at
bullet Ashford University Online Employment Opportunities; HigherEd Jobs 6/18/2007: Recruiting online faculty in web development and computer programming; recruiting onsite instructors, learning and development specialist, and instructional sepcialist coordinator, etc., for San Diego and Clinton.
bullet Aspen University Employment Opportunities 6/18/2007: Recruiting adjuncts and faculty in criminal justice, education, and IT/programming, and project management (no indication whether these are online).
bullet Atlantic International University (AIU) Online Career Center No list of available positions on the web page—only an online form to apply for employment.
bullet Augsburg College Employment 6/18/2007: Recruiting onsite faculty in business administration, biology, and nursing.
bullet Azuza Pacific Employment 7/26/2007: Recruiting adjuncts, faculty, and administrators (no mention of online-specific positions). Offers online courses through
bullet Baker College

Human Resources & Prospective Online Faculty Info

1/19/2010: Recruiting on-site instructors and online instructors in several fields, especially geography.
bullet Bellevue University Not Found   
bullet Benedictine University Employment 7/26/2007: On-campus positions available.
bullet Boston University Employment 7/26/2007: Several on-site positions available.
bullet Bryant & Stratton College Jobs 7/26/2007: Recruiting full-time faculty and adjuncts for on-site courses.
bullet California Coast University Not Found  
bullet California State University, Northridge CSU Careers
(Employment portal for all CSU campuses)
1/2/2012: Hiring adjuncts and full-time faculty in numerous fields. Some jobs seek instructors with online teaching experience.
bullet California University of Pennsylvania Careers 1/2/2012: Recuriting multiple on-site faculty.
bullet Capella University Careers at Capella
7/26/2007: Several faculty (undergraduate and graduate level), administrative, and support positions announced.
bullet Centenary College Employment; HigherEd  Jobs 7/26/2007: Refers job seekers to HigherEd Jobs. Several on-site positions listed.
bullet Chamberlain College of Nursing (DeVry; formerly Deaconess College of Nursing) Careers 7/26/2007: No openings for online faculty. three instructor positions in Missouri and Ohio.
bullet Champlain College Employment Opportunities 7/26/2007: Recruiting associate dean (1) and full-time coordinator (1) for online and continuing education program.
bullet Chatham University Careers 7/26/2007: Recruiting on-site and online faculty; the latter lists web design and development, professional writing adjuncts as needed.
bullet Chicago School of Professional Psychology Careers 9/14/2009: Several on-campus positions listed.
bullet City University of Seattle Faculty Positions 8/10/2010: Recruiting faculty for US and Canadian on-site posts. Recruiting online instructors for management (accounting, auditing, finance, and marketing), web design, and multimedia-related courses.
bullet Clayton College of Natural Health Not Found  
bullet Cleveland Institute of Electronics Not Found  
bullet Coleman College Working@Coleman 8/23/2009: Recruiting faculty for San Diego and San Marcos locations (no mention of online duties).
bullet College of Southern Maryland Human Resources 8/23/2009: Recruiting part-time online adjuncts for botany, zoology, and calculus.
bullet  Colorado Technical University Jobs at CTU 1/2/2012: Recruiting adjuncts for some campuses; recruiting online instructors in multiple fields.
bullet Columbia Southern University Job Openings 7/26/2007: Recruiting full-time on campus positions and one part-time off-campus graduate accounting professor.
bullet Concord Law School (Kaplan) Recruitment Center 1/2/2012: No CLS jobs.
bullet Cornell University Jobs at Cornell  1/2/2012: No online positions listed. Many on-site instructional positions available.
bullet Crown College Employment 1/2/2012: Recruiting online adjunct (doctorate required) with experience in international education; also recruiting for online MBA program; also recruiting full-time math faculty.
bullet Davenport University Employment 1/2/2012: Recruiting associate chair for online MSN/BSN program.
bullet DePaul University Careers 1/2/2012: Recruiting for multiple faculty on-site positions.
bullet DeVry University Careers at DeVry 11/31/2006: Online instructors sought in nursing, English, risk management, and other fields.
bullet Eastern Kentucky University Employment 10/7/2007: Recruiting several faculty; no indication of online faculty posts.
bullet ECPI College of Technology Employment Opportunities 11/31/2006: Several online instructor jobs listed: English, communication, music, math, physics, philosophy, and
bullet Edison State College Jobs 8/13/2010: Recuriting online adjuncts for Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Physics, and Spanish; recruiting on-campus instructors in various fields.
bullet Ellis University Not Found  
bullet Everest College (Corinthian Colleges, Inc.) Job Search 10/6/2006: Numerous campus administrative (president, deans, etc.) and instructor positions available. 
bullet Everglades University See 10/7/2006: Advertising for onsite part-time instructors.
bullet Fielding Graduate University Employment 5/5/2010: Recruiting faculty for School of Educational Leardership and Change in Wisconsin, California, and Georgia.
bullet Fisher College Employment Opportunities 1/2/2012: Advertising for on-site instructors.
bullet Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences Not Found  
bullet Florida Metropolitan University (Corinthian Colleges, Inc.) Online Faculty Positions ( ; All other positions 10/6/2006: Numerous campus administrative (president, deans, etc.) and some instructor positions available.
bullet Florida Tech University Online Not Found  
bullet Fort Hayes State University Employment Opportunities 10/31/2006: Recruiting on-site faculty positions.
bullet Franklin University Careers 10/31/2006: Recruiting faculty, including some online adjuncts.
bullet Frederick Community College Job Opportunities 10/13/2006: Recruiting instructional designer and faculty member.
bullet Full Sail University Jobs at Full Sail 9/14/2009: Includes a link for prospective faculty to contact the university.
bullet Golden Gate University Jobs at GGU 1/1/2011: Recruiting online and traditional instructors in business.
bullet Gonzaga University Job Opportunities 10/31/2006: No online faculty posts listed. Recruiting on-site faculty (math, science, English), dean, and administrative positions.
bullet Graceland University Employment Opportunities 9/14/2009: No openings available.
bullet Grand Canyon University Careers  9/14/2009: Recruiting online nursing, healthcare, education, and liberal arts faculty. Also recruiting faculty (various fields) for Phoenix campus.
bullet Granite State College Job Opportunities 6/5/2007: Recruiting adjuncts and Dean of Academic Affairs.
bullet Grantham University Career Opportunities 1/2/2012: Recruiting online faculty in multiple fields.
bullet Harrison College Work for Harrison 9/23/2009: Recriuting online and onsite instructors for business administration, management, health care, and criminal justice.
bullet Herzing College Online Faculty Job Openings 8/23/2009: Numerous listings for online adjuncts in business, accounting, nursing, English, and other fields.
bullet Hondros College Employment 10/7/2006: Recruiting four faculty (no mention of online duties).
bullet Hodges University Employment 8/23/2009: Recruiting faculty and tutors for Florida locations (no mention of online duties).
bullet Hofstra University Job Opportunities 8/23/2009: Recruiting faculty in several disciplines (no mention of online duties).
bullet Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning Careers 5/5/2010: Recruiting English, humanities, nursing, and interiror design faculty for on-site programs.
bullet Independence University  Not Found  
bullet Indiana State University Human Resources 8/16/2010: Recruiting adjuncts in accounting, business, communications, English, philosophy, social work, and sociology.
bullet Indiana Wesleyan University Employment Opportunities  8/16/2010: Recruiting online (accounting, economics, education, finance, fine arts, Bible, reading, criminal justice statistics aand research) and onsite (many fields) faculty. Some onsite positions are full-time.
bullet International Academy of Design & Technology Online Not Found  
bullet International Import-Export Institute Become a Faculty Member (email link) 8/16/2010: Recruiting instructors with experience in related industrial fields.
bullet Iowa Central College Prospective Faculty 8/16/2010: No jobs listed.
bullet ITT Educational Services; Job Openings   10/21/2006: Numerous adjunct and some online adjunct positions available via
bullet Jacksonville University Employment Opportunities 1/1/2011: Recruiting faculty and adjuncts.
bullet Jamestown Community College Job Listings 10/6/2006: Recruiting on-site faculty.
bullet Jones College Not Found  
bullet Jones International University Apply to Teach at JIU 1/2/2012: Does not specify current recruiting needs. 
bullet Kaplan Online University Careers 1/2/2012: Recruiting online instructors for nursing and psychology.
bullet  Keiser University  Employment;; 8/23/2009: Recruiting onsite and online faculty in Accounting, Health Services Administration, Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Public Safety Administration, and English Composition. See Career Builder and for the latter.
bullet Keller Graduate School Career Opportunities at DeVry University and Keller Graduate School 8/13/2010: Recruiting online facutly in health services, technical writing/communication, sustainability management, renewable energy, electronics, economics, pharmacology, accounting, economics, humanities, human resources, computer engineering, web design, and similar fields.
bullet LA College Online Not Found  
bullet Laureate International Universities Careers 12/26/2006: Recruiting virtual faculty for Walden University. Also recruiting technical and administrative staff.
bullet Lehigh University Work Opportunities 10/6/2006: Recruiting several faculty for on-site posts. Positions listed at HigherEd Jobs.
bullet Leslie University Job Listings 8/13/2010: Recruiting three education faculty.
bullet *** NEW *** LeTourneau University Career Opportunities 1/2/2012: Recruiting on-site faculty; no online openings availble at this time.
bullet *** NEW *** Liberty University Human Resources 1/2/2012: Recruiting multiple on-site faculty; recruiting multiple online faculty.
bullet *** NEW *** Loyola University New Orleans Employment 1/2/2012: Recruiting on-site faculty.
bullet Marist College Employment Opportunities 10/6/2006: Recruiting several faculty and administrative positions. Does not explicitly mention whether any positions are online or on campus.
bullet Maryhurst University Job Opportunities 10/23/2009: No positions listed.
bullet Miami Dade College Jobs at MDC; HigherEd Jobs 1/6/2007: Recruiting instructors for online GED program and several on-campus faculty. Online instructors for adult education (study of) solicited via HigerEd Jobs.
bullet Miami International University of Art & Design Employment 10/6/2006: Recruiting MFA degree holders to teach graphic design and computer animation online.
bullet  Minnesota School of Business, Globe College Job Openings 12/26/2006: Recruiting a web developer and admissions representatives.
bullet Mojave Community College Employment 1/6/2007: Recruiting online instructors for anthropology, child development, construction, philosophy, psychology, and several other areas.
bullet Mountain State University Employment 10/12/2006: Recruiting on-site and online faculty and administrative positions.
bullet National American University Employment Opportunities 1/1/2011: Recruiting online and on-site faculty and related administrators.
bullet *** NEW *** National University Coming Soon  
bullet *** NEW *** New England College Coming Soon  
bullet *** NEW *** New England Cullinary institute Coming Soon  
bullet Northcentral University Career Opportunities 10/6/2006: Recruiting adjunct faculty mentors with terminal degrees in business, education, and psychology.
bullet *** NEW *** Northeastern University Coming Soon  
bullet *** NEW *** Northeastern University of Continuing Studies Coming Soon  
bullet Northern Arizona University Teach for Us 10/6/2006: Web page does not list available positions but solicits email contacts. However, the email results in a message indicating that each department or college does its own recruiting and hiring.
bullet Norwich University Employment Opportunities 10/12/2006: Several online adjunct and course developer positions available.
bullet Nova Souteastern University NSU Jobs 10/6/2006: Several on-site faculty positions available.
bullet NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science at Walden University  Employment 10/12/2006: Actively seeking online faculty in engineering, IT, and MBA programs.
bullet Ohio Christian University Current Jobs 9/24/2009: Recruiting on-site adjuncts in general education,
Bible & theology, and business.
bullet Oregon State University Job Openings 9/27/2006: Recruiting some online instructors. See Unclassified Vacancies, Instructor Pools, and look for Extended Campus entries.
bullet Park University University Employment 9/27/2006: Recruiting online instructors for several courses. See the Application Procedures for Online Instructors page for current instructor needs.  
bullet Peirce College Jobs 9/24/2009: Recruiting adjunct faculty for Business Administration, Information Technology, and Paralegal Studies.
bullet Penn Foster Career School Not Found  
bullet Pima Community College  Job Opportunities 1/1/2011: Actively seeking instructors in several fields.
bullet *** NEW *** Polytechnic University Coming Soon  
bullet Portland State University Employment Opportunities 1/1/2011: Recruiting Peer & Online Learning Instructor for edcuation; recruiting many on-site faculty.
bullet Post University Not Found  
bullet Professional Career Development Institute Not Found  
bullet Rasmussen College Career Opportunities  10/12/2006: Recruiting online and on-site instructors, deans, etc.  
bullet Regions University (formerly Southern Christian University) Not Found  
bullet Regis University Employment 10/12/2006: The university indicates that it always accepts adjunct applications.
bullet Roosevelt University Employment Opportunities 9/18/2006: Recruiting some on-site positions including an on-line librarian and distance learning specialist.
bullet *** NEW *** Saint Joseph's University Jobs 1/2/2012: Recruiting multiple faculty positions.
bullet Saint Joseph's College of Maine Employment Opportunities 9/18/2006: Recruiting some on-site faculty and an online course developer.
bullet Saint Leo University Employment Opportunities 10/12/2006: Recruiting for some online adjuncts and many on-site positions.
bullet Salem International University Online Employment 10/6/2006: Accepting applications for adjuncts (on-site and online mix) but no positions are listed as available.
bullet San Joaquin Valley College Jobs 9/24/2009: Recruiting online and on-site instructors.
bullet South University Positions are listed on each campus page (click on Employment Opportunities). 9/9/2009: Full time online anatomy and physiology, business administration, English, health, information technology, math, nursing, nutrition, psychology, public health, sociology, and strategies instructor positions listed at
bullet Southern New Hampshire University Faculty and Staff links, Human Resources 9/24/2009: Recruiting online adjuncts in several fields.
bullet Spencerian College Click on the Job Opportunities link on each campus home page. 10/12/2006: Nursing and medical instructors needed in Louisville.
bullet *** NEW *** Sterling College Coming Soon  
bullet Strayer University  Click on Prospective Faculty and Staff at bottom of home page.  8/22/2006: Recruiting several instructor, dean, and administrative positions. Online instructors are needed for Fall 2006 in Economics, Business, Accounting, Public Administration, Health Service Administration, Hospitality Management, Retail Management, and General Studies, at both graduate and undergraduate levels.
bullet *** NEW *** The College Network Coming Soon  
bullet Thunderbird -- The Garvin School of International Management  Employment 12/26/2006: No faculty positions listed. administrative positions available.
bullet Tiffin University Current Job Postings 6/5/2007: Recruiting online adjuncts for communications, mythology, and cutural identity for Fall 2007.
bullet Touro College Career Opportunities 1/2/2012: Recruiting full-time instructors for on-site program.
bullet *** NEW *** Tulane University Coming Soon  
bullet Union Institute and University Career Opportunities 1/2/2012: Recruiting onsite faculty for Columbus campus.
bullet *** NEW *** University Alliance Coming Soon  
bullet University of Atlanta HigherEd Jobs 12/26/2006: Recruiting online business, computer science, criminal justice, Englis, healthcare administration, history, math, political science, psychology, science, and sociology instructors; doctorate required.
bullet University of Cincinnati  Job Search 10/6/2006: Numerous onsite and adjunct instructor positions available. (One announcement mentions an online instructional role.)
bullet University of Delaware Not Found  
bullet *** NEW *** University of Denver - University College Coming Soon  
bullet University of Florida Human Resources: Click on Jobs / Search and Apply / First-time Applicants / View Job Postings 9/18/2006: Recruiting several dozen on-site faculty. 
bullet *** NEW *** University of Illinois Employment 1/2/2012: Recruiting many on-site faculty. 
bullet University of Mary Employment 2/2/2012: Recruiting administrative positions.
bullet University of Maryland, College Park Faculty Postings 9/18/2006: Recruiting about 3 dozen on-site faculty.
bullet University of Maryland University College Employment Opportunities 1/2/2012: Several instructor and administrative jobs; many announcements indicate online emphasis desired.
bullet University of Massachusetts   2/1/2012: See individual department web pages.
bullet University of Nebraska at Kearney Employment Opportunities 9/18/2006: Six on-site faculty positions listed; search function does not permit searching for online posts.
bullet University of New England Job Opportunities 8/23/2009: Numerous faculty positions listed; no mention of online duties.
bullet University of North Alabama Employment 12/16/2007: Numerous adjunct positions avaliable. Announcements do not indicate whether these are online or on-campus jobs.
bullet University of Notre Dame Employment Opportunities 9/18/2006: Only two face-to-face faculty positions listed.
bullet University of Phoenix  Become a Faculty Member 1/2/2012: Recuiting online instructors for health care (several specialties) and nursing. May be recriuting on-site instructors in specific locations.
bullet University of Saint Francis Employment at USF 12/26/2006: Several onsite faculty positions available. Recruiting online health services and nursing instructors.
bullet University of Saint Mary Jobs 12/16/2007: Several on-site positions avaliable.
bullet University of Scranton Vacancy List  12/26/2006: Recruiting associate dean for online education; no mention of online teaching opportunities.
bullet University of South Florida Employment 12/26/2006: Numerous onsite and adjunct instructor positions available (online roles not mentioned).
bullet University of Texas at Dallas Faculty Jobs 12/26/2006: The School of Management online classes. Several faculty positions are available, but announcements do not mention online instruction.
bullet University of Texas at San Antonio Employment Opportunities 12/26/2006: The business school offers an online MBA program. Several positions are available, but announcements do not mention online instruction. Other departments are recruiting some faculty.
bullet Utica College Employment Opportunities 12/26/2006: Recruiting for some faculty positions, but no mention of online faculty found in the announcements.
bullet Vanderbilt University Work at Vanderbilt 1/2/2012: Faculty recuiting is handled by multiple academic departments.
bullet Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Employment 12/16/2007: Several engineering and liberal arts instructor positions advertised; no indication regarding whether any of these are online or on-site positions.
bullet Vermont College of Union Institute and University UIU Employment Opportunities 12/26/2006: Recruiting some faculty and administrative positions.
bullet Villanova University Job Opportunities 12/26/2006: No online faculty positions found. Recruiting one law instructor, one dean, and many non-faculty support positions.
bullet Virginia College   Employment Opportunities 10/12/2006: Recruiting for several on-site and one virtual instructor (Business Management).
bullet Walden University Careers 6/5/2007: Recruiting virtual faculty in education, human services, management, nursing, mental health counseling, public health, and public policy and administration.
bullet West Coast University Employment 12/16/2007: No positions announced.
bullet West Texas A&M University Employment Opportunities 10/12/2006: Instructors regularly teach both online and face to face. Several full-time positions available.
bullet Western Governors University Employment at WGU 6/5/2007: Actively recruiting several program directors.
bullet Western International University Prospective Faculty 1/2/2012: Recruiting online adjuncts in several fields. 
bullet Westwood College Online (Alta Colleges, Inc.) Career Opportunities 10/12/2006: No positions announced.
bullet Woodbury College Current Jobs 12/16/2007: No positions announced.
bullet Worchester Polytechnic Institute Employment Opportunities 12/26/2006: Recruiting full- and part-time faculty and related administrators. No mention of online positions.

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